Rogers Internet Review

In Canada, you have a bunch of ISPs or Internet Service Providers. Amongst them, Rogers stands tall in the lead along with Bell, Shaw, and numerous other players on the field. I have been using Rogers Internet for more than a year now and this is my honest review covering everything about speed, reliability, service, and customer care support.

Rogers, a stalwart in the telecommunications landscape, doesn’t just provide internet; it delivers a comprehensive digital experience. Here’s a rapid-fire overview of what sets Rogers Internet apart:

Gigabit-Speed Powerhouse: Rogers Internet offers Gigabit-speed plans, ensuring an ultra-fast connection that keeps up with the demands of modern digital life.

Ignite WiFi Hub Mastery: The Ignite WiFi Hub is the command center for users. Manage your network, prioritize devices, and implement parental controls for a tailored online experience.

Whole Home WiFi Coverage: Say goodbye to dead zones. Rogers ensures a strong and reliable WiFi signal in every nook and cranny of your living space with Whole Home WiFi coverage.

Ignite TV Bundles: Elevate your entertainment with Ignite TV bundles. Seamlessly integrate high-speed internet with advanced TV services, bringing a complete digital experience to your home.

Unlimited Data Freedom: Many Rogers plans come with unlimited data, offering freedom from data caps and allowing users to stream, download, and browse to their heart’s content.

Advanced Security Shield: Rogers prioritizes online security. Benefit from advanced security features to protect against online threats, ensuring a safe and secure online environment.

Ignite WiFi Pods Boost: Eliminate WiFi dead zones with Ignite WiFi Pods. Strategically place these pods to extend coverage and enjoy a seamless connection throughout your home.

Smart Home Integration: Rogers Internet seamlessly integrates with smart home devices, transforming your living space into a connected and automated hub.

24/7 Customer Support: Need assistance? Rogers provides round-the-clock customer support, ensuring help is just a call away, whenever you need it.

Flexible Plans for Every Need: Recognizing diversity in user needs, Rogers offers a range of flexible plans. Whether you’re a casual user or a heavy streamer, there’s a plan tailored for you.

In essence, Rogers Internet is more than just a provider; it’s a gateway to a connected lifestyle. With speed, reliability, and a suite of features, Rogers elevates internet connectivity, ensuring that users experience the digital world at its best.

First, let me talk about the internet plan/package I have. I’m using the Rogers ignite 100 Mbps unlimited plan which costs me around $73 each month including taxes (It’s 64+ taxes I think). Anyway here’s the link to the plan I have for more details. You can find the plan 100u in the above link.

Rogers Internet Overview

First of all, Rogers uses a cable, which has been there forever, but interestingly enough, is a technology that keeps evolving over time using the same old thing, the coaxial cable. Rogers is using DOCSIS 3.1, which in theory allows them to deliver download speeds up to 10Gbps and upload speed of 1Gbps.

Since I first got their service, I had several different speeds, 100, 250, 500 and now 1Gb. The bad (really bad) side of Roger’s 1Gb connection is the fact that the upload speed is really slow compared to the download speed. It is only 30Mbps or around (3Mb/s).

The only thing I do every now and then is uploading some videos to my YouTube channel. Since it is just a personal thing, and I don’t do it on a regular basis, despite disappointing me, that doesn’t bother me too much. I hope that if they eventually go Full Duplex DOCSIS 3.1, the speeds get symmetrical. I think having at least 100Mbps upload speed, would make it way better.

Another downside of cable is the fact that you are/could be sharing the same path of the data with people in your neighborhood. Even though in a chat with a Rogers technician, he mentions that in some places, they are actually using fiber until your place, and converting it to coaxial just to go inside.

I’m skeptical regarding that, but if someone knows about that I’d like to know.Bell on the other hand uses the latest technology on the home internet (as far as I know) which is fiber and FTTH, meaning they take the fiber to your home.

Which is great, since fiber has no speed loss based on distance, you don’t share this “connection” (the fiber itself) with anyone else theoretically lower latency. The good thing about fiber is that as far as I know, they don’t have any physical issue providing faster speeds, and it can be symmetrical if they want to. To a maximum download and upload speed doesn’t even come into consideration in this technology.

