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Do you love watching movies in theatres? Then you will want to know more about Scotiabank’s SCENE Visa card.

The SCENE card is a unique type of card; it is the only credit card in Canada that enables individuals to earn SCENE points. These points can then be redeemed for free movies at Cineplex Entertainment theatres. Not only can SCENE points be redeemed for movies, but they can also be used to redeem food and drink at the same Cineplex theatres just to better your cinematic experience.

Restaurants such as Harvey’s, Swiss Chalet, East Side Mario’s, Kelsey’s, and Montana’s also participate in the SCENE reward program. Surprisingly enough, with all these benefits, the SCENE Visa Card comes with no annual fee.

The SCENE card is the perfect credit card option if you are interested in earning rewards that you can really use to avoid spending so much on your credit cards.

Benefits of the Scotiabank Scene Visa Card

  • No Annual Fee: Whether you’re holding the card as a primary or supplementary user, no annual fee is charged for using this card.

  • Reap SCENE Rewards: Under the SCENE reward program, users can earn points and claim rewards be it food, drink, or movie ticket at any of the Cineplex theatres.

  • Points are earned as thus;

  • For every $1 spent on an everyday purchase, a SCENE point is earned

  • For every $1 spent at the Cineplex theatres or their website, 5 SCENE points are earned.

  • After the purchase of $500 within the first 3 months of opening the accounts a bonus point of 2,500 is earned. 2500 points will get you free general admission to the theatre or 3D movie ticket and $10 for either food or drinks.

  • All accumulated SCENE points can either be claimed for movies and food at Cineplex theatres or for food at restaurants owned by Recipe Unlimited Corporation.

  • Save on Car Rentals: An additional benefit to owning a SCENE Visa card is the chance to save up to 25% on car rentals at any participating AVIS and Budget locations in both Canada and the U.S.

  • Optional Features: Applying for extra protection against risks such as disability, loss of life, or illness comes with the SCENE card. However, these options come at a monthly cost and you can choose to subscribe or not.

Scene Card

Scene Points Rewards Program

Cineplex in partnership with Scotiabank offers the SCENE loyalty reward program for customers of Scotiabank and any interested individual. 

As a cardholder, you get the chance to earn points whenever you make purchases and watch a movie at Cineplex theatres or dine at restaurants owned by  Recipe Unlimited Corporation.

As extra, you get to earn some points however small, on your everyday purchases.

How To Earn More Scene Points?

To earn Scene points is quite easy. As long as you make purchases with your SCENE card at participating companies, your points start to accumulate.

Points are earned on the following purchases:

  • General admission ticket: 100 points

  • Premium movie ticket: 150 points

  • VIP movie ticket: 200 points

  • Each dollar spent on both food and drinks: 10 points

  • Each dollar spent on the website: 10 points

Furthermore, you can always earn SCENE points without having a SCENE Visa card.

However, it requires you to enroll for the general membership of the loyalty program. Points are not earned equally with cardholders.

Points you’ll earn on purchases are:

  • General admission ticket: 125 points

  • 3D movie ticket: 125 points

  • Premium movie ticket: 200 points

  • Child general entry or 3D movie ticket: 65 points

  • VIP Cinema movie ticket: 250 points

  • Each dollar spent on food and drinks: 5 points

  • Each $3 spent participating restaurants: 1 point

  • Entourage: 50 points

  • Each $125 spend on Fanxchange purchases: 1,250 points

  • Downloading the Carrot rewards app: 65 points

  • Getting a SCENE Debit Card: 10,000 points

It is evident that rewards points are earned more when you have the SCENE Visa card. Therefore, it enables you to amass SCENE rewards points rapidly.

How To Redeem Your Scene points?

SCENE points are generally redeemed for movie tickets and food.

Here are some of the popular redemption rates and options;

  • General admission and 3D movie ticket: 1,250 points

  • Enhanced adult movie ticket: 2,000 points

  • VIP Cinemas movie ticket: 2,500 points

  • A general night out the package: 3,500 points

  • Enhanced night out package: 5,000 points

  • VIP night out the package: 6,000 points

  • Digital movie download: 1,000 points = $10 off

  • $5 discount on food and drink at the movies: 500 points

  • $10 off food at participating restaurants: 1,000 points

Looking at these rates and from the simple calculation,  1,000 SCENE points are equal to $10 for food which implies 1 point is worth approximately 1 cent.

Furthermore, based on the price of the movie ticket you are purchasing, your reward rate will very.

The three different categories offer different prices making the reward rate vary between 0.80% and 1.27%. Rewards rates are always in a multiple of x5 on spending related to Cineplex.

Scene Card

Techniques To Earning More SCENE Points

If you want to earn more rewards and discounts earning more SCENE points should be of priority.

How then can you earn SCENE points rapidly?

During The First 3 months Of Registration

After registering for the SCENE reward program, 250 bonus points are given if you make any purchase with your card within the first 3 months of activation.

