Esso Extra Review

Esso Extra rewards program offers you excellent savings in terms of points for everyday gas purchases. Now, the real question is, whether the points earned are actually good when converting and dollar savings which can translate to free fuel and car washes.

In this article, I’ll try to explore just that and let’s find out if the Esso Extra program is actually worth considering and how well the points convert at the end of the day while redeeming for free fuel, car washes or gift cards. Let’s get started. 

Esso is one of the biggest gas retailers in Canada that always look for ways to do more for its members to encourage their loyalty. And as such, Esso offers a great loyalty program to all of its members across Canada. This loyalty program is called Esso Extra. 

Daily rewards such as gift cards, car washes, and fuel are offered to drivers to entice them to keep filling up at any of the Imperial Oil-branded gas stations across the country. So if you’re the kind of driver who is always filling up the gas tank more than usual, signing up for you for the Esso Extra rewards program is definitely not a bad idea.

Esso Extra Rewards Program

Just like most loyalty programs, it is totally free to participate in the Esso Extra program and more importantly, no annual membership fee is required.

To become a full member, registration can either be done online or at any Esso station across Canada. Your name, valid email, and Canadian address are all the requirements needed from you to be a registered member.

Immediately you receive the Esso Extra card, it is required that you create an online account to enroll the card number. The online account is subsequently used to claim your rewards.

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Earning The Esso Extra Point

It’s quite simple to grow points with Esso extra. At the swipe of your card at every purchase you make, a point is earned.

It has been proven that one of the fastest ways to grow Esso Extra points is to grow points in a joint account. You should try this method out.

However, points are earned at a minimum purchase of $1 on any eligible purchase. Purchase of tobacco, alcohol and gift cards are not considered eligible and so points are not earned with these purchases.

Furthermore, always be careful of credits and refunds as these tend to reduce or cancel points outs.

Earning More Esso Extra Points

Earning the Esso Extra point is very easy. For every dollar spent on the purchase of Regular grade, fuel members will earn 1 point.

For the Extra grade fuel, 2 points are earned and 3 points for Supreme grade fuel. The point balance is exhibited on each receipt received at Esso stations or through the online account.

Esso Extra Current Promotions

Extra points are awarded to members during promotion seasons. Promotional seasons are periods where members can easily boost earnings on each purchase.

An increase in earnings ranges from two to six times more than the normal points earned on a gas purchase.

Depending on the grade of fuel bought, promotions are;

  • 2x the points on Regular grade gas

  • 4x the points on Extra grade gas

  • 6x the points on Supreme grade gas

Apart from fuel, the promotion also extends to certain purchases such as lottery products.

The promotion also extends to;

  • RBC Esso Extra Visa card

  • Esso Speedpass

  • Extra Privileges Card

Extra Privileges Card

Free Extra Privileges Cards are available to all members at all Esso stations across the country.

The Extra Privileges Card is linked to the Esso Extra card to save 2.5 cents per litre on fuel. Similarly, Esso Extra points are earned with the Extra Privileges Card.

Esso Speedpass

The Esso Speedpass is linked with any credit card including the RBC Esso Extra Visa to facilitate quick and easy payment. Payment is made by just tapping and going instead of the conventional swiping of a credit card.

Getting the Esso Speedpass earns you 500 bonus points, however, it is just for a limited time.

RBC Esso Extra Visa Card

Signing up for the RBC Esso Extra Visa card earns you a welcome bonus of 4,500 points when you make your first purchase.

Additionally, two or more points are earned for every $1 you spend on eligible purchases at Esso and one point for every $1 you spend at other gas stations

Payment with either the RBC Esso Visa card or Speedpass linked to the card earns you;

Conditions For Earning Esso Extra Points

Points are not earned at every purchase made as there are certain restrictions on the earnings of Esso Extra points.

Esso gas stations across the country do not award points for;

  • few cash transactions at isolated terminals such as coin-operated car washes and other related circumstances;

  • the purchase of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products

  • cash advances

  • the purchase of Esso gift cards

  • bottle deposits

However, for other single-item and non-gasoline  purchases more than $150, extra points will be given only at Imperial’s sole discretion.”

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Redeeming Esso Extra Points

Once you’ve amassed enough points, redeeming your Esso Extra points can be done in two ways; online or at any Esso station.

At the Esso station, simply present the Esso Extra card in-store then inform the station attendant of your desire to redeem accumulated points for the preferred reward

For the online claim, simply log into your personal or joint online account to select the reward. However, options do vary sometimes between in-store and online when choosing rewards.

The common reward at the station include free gas rewards, car washes, beverages, gum, candy gift cards for Esso and other retailers, lottery tickets, potato chips, and washer fluid

For online rewards, fuel savings cards, gift cards, or a Hockey Canada jersey are the commonest available.

Exchanging Esso Extra Points

 Apart from just redeeming your points, Esso Extra points can also be exchanged for a different point. 

For instance, your Esso Extra points can be exchanged for RBC Rewards points. This will only be possible if you keep an RBC Rewards credit card.