When I first got their service I had a 300/300 connection, and this second time I got a 1Gb/750Mb connection. The good thing about Bell, in my opinion, is the upload speed which is on a different level compared to Rogers, and their modem which is more user-friendly and has more tools and features, like sending your admin password via SMS, the possibility of connecting a backup battery. Technology-wise, Bell wins over Rogers Internet on that.

Rogers Internet

My Experience Using The Roger’s Internet 

So here’s my experience with the Rogers internet plan so far. In one word it’s good and not all that great. The speed I am getting varies constantly around 50 Mbps. Downtime is absolutely nil. I haven’t really experienced any downtime as such to date. Talking about customer support is the best I can say. Rogers’s presence in Toronto is unmatched.

I have previously used Bell Internet for some time, the speed was good and better than Rogers’s in fact, but I found Rogers better because of the price lock for 2 years, reliability, and customer support.

Also, I have my cell phone plan with Rogers so it’s easier to get a single bill (and the bundled offer – for cellphone + internet package) so that makes managing my bill a lot easier and hassle-free.

Why Rogers Internet?

Selecting Rogers Internet isn’t just a choice; it’s a commitment to a seamless online experience. With a legacy of providing reliable and high-speed internet services, Rogers stands out as a top-tier provider for several reasons.

  1. Blazing Speeds: Rogers Internet ensures you stay ahead in the digital race with lightning-fast internet speeds. Whether you’re streaming, gaming, or working from home, you can count on Rogers to keep up.

  2. Unmatched Reliability: Say goodbye to buffering and connectivity woes. Rogers Internet delivers a robust and reliable connection, keeping you online when it matters most.

  3. Cutting-Edge Technology: With a focus on innovation, Rogers integrates the latest technology into its internet services, ensuring you have access to state-of-the-art solutions for your online needs.

  4. Exceptional Customer Service: Beyond just providing internet, Rogers takes pride in its customer service. Support is readily available, ensuring that your concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently.

  5. Flexible Plans: Rogers understands that one size doesn’t fit all. With a range of plans catering to different needs, you can choose the one that aligns perfectly with your internet usage patterns.

  6. Bundling Opportunities: Elevate your digital experience by bundling Rogers Internet with other services like cable TV or home phone, creating a comprehensive and cost-effective package.

  7. Trusted Reputation: Rogers has built a reputation as a trusted and reliable internet service provider. Joining the Rogers community means aligning with a brand that has a proven track record in delivering quality services.

In summary, why Rogers Internet? Because it’s not just about getting online; it’s about experiencing the internet in its full glory with speed, reliability, and the assurance that you’re backed by a provider committed to your connectivity needs.

Special Features Of The Rogers Home Internet

Rogers Home Internet is not just about connectivity; it’s about delivering a comprehensive and enhanced online experience. Packed with special features, Rogers Home Internet goes beyond the basics to provide users with a seamless, fast, and reliable internet service. Here are some of the standout features:

Gigabit-Speed Internet:

Rogers Home Internet offers Gigabit-speed plans, ensuring ultra-fast internet for seamless streaming, gaming, and productivity.

Ignite WiFi Hub:

The Ignite WiFi Hub is a centralized platform that allows users to manage their internet experience. From parental controls to device prioritization, it puts the user in control of their network.

Whole Home WiFi Coverage:

Rogers understands the importance of consistent WiFi coverage throughout the home. With Whole Home WiFi, users can enjoy a strong and reliable signal in every corner of their living space.

Ignite TV Bundles:

For a complete home entertainment experience, Rogers offers Ignite TV bundles. These bundles seamlessly integrate high-speed internet with cutting-edge TV services, including on-demand content and premium channels.

Unlimited Data:

Many Rogers Home Internet plans come with unlimited data, giving users the freedom to stream, download, and browse without worrying about data caps.

Advanced Security Features:

Rogers prioritizes the security of its users. The home internet service includes advanced security features to protect against online threats, ensuring a safe and secure online environment.

Ignite WiFi Pods:

For those seeking an extra boost in WiFi coverage, Ignite WiFi Pods can be strategically placed to extend coverage in specific areas, eliminating dead zones.

Smart Home Integration:

Rogers Home Internet is designed to integrate with smart home devices, offering users the ability to create a connected and automated living space.