Apart from that, you will be awarded a total of 2500 points if you make a purchase of $500 within the first 3 months

Even though you can accumulate points without the Scene Card, being a cardholder is best for you as there are extra points to be earned using this card.

Own multiple SCENE card

If the family night is about going to the movies or you and your spouse enjoy spending time at the theatre, then getting SCENE cards for each member of the family is the way to go.

With each member making purchases with their card, not only will you be able to accumulate points faster, but you will also be saving a lot of money. 

Make Use of The Tuesday Discounts

Cineplex offers discounts on Tuesdays so you can get your movie tickets at cheaper rates.

Also being a SCENE member gets you an additional 10% discount off the already discounted movie tickets. And that’s not all as you get to earn your usual 125 points.

This implies you get to pay less to enjoy your favorite movie, earn and amass points faster. And when movie tickets are costly you can easily pay for them with your points. It’s a win-win situation.

Register for SCENEtourage

Instead of owning multiple SCENE Cards, you can register for the SCENEtourage. This involves signing up as part of a group of friends or family who enjoys seeing the movies together.

A minimum number of 3 people is required for the group and a maximum number of 10 people is allowed.

When at least 2 members of the “SCENEtourage” go to the theatre together or purchase their tickets digitally at the same time, extra 50 SCENE points is an award to each member

If you are the kind who loves concerts, theatre events, and live sports(Football, Hockey, Basketball), getting your tickets at the Fanxchange website (both in the US and Canada), will get you free SCENE points.

For each $125 spent, you earn a total of 1,250 points and an extra 1 point for every $1 spent.

Make use of the Scotiabank Scene Debit Card

Just like the Scotiabank Scene Visa Card, the debit card can also earn free SCENE points.

The good news is a bonus of 5,000 points is earned if you sign up for this card.  And for every $5 spent on daily purchases, a point is earned

Always use your Scene Card at participating restaurants

Feeling like eating out or having a nice romantic dinner?

As mentioned, SCENE is in partnership with some restaurants so you should always check on their websites to note these restaurants.

And don’t forget, to earn more points always use your SCENE card for payment

Download and signup on the Carrot Reward App

An extra 125 SCENE points can be earned by downloading the Carrot reward app.

However, this offer is only available to this living in  British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Ontario.

The Carrot app is available on devices that operate on either IOS or Android OS. Surveys, quizzes, and healthy lifestyle tips are offered on the app.

Is the Scene Visa Card right for you?

As explained above, there are lots of benefits that come with The SCENE Visa card such as the welcome bonuses, no credit history requirement to open an account, and zero annual fees.

These benefits are more attractive to students and newly immigrated Canada looking to start out a new life. Those who fancy cinematic experiences are also attracted to SCENE cards because of the loyalty reward program offered.

However, there are thorns on the roses. The first will be the limited alternatives provided to claim rewards outside of the movies and the participating restaurants.

Furthermore, free insurance does not come with a card, not even an extended warranty or travel insurance. We won’t really consider this as a disadvantage because most credit card companies follow suit.

Another disadvantage will be the restriction placed on the number of points that can be earned.  Only a maximum of 300 points can be earned per transaction and 600 points on a daily basis.

Apart from the SCENE visa card, Scotiabank also offers other cards that will equally fetch SCENE some points. The two other cards are the Scotiabank SCENE Debit Card and Scotiabank SCENE Prepaid Reloadable Visa Card.

Scene Card

Frequently Asked Questions

Do SCENE points expire?

Accumulated SCENE points will remain not to expire except you leave the account dormant for a duration of 2 years.

Notifications and warnings are sent by SCENE to members before the 2-year duration to ensure they have the necessary details before the account is closed. You can always learn more details concerning the expiration of points here.

How can I know the number of accumulated SCENE points I have?

To view your accumulated SCENE points, log in to your account on scene.ca, check under your profile to see your point balance.

Another way to view your points balance is by downloading the Cineplex Mobile app or SCENE app on your mobile device (IOS or Android OS)

Can I ask for a replacement if my SCENE card is lost or stolen?

Absolutely Yes! You can always order a replacement SCENE card online at scene.ca/cardreplacement

After completing the online process, a notification will be sent to your email with the details of the new SCENE card number.

A new SCENE card will be sent to your mail within 7-10 business days with your accumulated SCENE points balance transferred to the new card.

I left my SCENE card behind, will I still be awarded SCENE points?

If you ever forget to hold your SCENE card with you, points won’t be awarded. To earn points the SCENE membership card has to be tendered before the transaction is completed.

What does “No Passes” imply?

A few movies are restricted for view for a short period of time. Most of the time, the restriction normally pertains to the first 10 – 14 days of a film’s release.

Furthermore, some movies are further restricted based on their studio contract. 

Final Words

Cineplex in partnership with Scotiabank runs the SCENE loyalty reward program to offers more cinematic experiences and free movie tickets to members who are willing to participate. 

In addition, the flexibility to use points for concessions, online movie rentals, and restaurants provides more options to cardholders making the points worthwhile

Let me know your thoughts and comments below. Thanks for reading!

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