A minimum of 2,500 Esso Extra points has to be made before you can exchange for an RBC Rewards points. 2,500 Esso Extra points give you 1,500 RBC Rewards points in return.

Afterward, additional points can always be exchanged in a pack of 500 Esso Extra points for 300 RBC Rewards points.

However, in the absence of an RBC Rewards card,  Esso Extra points can always be exchanged for Aeroplan miles, Delta SkyMiles, IHG Rewards, American Airlines Advantage miles, Club points, and other loyalty points via Points.com

Furthermore, If you are not going to make use of your points, you can always donate them.

For every 200 points redeemed $1 will be donated to The Kidney Foundation of Canada or the Hockey Canada Foundation by Esso.

Points can also be donated to the Esso Extra Hockey Jersey Program. Nevertheless, tax receipts are not granted for these donations.

The Value Of Esso Extra Points

The value of your accumulated Esso Extra points is dependent on how you redeem it.

Using your points for Car washes offers the best value yet. Esso points are worth more than $0.02 each in car washes.    


Points needed

Point Value  ($)

A quick car wash ($10.99)



A full car wash ($12.99)



A luxury car wash ($14.99)



In comparison to car washes, points offer lesser value when you’re using it for free gas. However, your points offer the best value in free gas when you are redeeming them for a $70 free gas.

It offers a value of $0.0061 per point which is higher than any other free gas option available  


Points needed

Point value ($)

$10 free gas



$20 free gas



$30 free gas



$40 free gas



$50 free gas



$60 free gas



$70 free gas



$80 free gas



Points also have different values when redeeming for Esso gift cards.

However, in this case, the more points you redeem at a time, the more your points are worth.


Points needed

Point value ($)

$10 Esso gift card



$20 Esso gift card



$50 Esso gift card



$100 Esso gift card



This value helps to understand that accumulating as many points as possible isn’t the best use of Extra Esso Points, but rather to redeem them at lower reward levels in order to gain the highest return rate.

Preventing Points From Expiring

As long as you are an active member, Esso Extra points will never expire.

However, if an account is left dormant for a period of 12 consecutive months, all amassed points linked with the account may be forfeited. This also applies to joint accounts if all members are inactive for a period of 12 consecutive months.

Tracking Your Esso Extra Points

Your accumulated points can always be tracked at points.com.

Apart from tracking your points, you can also trade them for other loyalty program points on the same website.

However, considering the cost of the transaction involved in transferring these points, it is not always advisable to exchange your points.

Esso Extra vs. Aeroplan

A lot of people who buy fuel at Esso stations use their Aeroplan card for payment since they are already a member. Is this the best choice really?

Let’s have a look into which points that gives a better return on your spending.

The worth of an Aeroplan mile is approximately pegged at 2.5 cents.

Since drivers get to earn 1 Aeroplan Mile for every 3 dollars spent, from the simple calculation, it implies drivers get approximately 1 cent in rewards for every $1 spent at Esso.

This further shows that only a simple 1% in return is earned through this transaction. The best rate provided at Esso is the car wash services that offers 2.2%.

So if you really want the best of the rate at Esso, it is clear you should avoid paying with your Aeroplan card.

esso extra

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on the Esso Extra program: 

How long does it take to get a card approved and sent?

All submitted applications are evaluated within five (5) days and then approved if no error is found.  Immediately the account is approved, cards are ready to be issued and shipped within a week.

Request for fast delivery is available to customers at no extra cost.

Are cards replaceable in case of loss or theft?

YES!! cards are totally replaceable and it even comes at no cost. Immediately you misplace your card, notify the Esso Business Card.

Services to have the card blocked out.

Customers can easily get through to the Esso Business Card Services by dialling this number 1-800-267-0156.

After requesting a replacement, cards are shipped within three to seven working days depending on mail.

However, you can get a replacement card overnight if you’re willing to pay some fees.

How many Esso Extra cards can I own?

You can own as many Esso Extra cards as possible if you have employees with Esso Business Cards. All points earned can be accumulated in a joint account or earned separately.

To create a joint account, you can call 1-800-567-3776 for some advice and directions

How are Esso Extra invoices received?

All invoices are received electronically so all members must register at the website. Once registration is completed, a confirmatory email is sent to validate your email.

Email notification is subsequently sent when your invoice is ready for assessment and payment. In case you want to have the invoices in paper form, you can always save and print at any time.

However, invoices are only available up to the previous 13 months.

What is the additional information driver needs to fill at the point of sale?

If you are an Esso Business Card or Business Card Premier Programs cardholder, some of the required information must be filled at the point of sale.

Your ID number and Odometer reading are what is required of you.

The information is either entered at the pump or over the counter on the PIN pad. If you can’t remember your ID number, you should get in contact with your fleet manager. 


If you frequently visit ESSO for your car gas or wash, then considering ESSO extra is actually good. 

It’s absolutely FREE to apply for the ESSO Extra Card at any of the Gas Stations and hardly takes a minute to signup. I’ve personally been using the Esso Extra Card for over 3 years now and the conversion works out actually great. 

Let me know your thoughts and comments below, do share this article on social media and help spread the word. Thanks for reading!

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