Fido vs. Koodo Review – Which Is Better And Why? (2021)

Fido and Koodo are two of the best mobile networks in Canada. They both are subsidiaries of parent companies Rogers and Telus. Fido and Koodo both are MVNO’s (mobile virtual network operators) – which means you’ll get the exact cellular reception and network as one would get on Roger’s network (Fido’s parent company). The same rule applied to Koodo as well. 
In this article let’s take a look at why you should probably consider switching to either of them (if you are looking out of options), what the benefits are and how you can save money by this decision. Let’s get started.
First, let’s talk about Fido and then compare it with Koodo. 


Like I said in the introduction paragraph, Fido is a subsidiary of Rogers’s communication. Now, Rogers is one of the three best and top telecommunication companies in Canada in terms of signal quality, network coverage and latest phone availability.
With that said, what is Fido or why switch to Fido? Does it have the same network coverage as Rogers? How do you benefit by switching to Fido; from the big three telecom companies – Rogers, Bell, and Telus.

Fido Benefits

Let’s get this straight – Fido is an MVNO network of Rogers.

Now, what do I mean by MVNO?

MVNO stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator. In layman’s terms, Fido does not own any of the network towers but will share the signal quality and strength from Rogers towers. You will pretty much get the same network quality and internet speeds but for a much lesser price plan when compared to Rogers.
Now, what’s the catch here? Why not directly subscribe to Rogers?
Here’s the thing rite – Rogers will usually charge a premium fee as it usually has the better brand name and the latest premium phones available as soon launched.
Fido does that too. Also, with Fido, you don’t have to worry about the network. You can pretty much get at least 95%+ network coverage ( Canada wide) or where Rogers is available. 

Fido Plans and Benefits

These are the Fido plans right now in GTA Toronto and let’s compare it with Rogers.
As you can see, Fido plans to charge less, you’ll get more value for the buck, yet enjoy the same network coverage as Rogers.

Fido Loyalty Program

If you are looking for a brand new phone or probably a hardware upgrade, Fido offers a very good loyalty program.
You can expect discounts on the device down payment costs and a much better monthly plan compared to what Rogers will offer for a similar device and LTE data. 
In case the device you are looking for doesn’t have a down payment, you can contact the Fido customer care loyalty team and get a much better price plan for being a new or loyal customer. In fact, even without the call, you’ll end up getting a good price plan at the Fido store. 
To get the best of the loyalty offers, all you have to do is be with Fido for 6 plus months as a postpaid customer. 
Now Rogers offers the same loyalty plans but it’s definitely not as appealing as Fido, they are the premium brand and not the discounted brand what Fido is. Also, Rogers is always trying to push Fido for better offerings and discounts. 
Also, another important point to discuss here is – the upcoming holiday season – Black Friday and Christmas.
Yeah, it’s November now and almost the end of 2019. Christmas and New Year’s right around the corner and what better can that get with the brand discounts and holiday offers.
Now is the time of the year when you see huge discounted monthly plan offers and brands wanting to up-sell you with amazing discounts.
Fido is no exception, for that matter any telecom company in Canada. You can for sure get good deals at shopping malls and elsewhere. Do look out for that.

Fido Internet 

Another advantage you have with Fido is through Fido internet. If you are a first time user, signing up for a new account with Fido, they have some amazing offers right now.
From what I remember it is $32.50 for unlimited 75 Mbps home internet with Fido. If you are looking for a better and a faster internet package, Fido charges $5 more at $37.50 for the 150 Mbps speed. That’s double the speed for $5 more.
You can also get the Fido Internet without cellular connectivity too. But it’s always better to be associated with one brand at the end of the day. It’s easier maintaining one bill for cell phone connection and the Internet. Lesser the monthly bills are easier to maintain
Again, Fido Internet is from Rogers. So you can rest assured of great, reliable, fast and good internet service from one of the premium brands in Canada. 
I’ve personally been using the Fido Internet services for the past 2 years or so and it’s been really good.
There’s absolutely no downtime and not even a single call to the Fido customer care of any outages or network/modem issues. For the cell phone and network, I’m with Bell right now, I mean to say no longer with Rogers, even then no troubles at all with the Fido Internet. 

