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Everyone is constantly searching for ways to cut down on living costs. It turns out that grocery shopping, which is one of our most essential needs, is pretty expensive. It only makes sense that if we could find a way to save up on costs when grocery shopping then we would have more money in the bank.

This need is what gave rise to a lot of cashback apps.

Cashback apps do exactly what their names say, they give back your cash. Whether you are shopping online or in-person, cashback apps afford you the opportunity to earn cash as rewards whether it’s in cash, checks, or gift cards for every purchase you make.

Think of cashback apps as a sort of an app that gives you rebates for shopping. One of these cashback apps, Checkout 51 will be the main focus of our discussion today.

In this review, I will talk about the Checkout 51 App, how it works, how to use it to save money, and so on. Without wasting any more time, let us dig in.

What Is Checkout 51?

Checkout 51 is a cashback app. It was created to help buyers save money when going grocery shopping.

Thanks to the partnership deals with several different brands, it is able to offer you and other customers the chance to save up some extra money.

Whether you are buying snacks, self-care products, household items, or pet products, Checkout 51 has a deal for you that will let you save some money.

Simply put, anything grocery product at all can get you a deal on the Checkout 51 App.

Checkout 51

How Does Checkout 51 Work? 

Using the Checkout 51 App is actually quite simple.

It works just like any other cashback app. So if you have used any of the cashback apps before, using Checkout 51 will be a breeze. If not, then it is extremely simple to get started with.

Steps to signup and start using the Checkout 51 App:

  • Sign up for Checkout 51 or click here

  • After signing up, check out the offers available on Checkout 51 and add the ones that suit you to your account profile

  • Next, Go about your shopping as you would on any normal day

  • Upload your receipts onto the cashback app

  • You’ll receive cashback on the current offers

Pretty simple and straightforward right?

It’s something I find particularly admirable about the app, the simplicity of it all.

How To Sign Up For Checkout 51?

If you are signing up to use Checkout 51, it is better to use a referral link from someone who already uses the app. Why? You get a $5 bonus for free just for signing up for the app. 

Once you signup, the next thing to do is to upload a receipt that will let you redeem a Checkout 51 offer. Once this is done, you will receive a $2 bonus in your Checkout 51 account. The next three receipts that redeem offers will also earn you $1 bonuses, making your entire reward $5.

Note that, to receive this bonus and be able to spend it, you must redeem your receipts within the first thirty (30) days of you opening an account or signing up for an account with Checkout 51.

If you do not redeem your first offer within the first thirty (30) days, you will lose the chance to earn the $5 free cash reward.

If you are like me, who loves free money, – who doesn’t?- then this is the best way to sign up for a Checkout 51 account.

Checkout 51

How To Use The Checkout 51 App?

Once you have signed up and created your account, it is time to use the app. How do you use it?

The first thing to do before you even make your grocery shopping list is to check out the available offers on the app. These offers should help you prepare your list.

Preparing your list according to the available offers will help you spend less while getting the same or more of the groceries you would normally get without the app.  

Keep in mind that Checkout 51 offers expire on Wednesdays.

New offers are available the next day on Thursdays. You should make it a habit to check out the available offers before you go shopping. Once you have your list ready, then you can go shopping. You can buy your items and head home.

Always remember to get your receipts, never forget to collect your receipts, they are needed for the next step and the cashback.

As soon as you are done shopping, head to the app to upload your receipts. It is best that you do this as soon as possible to avoid forgetting or misplacing the receipts. Once you have done this, Checkout 51 will take care of the rest.

If you are using other cashback apps asides from Checkout 51, remember to upload your receipts on them too. This will help you save more on your purchases.

Checkout 51 App Availability

In terms of availability, Checkout 51 is pretty much available throughout North America.

The app is functional and available in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, The District of Columbia and overseas in the United States military bases.

If you are worried about the devices you can use the app on – Well, Checkout 51 works on most of the smartphones out there. Be It any mobile phone, iOS or Android will let you access the Checkout 51 App.

You can also use the Checkout 51 website on your desktop too. All you need is to have a camera in hand to take pictures of your receipts and upload them to the system.  

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 App Offers

There are other offers asides from the regular ones that are available on the Checkout 51 app.