24/7 Customer Support:

Rogers provides round-the-clock customer support, ensuring that users can get assistance whenever they need it, whether it’s technical support or assistance with account management.

Flexible Plans:

Recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all, Rogers offers a range of flexible plans to cater to different internet usage patterns and preferences.

In summary, Rogers Home Internet isn’t just an internet service; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to meet the diverse needs of modern households. From speed to security and entertainment, Rogers Home Internet brings a host of special features to enhance the online experience for users.

Rogers Internet Vs. Others

However, just to add Bell student plan Internet deals are damn good. Just have a look at it before you decide on something. You need a piece of your Student ID to get it. If anyone in your household is a Canadian student, you can leverage the student ID to get the Bell Student Internet Plan. It costs a lot less and the Internet speed is around 50 Mbps I think. Do check the website for more details. 

Even though Bell technically is superior being FTTH and having a much higher upload rate compared to Rogers, their download speeds on torrents always bothered me because they seemed too low. That was the reason it made me switch back to Rogers the first time and I was questioning myself to go back to Rogers again with an offer they gave me.

BTW even Fido offers good internet deals. In case you don’t know Fido is a subsidiary under Roger’s, it is a discounted brand and you can probably get a better deal whether it is cell phone plans or Internet with them. 

Fido is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). Meaning, it’ll use the network coverage from the parent company Roger’s. So do look out for the Fido Internet page before deciding. I have also seen other Internet plans before opting for this, but frankly, I think Rogers is good for speed and stability. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below if you feel there’s something better out there in Toronto.

Rogers Internet Retention Offers 

Just call in to say your contract is up and you wanna know what deals they have before looking for another provider.

The rep will offer some meh deals. Say that’s not good enough and that you want to cancel, they’ll transfer to the retention dept. 

Rogers definitely has a program to renew or offer discounts to tenure customers because we know how easy it is to switch to other providers. We do discounts for a period of time, not contracts by the way! 🙂

The best course of action is to call Rogers directly. When you reach the first rep, explain the situation and that you would like to reach the Loyalty/Retention department. Call earlier in the day if possible, usually, there’ll be no wait time.

Be kind and courteous. You wouldn’t believe the things they’ve heard due to customers attempting to bully their way to an offer. It doesn’t affect them personally what discount they give you, and it’s in their best interest to keep you going.

Prices can vary on the province, region, postal code, and the type of building you’re in. Please keep that in mind. The best thing you can do is approach a competing provider and see what they have to offer. Be very specific with your needs (channels, internet, speeds, phone features, etc) with the other provider and see the price they give you. You’d be surprised how easy it would be for Rogers to match or beat it.

Rogers Internet

Roger’s Current Internet Promotions

The best way to get a good deal is to call and complain. Threaten to cancel and you’ll get transferred to the Loyalty Department, which has the authorization to do some great things for you to keep you as a customer.

I will also tell you before you call to shop around – find a comparable package at the cost you want and make your argument that you’ve been with them a long time but have had X issues in the past and you talked to X company who offered X discount to switch to earn your business so you wanted to see what they could offer. This has worked for me every time.

So had popular TV + North American calling and + 500u for 62.14 + 22.59 + 28.24 = 112.97 (taxes inc.) respectively. The best I could do after cancelations and ambassador team and a whole mess of a new account being created was Starter tv + International calling + 500u for 51.98 + 22.06 + 50.68 – credits = 109.97.

Another rep offered me 129.60 for the popular tv and said would credit $100 for March and $100 for May to make up the difference. The issue is I have to call again next year and don’t want to do that.

One takeaway, I strongly believe that the bundle puts you at a disadvantage as you are more profitable to them and they don’t want to give you the 29.99 net promos. It is probably better to separate the services rather than bundling them. I am thinking of jumping my phone to Fido and canceling TV.

Bell Vs. Rogers Internet

First of all, let me be clear, I am one of those that will go on the service that has the best price in the market, ride that until the term ends then go to the other. Because these terms run 1-2 years. I can qualify as a new customer (and get the new customer deals) each time I switch over.

I’ll also end up paying way less over the long run than start or teksavvy would give me – it is just a hassle every year or two to go see what the other side has.

