Top 150+ Dividend Stocks In Canada – Complete List (2020)

In this article, let’s take a look at the list of over 150+ Canadian dividend Stocks List for 2020. tabulated the list of stocks for your easier reference. Every portfolio needs to have a couple of high paying but stable dividend stocks. Especially if you plan on investing in the blue-chip companies, your dividends will increase over time. That’s the usual norm. 

Dividend stocks are ranked by dividend yield (percentage/s) from high to low.

There are two main categories what you can look for when investing in the Stock Market

1. Investing In Growth Only Stocks (Without substantial Dividends, but expect excellent price growth)

2. or Invest In Good Quality Dividend Stocks (Such as REIT’s, with not exponential growth as in other blue-chips such as Apple, RBC, ENB or Google but dividends are good)

But, what If we want a combination of both Growth + Good dividend?

That’s the power combo I want to talk about here. Look now don’t get me wrong here – Growth stocks are great as well. 

Simply put, Investing in good growth stocks with 0 dividends is good as well. But that’s not what I want to discuss here.

There are some of the best and amazing companies in the Toronto Stock Market which do not pay any dividend but with the profits and share price growth, you may not need dividends at all. 

Also remember, always invest in dividend stocks in your TFSA’s an RRSP. Your dividends are tax-free here. 

First, max those two accounts and then think of the regular investment accounts, where you need to pay tax even on the dividend income you make. 

Why Invest In Canadian Dividend Stocks? 

Instead, let me put it this way – Why not invest in dividend stocks?

You get that extra monthly, quarterly or annual dividend payments – which you may re-invest to buy more stocks in the same company or others and thus grow your investment value over time. 

If not, enjoy the dividends you get or use it for your monthly expenses, saving a part of your salary towards bills. It’s a win-win either way. 

Any TSX stock with descent YOY growth and good dividends (cash flow and reserves), is the best pick. 

Also, having a mixed bag of growth + dividend stocks + ETFs is the best portfolio you can possibly think of. 

Here’s The Parameters Considered For Selecting Dividend Stocks:

  • Market capitalization: is greater than $500 Million

  • Yield is more than  0%

150+ Dividend Stocks List On The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)

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