How To Get The Most Out Of Your RBC Reward Points?

RBC Rewards points offer flexible choices and easy access to flight tickets, bill payments, and much more. The Royal Bank of Canada rewards program is one of the largest leading reward platforms.

Moreover, Canadians love and appreciate their loyalty rewards program.

The RBC Rewards are among the popular leading redemption program in the country. Typically, you can use RBC points to book travel.

However, with the RBC Avion Visa Card, you get the flight redemption chart benefit. Also, it allows you to make transfers to multiple airline programs.

Benefits Of Owning The RBC Avion Visa Card

The benefits of owning the RBC Avion Visa Card are as follows;

  • For every CAD 1, you spend using your card, you get 1 RBC Reward point.

  • Each time you use your card to book a flight or pay for travel, you earn 25% more points.

  • Using your RBC Rewards credit cards with CWT Vacations to book various trips allows you to earn more points. The points are available on special purchase offers.

  • You can link your RBC Avion Visa Card with your Petro-Points card. You can get instant gas savings at any Petro Canada location. Also, you get additional RBC Reward points.

  • Also, you get points when you spend on travel, shopping and saving.

  • RBC travels allow members to travel to various destinations for a set number of points.

  • You can use your points to pay surcharges and taxes.

  • Moreover, you can book travel anytime, including last-minute flights.

  • You can in fact start to book flights when you have 15000 points.

  • You get premium insurance on travel, mobile devices, emergency purchases and much more.

  • Also, you get access to premium 24/7 concierge service.

What Is The RBC Rewards All About?

RBC Rewards is among one of the six most flexible loyalty programs in Canada.

It offers a wide range of products that are redeemable as you accumulate points with your purchase. The main criterion is to have a substantial amount of points to redeem the valuable items that are redeemable.

The points you accumulate never expire.

Therefore, you have nothing to lose by accumulating as many points as you want.

Well, there are multiple ways you can redeem your points, but you must choose the best one for you. Also, it depends if you own an RBC Rewards Credit Card or an RBC Avion Credit card.

The easiest way to earn RBC points is by using the RBC Avion Visa Infinity credit card.

It allows you to get access to 1.25RBC points per $1  spent for travel-related purchases. Similarly, you earn 1RBC points $1 for any other purchases. RBC reward point charges vary between an estimate of 0.58 to 2.33 cents per point.

There is a sort of gas savings that helps you get a three cans discount whenever you purchase petroleum at a Petro-Canada station. It also comes with a whopping 20% bonus on metro points.

Your best bet is to request the Petro-Points card as it comes with a bonus of 15,000 RBC points. It is a great way to get you started on accumulating your RBC points.

Also, you must be aware that  RBC “rewards” and “points” mean the same thing. In this post, they will be used interchangeably.

RBC Rewards

RBC Avion Credit Card Types

There are quite a few types of RBC Credit Cards available for you to own.

You can differentiate them by the income requirement and your preference. Each card type is pre-customized to suit every financial bracket and need. Although each card comes with different access and benefits, non can be said to be the best.

You just have to remember that each card is unique and works fine at its capacity.

Sometimes, you can get stuck with a card that comes with an insurance benefit that doesn’t suit you. Nevertheless, below are the various RBC Avion credit card types. That way, you can choose a card that best serves you.

  1. RBC Avion Rewards Visa: It comes with a $399 annual fee and a household income requirement of no less than $200,000. The RBC Avion Visa Infinite privilege offers you a good number of points for your spending. You get 1.25 points for every $1 spent. Also, you get a 25,000 points bonus as a welcome token.

  2. RBC Visa Infinite Avion: You can earn 1 point for every $1 spent, but it comes with a lower annual fee of $120. Its income requirement is set at $60,000 for an individual and $100,000 for households. The welcome bonus is 15,000 Avion rewards points. Likewise, it comes with a side insurance package that is satisfactory.

  3. RBC Visa Platinum Avion: It is a good substitute for the infinite Avion card. It is highly beneficial for people that do not qualify for the Infinite Avion card due to income constraints.

  4. The Signature RBC Rewards Visa: It offers 1 point for 1 dollar spent. The income requirement is $399, and that impacts the type of insurance it covers.

  5. RBC Rewards + Visa Card: It is perfect if you want a card with no fees. For every $1 spent on gas, drugstore expenses, groceries, you earn 1 point. You get 2 points when you include costs of more than $2 on anything else.

  6. RBC US Dollar Visa: You earn rewards for every one of your expenses. You end up with 1 point for every $1 US dollar spent.

  7. RBC Rewards Visa Preferred: It comes with an annual fee of $110 and the standard 1point for every $1 spent on it. The insurance package is almost identical to the one that comes with the RBC Avion Visa Infinite Privilege Credit Card. However, it does mean that you get a lot more than the annual fee’s initial worth.

It is essential to know that all RBC Credit Cards allow transfer to Westjet.