That said I have used both Rogers and Bell Internet and can give you my inputs on my experiences on both of them.

Speed-wise both Rogers and Bell are pretty much the same.

Ignore the arguments from the Bell that you are on a shared service with Rogers. That is just Bell’s marketing BS. You are on a shared service with either of them! They are all shared when you get to the node.

If you have FTTH (Fiber To The House) one is as good as the other. Where they differ is upload speeds. Rogers Internet uses an Asymmetrical scheme where you get fast download speeds (90% of us mostly download) but the upload speed is 5-20Mb/s which pretty much sucks.

It should be ok for online gaming but if you do a lot of uploading and downloading from cloud services, this will suck. Bell Internet uses a Symmetrical speeds system for all of its packages. If you get 50MBit, it will be in both directions up and down. There is a drop on their Gigabit package where their upload speed is only 940Mb/sec.

If you have fiber optic cabling to your house, you only need to choose the one that better suits your usage scenario and finances.

If you use cloud storage a lot, look at Bell Internet deals with its symmetrical service. Since most of us don’t upload a lot of stuff the question comes down to how much you want to pay and how fast do you want to go for your downloads. If you ask me, each ISP delivers the bandwidth promised or a little more. So watch for the deals and jump on the one that gives you the best band for the buck.

Fido Home Internet Vs. Rogers Home Internet 

In the ever-evolving world of home internet, the choice between Fido and Rogers is a decision that can shape your online experience. Both providers offer compelling services, but let’s delve into the nuances that set Fido Home Internet and Rogers Home Internet apart.

Speed Showdown:

Fido: Known for delivering impressive speeds, Fido Home Internet caters to users with a need for swift connectivity.

Rogers: Renowned for its Gigabit-speed plans, Rogers Home Internet is a frontrunner in the race for ultra-fast internet.

Data Delight:

Fido: Fido often provides unlimited data options, ensuring you can stream, download, and browse without the constraints of data caps.

Rogers: Many Rogers plans also come with unlimited data, offering users the freedom to enjoy their online activities without worrying about exceeding limits.

WiFi Wizardry:

Fido: Fido’s modem and router options aim to provide reliable WiFi coverage throughout your home.

Rogers: With the Ignite WiFi Hub, Rogers users can manage their network, implement parental controls, and optimize device performance for a comprehensive WiFi experience.

Entertainment Extras:

Fido: While primarily focused on internet services, Fido offers the option to bundle with other Fido services for a complete entertainment package.

Rogers: Rogers, with its Ignite TV bundles, seamlessly integrates high-speed internet with advanced television services, offering a one-stop solution for home entertainment.

Customer Support Champions:

Fido: Fido is recognized for its customer-centric approach, offering support to address user queries and concerns.

Rogers: With 24/7 customer support, Rogers ensures that assistance is available whenever users need it, contributing to a positive customer experience.

Flexibility in Plans:

Fido: Fido provides a range of plans to cater to different user needs, offering flexibility in choosing the right internet package.

Rogers: With a variety of plans, Rogers allows users to select the one that aligns with their internet usage patterns and preferences.

Ultimately, whether you lean towards Fido or Rogers depends on your specific requirements. Fido may appeal to those seeking straightforward internet solutions with a focus on speed, while Rogers stands out with its Gigabit-speed plans, advanced WiFi management, and bundled entertainment options. It’s a competitive arena, and the choice between Fido and Rogers Home Internet comes down to what suits your digital lifestyle best.


Final Words

I’ve used Rogers Internet for a long time and I’m comfortable recommending it to anyone In Canada. If you do not find any good deals right now, another alternative you can probably go for is Fido Internet. Many of my friends who are students use Fido and their plans are actually pretty good and decent. After all, Fido is owned by Rogers. There’s absolutely no downfall here, you get the same services with Fido as you do with Rogers. Everything is the same. 

With Fido, the plans cost a lot less you get unlimited internet. So keep that in mind as well. Fido has a great brand value and presence in Canada as well. So do consider before you decide. Coming back to the topic in the discussion here, Roger’s Internet services are good, even though a bit expensive. The customer support is awesome. 

I know that there are a bunch of other ISPs out there and I have pretty much seen all those before opting for Rogers. If there is something you know is really great for the price range or less than what I am paying for now, please let me know in the comments below. After all, sharing is gaining knowledge.  

