CIBC Dividend Visa Platinum Credit Card – Pros and Cons

CIBC Dividend Visa Platinum credit card is great – Here’s why – You get a cool 4% cash back of all your spending’s in gas stations and Tim Hortons is what the brochure/booklet says. Till date yes I have got my 4% cash back when I swiped the card in Tim’s and the gas stations. So thats cool isn’t it.

But hold on here’s the best part of the CIBC dividend visa card, you end up getting 1% cash back for using your card anywhere else like the grocery, shopping etc.


cibc dividend visa


Couple of more points to note is every year in the month of December you get your cash back in the form of credit to your December statement. And yes I got it this month. So it works !!

Isn’t it really cool that you end up getting the cash back in the month of Christmas and when new years right there to reduce your expenses of paying that extra money towards your credit card bills.

Oh yes before I forget to mention, for car renters like me you get extended vehicle protection insurance included which saves you a lot of cash when you are renting a car. Insurance prices are crazy in Canada man, isn’t it. Anyways there is no limit on the cash back you make, so thats nice to have feature as well.

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The drawback that I find in this card is that you have annual fees of 99$, so you can do the math before you actually go apply for one for you. However the first year is free with no annual fees for you to try the card.

Here’s the link to check more info about the card.

Overall, I do like this card and have got a cash back well over 500 dollars so far.

Do let me know in comments below on what you think and if any other card you think ranks better. I will compare other cards in my future posts. Happy shopping folks its that time of the year!!

Final words – Go for it, go get the CIBC Dividend Visa Credit Card its totally worth it. 

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