Let’s discuss these offers below:

  • Barcode Offers: these are special offers that are available only on the mobile app. To redeem a barcode offer, alongside uploading your receipt, you will be required to scan the barcode on the product too. This will help Checkout 51 make sure that you have bought the right product.

  • Bonus Offers: These offers will let you earn some extra cashback once you have redeemed a number of specified offers. You can find these bonus offers near the top of the offers section on the Checkout 51 App or on their website.  

  • Brand Programs: Occasionally, some brand-specific offers are available on Checkout 51. These offers are not always available, but once you join one, you get the chance to earn money back when you buy products from specific brands. If you want to join a brand program, then you have to keep an eye out for the “JOIN” button that shows up on such offers.  

Checkout 51 App Stores

You can use the Checkout 51 app at any store. However, you should know that there are some offers that are specific to some stores. When reading the details of an offer, you should also check out if it is store-specific or not.

This will not only save you from buying from the wrong stores but also makes sure that you earn your cashback as well.

Checkout 51 Offers

Like I already said earlier, Checkout 51 offers change every Thursday. You should keep an eye on the changes that happen.

Below is the list of some of the important things that you need to know about the Checkout 51 offers:

  • The offers come in limited quantities: One you have redeemed an offer certain number of times, you will no longer be able to redeem it on the app. It will be effectively be removed from the app.

  • There are user-specific offers: Some offers only appear on the apps for certain users. If you and your friend both use the Checkout 51 app, you might notice that the offers listed on your app might be different from those listed on your friend’s app.

  • Offers can be filtered: The app lets you categorize your offers based on certain criteria. You can list your offers based on snacks, baked goods, dairy, and so on. You can also categorize offers based on the stores you prefer.

  • Terms and conditions differ: Each offer comes with its own terms. To be sure of what an offer entails, you need to tap or click.

  • To avoid mistakes such as buying the wrong products, you should always make sure that you read the terms that are specific to each offer. In order to be eligible for an offer, you must buy the exact product that is listed under the offers.  

Online Purchase Cashback

You can earn cash back on online purchases only when you receive an itemized packing slip for your purchase.

The itemized packing slip is important because it not only shows that you have received your products but also contains other necessary information such as the date purchased, store name and logo. Along with it the packing slip also has the list of items you bought, and the prices you paid for each product.

If you do not receive an itemized packing slip, you will not earn any cashback.

If you want a list of the retailers that give you an itemized packing slip, Checkout 51 has provided you with a detailed list of stores. Please check out the links below for more details. 

Checkout 51 and Cashback Apps

  • You can stack most Checkout 51 offers with coupons. This is normally a given but if an offer can’t be stacked, the details of such offers will say so.

  • You can still earn cashback if you buy with food stamps. There is no difference in the process, all you have to do is upload your receipt as you would normally do for regular purchases.

  • iBotta and other cashback apps can be used in combination with Checkout 51. There should be no problem here. If you use multiple Cashback apps, then you can potentially save much more money than you would with just one app.

  • Sweepstake offer is available to all users and gives you the chance to win a cash prize of $500. The Sweepstake offer can be found in the “More ways to save” category in the Checkout 51 app. Entering the contest is also quite easy. In order to enter all you need to do is upload a receipt that has a total purchase value of over $60. Entry into the sweepstake is only once a week and if you do win, the app will let you know.

How To Cash Out Or Redeem On The Checkout 51 App?

Making a withdrawal on the Checkout 51 app requires that you have at least a balance of $20 in your account.

Once your balance is over $20, your withdrawals can be done through two means.

You can choose to cash out or redeem by:

  • Receiving a check

  • Withdrawal through your PayPal account.

Checkout 51 makes its money from its partnership deals with the various brands that make use of its app. Think of it as a form of paid advertising.

Pros Of Checkout 51

  • Ease of use: Once you get the hang of the app, it is very easy to use. The app design is simple and easy to understand and does not require technical skills

  • Earn extra cash: As with any of the cashback apps, Checkout 51 lets you earn extra cash. There’s no need to worry, the cashback is legit; just present your receipt and your money will be earned back

  • Device Compatibility: The app is usable across all devices and platforms. Both desktop and mobile

  • Various Offers: Checkout 51 app offers deals almost every day of the week. These offers are available for everyone and you can pick the ones that help you save the most.