Thanks for reading. Please let me know your thoughts and comments below. 

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22 thoughts on “Rogers Internet Review”

  1. I’ve been with Rogers for almost 20 years. The reliability has been excellent – and on the odd occasions when there have been issues their service has also been very good. Maybe not excellent – but a lot better than the service I’ve gotten out of Bell previously and when sorting problems for customers – It’s often been a case of “the Bell from Hell” I’ve never gotten the advertised speed from Rogers – but it comes pretty close. Ignite 100 is giving me about 82 on a Friday night. I have cell and TV with them as well – and run Ooma VOIP phone

    • Thanks for the comment Clare!

      I do agree with you, even though my internet is from Rogers for some time now, I don’t see any outages st sll, maybe for a few minutes and that’s it. I’ve my cell phone plan with Bell, and they are really good especially in terms of LTE speeds.


  2. The worst internet service ever. I got ignite 500 Mbps, but it never gave me more than 50 Mbps. On one occasion, I could not even open pages, but when I used VPN, it worked, which shows Rogers limits internet usage. Their customer service is the worst. Whenever I called, I had to wait an average of 40 minutes to talk to an agent. After a month, I decided I have had enough, so I cancelled, yet they sent me a new bill asking me to pay for an extra month. I called several times to ask them to correct this error. They said I would receive a final bill, but a month later, they sent me another bill. Keep away from Rogers at all costs.

  3. Roger’s ignite internet service is really bad. Since i got the plan it’s been a nightmare. All of my services freeze and are very slow. I have already had more than a handful of technicians trying to resolve the issue with no luck. When I asked to switch back to my older service they said it was no longer available. Roger’s use to be good but since this switch over to ignite it’s been horrible! I took a video of what i am experiencing at home since i got ignite and would love to share it here but no option to do it so I’ll post it to YouTube instead. I have seen a few people here post Bell is a better service provider, considering it now. Rosa Pacheco & Attilio Mureddu.

  4. I switched from my business Internet from. Bell to Rogers recently and while the Internet service is far better from Rogers when it works , the customer service clearly is not.

    I simply cannot reach anyone both online and by phone. Once I actually did but they put me on hold and then cut me off.

    It’s obvious nobody cares.

    • Thanks for the comment Joe.

      What you’ve mentioned is absolutely true, it happens with me all the time as well. Not only with Rogers, it happens across, especially since the pandemic began, horrible!

      Regards, Sagar

  5. Really fed up with their service , not only me but many people I know in my neighborhood. Have called them more then 10 times in last 8 months but still not resolved. I will strongly advise people living in North West Brampton not to go with Rogers.
    Probably small African countries might have better connectivity then Rogers.

  6. I have to agree with the person who got Ignite last November. Same deal. Had Rogers cable for 25 plus years. They forced us to switch to Ignite last March by raising the price of what we had by $120. Since then, we have nothing but problems. The last ten weeks have been horrendous. We had unwatchable Tv (black and frozen screens) for sic weeks in December to January 2021. Three technicians came to the house. The last one was able to improve things somewhat by running a direct line to the house. The wifi is still weak, and there are constant sound cutouts requiring rebooting of the TV box. They refuse to credit me for the unwatchable six weeks. Trying to speak to someone is a horrible experience of waiting, then being cutoff.
    Not sure if the competition is better, but I am at my wit’s end. Do not get Rogers. The Ignite product simply does not work.

  7. This article is absolute bulls**t. I had Rogers Ignite wifi for a year and it never met expectations, often dropping below 40MPs download speed. If you live in a multi-level residence (like me) you will not have the promised performance. The pods are useless and the Rogers guy who came to my home to review my issues said not to use them. I also never got a ‘guarantee’ (as stated in their commercial) and spent hours on the phone with Rogers with no success in addressing my performance issues.

    • John, I have been with Rogers for a long time now at two different places in ON. Not once I had an issue with the speed, network connectivity or bandwidth (though I have unlimited).

      I guess it all depends, but from my experience, they have been really good so far.

      I do respect your views and thanks for the comment, might help someone out there. But for me Rogers is good.

