How To Quickly Check The CRA Refund Status?

So, you have filed the 2022 taxes and waiting on the refund cheque/direct deposit to your bank account. But, with COVID still around, you might be worried if there’s going to be any delays around especially with the processing and the refund amount. 

I hear you. 

Though CRA’s website states that all EFILE and NETFILE (or online) returns will be processed within 2 weeks or 10 business days.

The Canada Revenue Agency’s goal is to send your refund within:

  • 2 weeks, when you file online

  • 8 weeks when you file a paper return

These timelines are only valid for returns we received on or before their due dates.

Returns may take up to 16 weeks if you live outside Canada and file a non-resident personal income tax return.

There’s one simple way to check the Tax refund status. And this is recommended by the CRA themselves. It’s an automated helpline. 

And the best part is, there’s absolutely no need to wait here. 

You don’t even have to log in every time to the CRA My Account and navigate all the way to the “Tax Returns Section” to find out your return and refund status. 

CRA Tax Refund

How To Quickly Check The CRA Refund Status?

Follow the below steps to know the tax return and refund status: 

  1. First, call the CRA’s automated refund status helpline: 1-800-959-1956 (24/7 the line is open and 0 wait times)

  2. Keep the below information handy (before the call)       

  • Social Insurance Number (or SIN number – 9 numeric digits)

  • Date of birth 

  • Line 150 from your most recent tax assessment (from the previous year assessed return)

Other than line 150, other details required are pretty straightforward. 

I have personally tried calling the above number to know the Refund Status and all it took was 5 minutes. No, wait at all. 

In case you know/have the CRA PIN with you, I believe the process should be even simpler for you. 

Again, this is the automated process to know the refund and return status. For detailed or individual tax enquiries or to speak to a CRA representative – you need to call the CRA helpline between 9 AM – 9 PM (1-800-959-8281). 

Thanks for reading, please let me know your thoughts and comments below. 

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