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Hire Me Services

  • If you would like to hire me to write articles for your website/company, I am more than happy to do so and have over 10 years of content development/blogging experience in the area of personal finance – Investing, Money Management, Retirement Planning, Real Estate, Frugal Living, Lifestyle, DIY and much more.

  • If you are looking to advertise to my highly diverse and sought-after readership, or want me to review a product or service, please feel free to contact me. 

  • If you would like to invite me for media appearances and interviews relating to Canadian personal finance, please reach me at [email protected]

Guest/Sponsored Post

I’m open to guest posts at the moment. If you’re a blogger interested in submitting a guest post for publication, you can send your final version to [email protected].

The post must be:

  • 100% unique and not published elsewhere.

  • Should be related to the blog’s theme of personal finance, stocks, Investments, New Apps/products launched in Canada/US 

  • At least 2000 words of high quality with 2 do-follow links at the max. 

  • Of excellent quality and written with readers in mind

  • Have links to existing resources/articles on my blog (I may add these myself)

  • Have no more than 2 links to your website including your author bio.

  • Be a final version of your post

Note: I reserve the right to make edits to your final version or to not publish it. Please forward your final version as a Word document. Thanks!

PS: Do not send me emails asking to submit the guest post. Instead please send me the articles in Word format and I’ll get back to you once I publish it. By doing so you’ll save both of our time in the email conversation and me having to explain everything over again. Please remember to stick to the above guidelines while submitting the blog post. 

Any Other Questions?

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