  8. Rogers has changed its technologies and forces customers to pay more money to use this new technology, otherwise, you will suffer from interruption of service every minute. I have a home internet from Rogers at a speed of 500 MB, for days it has not been working and has been interrupted continuously and very slow, my children lost their online lessons. Today I contacted customer service and after a tenth unnecessary repeated questions, resetting the router and changing all settings, we came to the only available solution from Rogers, what is that? take new offer with more money and new technology which guarantee the stability of your internet, WHAT? WHY Rogers do this??? at least transfer your customer to this new technology directly without additional cost or keep the agreement as is with the previous service but NOT push us forcefully to take your new offers???!!!

  9. Hello, I’ve been using Rogers internet many years. Live in a very small/old apartment, 500 sq ft, roughly. Rogers internet has been very smooth so far, very very rarely have issues. Currently have the 500Mbps package, very smooth with streaming and online gaming. My discount offer came to an end by October 2021., called customer service see if they can extend the offer … no luck., therefore placed a cancellation date by end of billing cycle. After two days, embassador team called and give me an unbelievable offer, $139.99 package, include Internet/TV starter/Homephone, with a $75 bundle discounts, monthly bill of $64.99, i believe it’s an awesome offer with reliable service. Hope this trick will help anyone get similar offer/discounts.

  10. Hello, my experience with rogers internet has been terrible especially over the last 4 months. My internet cuts out about 20-30 times per day, I have the 100mbps plan but I never get above 40mbps. As someone who games, uploads conten on social media, as well as cloud uploading/downloading multiple times a week rogers is horrible. This is my second time with rogers after having issues with bell, but overall my internet with bell was much better. Majority of my issues weren’t due to the slow and interrupted speeds but with issues with my accounts. I would recommend for someone like me who is young and does majority of their work and things online to use bell or another isp. I’m very fed up with this internet service which has cost me $100s of lost sales due to my internet being down.

  11. We have just had fibre optics installed in our town Uxbridge ( to the house ) and I am waiting for Bell to say they are ready to turn it on . Meanwhile I have been on Rogers Ignite with the $40 off promotion which ends next week. The $65 internet then jumps up to $105 which I am not happy about. The service for both Rogers and Bell ( dad is on nearby ) seems comparable and with problems . I hope Bell is ready to offer a price under $100 a month otherwise I will stay with Rogers . Satellite is not something I want attached to my house either so that’s out. Thanks for you suggestions.

  12. Here’s my story. I’m a pretty aggressive price matcher…remember your hard earned expenses cost you 1.4X what it appears, as take home income after taxes is 40% less. So each dollar saved is actually $1.40 saved.

    Bell just brought FTTH to our suburb in London. Signup for 1.5 Gbps was $70 / month, then $60 / month and I said don’t come back until its $50 / month. Three days later the sale guy came back and said the final discount is $50 / month for 24 months, no contract, no modem rental, fee rises to $125 month after.

    I was with Fido and enjoying their annual “threat to abandon service” discount of 1/2 price or $48 / month, no modem rental, for 50 MBbs download but often got download speeds of 500 MBps which they unlocked at some point. But it was inconsistent and a pain to get an upgraded modem to replace my 5 year old modem (had to go to the mall and they never had stock).

    decision: I cancelled Fido and went with Bell Fibre. It’s pretty awesomely consistent speeds of 1 Gbps. I don’t have Cat 6 cables in my home so I can’t reach 1.5Gbps speeds.

    Fido retention (now Rogers) called and offered $50 / month, no modem rental, for their Ignite 1.5 Gbps service. I said I could only consider going back for $40 / month, the guy spoke with his supervisor and offered $45 / month, no modem rental, for 24 months contract. So that makes $50.85 w/ tax. Tempting…

    What tempts me about the retention offer is that despite Rogers Ignite being a hybrid service (fibre to pole, then coax to home), and having non symmetrical upload/download speeds, Bell has a clause that can raise the price on my no contract rate by inflation (which is 7%?) if they want to, which they do like to do…even though it involves applying to the CRTC to get permission apparently. So I may return the Bell Fibre and go to Rogers Ignite’s guaranteed contract rate. Still considering. Tempted. After taxes I would save $5.65 / month (which remember, is $7.91 after tax cost) and possibly more as Bell raises prices per inflation.


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