It has a conversion rate of approximately 100 points to $1.

You can use Westjet to book and pay for flights on the Westjet website.

RBC Rewards

How To Redeem RBC Reward Points?

Travels: Booking flights can sometimes appear difficult. Factors like bad weather and poor network coverage can mess up timing. That is something most people prefer to avoid.

With RBC rewards, you can choose any airline flight with no seat restrictions and no blackout dates.

The Royal Bank does not offer price matching, but you can redeem your points for any travel plan type. However, it must be from the RBC Rewards website. 

At the value of 1 cent per point, you get to enjoy 100 points discount. You receive a reward for every $1 that makes up your total fee.

By owning an RBC Reward Credit card, you get to use a specific amount of points to fly to specific regions. It applies when the base ticket price exceeds the maximum price. Simply use your points to cover the cost of the ticket.

You’ll get 2.33 cents per point when you maximize the travel chart. It is the best value ever for your RBC Reward Points.

  • Your points can be converted to other partner loyalty programs if you are eligible for points transfer. Partners like Westjet Rewards, British Airways (people with Avion cards), Asia Miles, American Airlines support point transfer.
  • Gift cards & Merchandise: Perhaps you don’t fancy travelling most of the time. You can also use your points to redeem any merchandise of your choice from specific companies or brands. You can also purchase gift cards worth your point balance. A few trusted and recognized brands that you can redeem from are; Apple, Amazon, Petro-Canada, Starbucks, and many more.

Your points round up to an average value of 0.87 cents for merchandise collection. Also, your points do not cover taxes. The gift card point is set at an average of 0.71 cents. It is the same regardless of the size of the card.

  • You can keep your points for some time then redeem them for financial rewards.

  • For example, adding to your existing investments, mortgage payment, and payment for credit lines. The minimum requirement is set at about 12,000 points, giving a $100 voucher with a value of 83 cents. If you have no travelling interests as an RBC mortgage customer. It would be best to save your points for the future.

  • You can use your points to pay for outstanding utility bills, phone bills, internet bills, and other contact-free transactions.

  • You can convert your points to Hudson Bay Rewards. Having a point level at 0.5 cents, the value of your points gets doubled. You can also transfer your points back to RBC rewards points. However, doing so relatively reduces the value of your point.

  • You can use it for your credit card bills. Suppose you have a substantial payment credit you need to clear. You can make use of your points. It is possible to earn 17200 points from a $100 statement credit.

  • You can also transfer your points to Cathay Pacific Asia Miles. It applies a similar point value and transfer rate identical to the British Airways and American Airlines AAdvantage. There is a point value of 1.3cents which is considerably less than what other airlines offer.

  • Donations: You can always donate your points to any charitable organization under the RBC umbrella. Some philanthropic organizations you can donate points to include; Hope air, the David Foster Foundation, many more. You can check for more information on the RBC website.  For points that are worth 1cent at the moment of donation. You are eligible to get a tax receipt for your contribution. It serves as a bonus.

Remember that in the event of you closing your account, your points are active for transfer for a 12 months period.

RBC Reward points

How RBC Rewards Compares To Other Loyalty Programs

RBC rewards offer members a practical way to earn the money they are spending on day-to-day life activities.

It’s important to note that the RBC rewards program is a travel reward program and not a cashback reward program. Although in comparison to other reward programs, it proves to be of superior value.

One of its most significant advantages has to do with booking travel tickets with RBC rewards points. They go through RBC Avion Credit Cards.

The Avion cards are not subject to any form of blackout or seat restrictions. Hence, providing you with the freedom to make bookings for last-minute travel tickets with points.

Pros and Cons Of Owning RBC Rewards Points


  • RBC Reward points are not prone to any seat restrictions or blackout dates.

  • Members can use their points to make up for tax and fees payment associated with their bookings.

  • Points never expire, and the list of RBC partners continues to grow and gain more users.


  • RBC rewards program is of relatively low value when trying to redeem its points for cash. However, remember that the RBC reward is primarily for frequent travellers. Therefore, it is not surprising that it does not do well with cash redemptions.

There are various ways you can redeem your points as stated earlier. Understanding when to redeem your points, with which company/brand will help you get the most out of the program.

Final Words

The RBC Rewards program is a way to reward frequent travellers with a valuable point-reward system using their everyday credit card purchases.

It’s top a tier travel program. It allows its members to fly to any destination in a neighbouring region with discount rates.

As a result, the financial burden weighs less for the travelling customer.

While RBC rewards are not great with cash, they offer more benefits to travellers than most loyalty programs. They are an excellent asset for last-minute travel bookings.

Alternative ways of using the points make it an appealing offer for most people.

You can use the points that you gathered to sort financial problems like mortgages or insurance. That makes RBC Rewards a loyalty program to join.

For more information or questions on the subject, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for reading, please let me know your thoughts and comments below. 

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