  • Sweepstakes: Sweepstake offer is available to all users and gives you a chance to win the cash prize of $500

Cons Of Checkout 51

  • To be honest, there is not much that the Checkout 51 app didn’t get right.
  • However, they could probably work on expanding their presence outside of North America (Canada and the United States), like moving their services to other continents too. That doesn’t seem like it will happen any time soon though.

  • The app makers can also work on adding more payout options. Right now the payments are offered only via PayPal and cheque. 

Checkout 51

Is Checkout 51 Legit?

Checkout 51 has been around since 2012. The app has well over a million users currently.

I’ve personally been using the app for some time now and have got a few payments, so the app is definitely legit in my opinion. 

Checkout 51 vs. iBotta

Now that we all know about Checkout 51, it is time to check how well it stacks against one of its closest alternatives, iBotta.

iBotta does pretty much the same thing that Checkout 51 does. It allows you to save money on your purchases. It is, just like Checkout 51, a cashback app.

Before you get cashback on iBotta, you are required to submit a proof of purchase as well as the receipt. Then you are required to scan the barcode on to the app as well. This gets pretty tricky, but once you have a handle on this, everything else is straightforward.

The two platforms will help you save hundreds of dollars every year. Both these apps operate in similar manners, though there are some differences.

So how well do these apps perform compared against each other?

Checkout 51 vs. iBotta – Online Shopping

Checkout 51 steps ahead in that it lets you save on online purchases. iBotta does not offer this feature. It only lets you save on purchases you make by visiting a physical store.  

This means that with Checkout 51 it’s way easier to earn cash back than iBotta. You can save money from the comfort of your home whereas with iBotta you need to go to the store to earn cashback and save money.

As I mentioned earlier, the packing slip is important for any online purchase offer you are hoping to redeem on the Checkout 51 app.

Checkout 51 vs. iBotta – Available Stores

Checkout 51 lets you shop at a variety of stores.

Whereas iBotta does not, the app has a limited number of stores that you can shop at.

Most times, these stores are only the major retail stores, thereby limiting your options for saving.

Checkout 51 vs. iBotta – Offers List

Offers are limited on Checkout 51. Not only are the offers timebound but they’ll expire at 11:59 pm each Wednesday.

So all offers not redeemed by the time mentioned above are forfeited. If you fail to act on an offer as soon as possible there is a chance that someone else will redeem the offer before you.

iBotta has more offers compared to what Checkout 51 offers.

You can receive offers on goods and products such as alcohol. With iBotta, there is even a reward when you buy an item multiple times. This lets you earn more cash and if you redeem a number of rebates before the specified deadline, you stand a chance of being rewarded with additional bonuses too.

Checkout 51 vs. iBotta – Payment Options

Checkout 51 only has two means for receiving payments, check or PayPal, iBotta has a variety of options for its users to cash out easily

Other than the regular PayPal and check options, with iBotta, you can choose to be paid into your Venmo account or your payment to be converted into gift cards. Amazon gift card is part of the gift card list. 

Checkout 51 vs. iBotta Referral Bonus

Both Checkout 51 and iBotta give referral bonuses, but iBotta will pay you more for bonuses.

If you are referred by a friend, Checkout 51 will reward you with $5 while iBotta rewards you with $10. In this regard, iBotta can be said to be slightly superior to Checkout 51.

Checkout 51 App

Checkout 51 vs. iBotta Payments

Checkout 51 is a clear winner in this category. Once your balance is over $20 you request the withdrawal.

With iBotta you’ll have to perform a task before you are paid. It’s a bit complicated here. 

iBotta will ask you to perform a task apart from uploading your receipt. Then, the task will have to be approved and only then your rebate is approved before you can receive a deposit into your account.

Checkout 51 App has no such issues. You simply upload the purchase receipt and the money is paid into your account.  

Both apps have their pros and cons. When it comes to picking which to use, I often advise picking both. Not only will this help you save more money but it will also let you get the feel of which app’s services you prefer to use. Personally, this is what I would do too.


In my honest opinion, yes, you should use Checkout 51. It’s free to sign up for the app and start using it. You have nothing to lose here and it works great. 

The company is legit and has millions of users in North America alone using it. 

Not only does the app let you save money but it also lets you use other apps like iBotta to save more.

I personally believe that if you are looking to save some money on grocery shopping then you can’t go wrong with the app. 

That’s it for now. Please let me know your thoughts and comments. Also, do share this article on social media and help spread the word. 

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