Rogers Share Everything Review

Let’s find out everything about share everything plan from Rogers here. Please remember to share everything and share everything plus are two different plans. The higher-end is the share everything plus plan which we are not covering in this review.

So I have been with Rogers for almost 2 years now. Here’s my round-up from all my experiences thus far about share everything plan rogers. 

I personally love the share everything plan from Rogers for a couple of reasons. Let me list them here –

  • I have two iPhone 6s mobile devices (one with me and the other for my wife), an internet connection and a tab.

  • So in total, we have 4 products from Rogers with a Share Everything plan. Oh no we do not have the cable yet.

share everything plan rogers

So here’s the breakup of what we end up paying to Rogers :

  • Mobile line 1 – 90

  • Mobile line 2 – 55

  • Tablet – 12

  • Internet (100 unlimited ) – 73

  • Total – around 250 including taxes (GST + HST)

Now, why did I say I like it, even though it sounds expensive:

  1. Look, now I am getting two iPhone 6s (Top end smartphones in 2016 beginning) and I am paying like 50 bucks towards the device cost (So subtract 50 from 150 its 100 bucks)

  2.  You end up getting Spotify premium on three devices, now isn’t that cool (BTW for those of you who don’t know about Spotify premium, you can download your playlist and listen to it offline without using up your data). Now that’s worth 9.99 per month

  3. Rogers network, I personally like their customer service and network connectivity

  4. Talking about the internet now, I have it price locked for 2 years, 100 Mbps unlimited up/down for 64 + taxes which is 73. Which isn’t that bad of a deal. Haven’t really seen any downtime to date. Speeds around 50 Mbps that I get.

  5. I get around 3 gigs of data shared between me and my wife that’s not bad either

That’s my take on Rogers’s Share Everything plan. Planning to stick with them for sure until I see something worth the switch.

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