Fido Pulse Plans

Fido offers premium pulse plans, the advantage you get with the Fido pulse plans are, 5 hours of internet surfing hours, unlimited talk time minutes across Canada, Data Overage protection every month.
The 5-hour browsing count will reset every billing cycle for your account whether you use it or not.
How do you activate Fido pulse?
Once you signup with a Fido pulse plan, download the Fido mobile app and you’ll immediately see the 5 free hours of data available to browse and use the internet.
The only drawback here is that, once you enable one of the five free slot hours, you should use it for the full term, I mean for a one-hour complete cycle. In case you end up using the internet for 30 minutes, for example, you will lose the remaining 30 minutes of browsing time. So make sure that you really need the internet for one full hour before tapping the icon in the Fido app.

Fido Data Overage Protection

Another thing to note with Fido is the Data Overage Protector. 
Now, what does this mean to the end-user? 
Say you have the monthly postpaid $60, 6GB Fido plan. For whatever reason, you end up using all the 6GB of data by the 25th of the month. 
What happens next? 
Do you want to pay overages for the data you use? The data overage charges in Canada are pretty high. We all know that. 
Here’s where data overages come into play. With Fido, once you have consumed all of your monthly data, your internet speeds are reduced but, you can still browse the web and social media if not play youtube videos. 
Usually, the data speeds are reduced from LTE to 256 kbps. It’s much better than paying stupid for stupid overages or not have the internet at all.

Koodo Mobile

Alright then, let’s talk about Koodo now.
First things first, Koodo is a discounted brand from Telus. Koodo was found in March 2008. Mobile services provided by Koodo use Telus Mobility’s HSPA+ and LTE networks.
You might already know but still, Telus is amongst the top three big telecom companies in Canada. The other two are Rogers and Bell Canada. Koodo differs from its parent Telus by not requiring a fixed-term contract.
Now, Telus too is a premium brand like Rogers and offers amazing discounts on its own. But, it can’t match it’s own discounted brand Koodo.

Why Koodo And Why Not Telus?

Like Fido, Koodo too is an MVNO. We have already discussed what MVNO is. So no difference here as well. 
Koodo pretty much shares the network with Telus towers and Telus is often considered as the best mobile network in Canada for its wide coast to coast network coverage. 
Comparing the big three telecom companies, Telus is often regarded as the best in terms of network quality, cell phone reception along with Bell. Rogers usually comes third in terms of network coverage.

Koodo Monthly Plans

Koodo and Fido usually go neck to neck in terms of monthly price plans.
Even if one of them launches a cheaper price plan for better data or unlimited nationwide minutes, the other immediately jumps into a price match. So there’s not a lot of difference here. 
But the interesting thing to note here that, Even though you end up going for either of the two Fido or Koodo you’ll end saving $100’s of dollars at the end of the year.

Koodo’s Shock-Free Data lets you get text messages when you’re getting close to your data limit. Koodo’ll also pause your data if you hit the cap so you never go overage and get unexpected overage charges.

Koodo Refer-a-friend 
Do you have friends or family you want to recommend to Koodo?
After all, Koodo operates on one of the best Canadian Networks, Telus, right? 
What if I’ll also tell you that you can be rewarded for referring your friends and family to Koodo. 
Yes, that’s right. Koodo offers a refer friends and family referral program, you (the referrer) and the person you referred to both will receive $5 off your monthly bill for 5 months. That’s $25 saved. Again, this is for every single friend you refer to Koodo. 
Now, how do you refer friends and family to Koodo? 
It’s actually quite simple, here’s how to do it:
  1. Click the link here.  Refer your friend. 

  2. There is no step two! Koodo will send your friend everything they need to complete the process. Once they do, you’ll both receive the credits.

Koodo Loyalty Plans

I haven’t used Koodo as much I’ve been with Fido. With that said, I still know that Koodo has some excellent features and benefits associated with it.
I am not talking about virgin mobile or chat mobile here. Virgin is from Bell and Chatr is from Rogers. 

Koodo vs. Fido Network 

If you plan to compare the network Coverage of Koodo vs. Fido across Canada, here it is: 
Koodo vs. Fido

In the above screenshot, purple is for the Koodo network coverage, whereas for Fido (Rogers here), it is represented in the “Red” colour. 

As you see, the network coverage is almost similar, except that maybe at a few spots, Koodo (Telus) is available, while in certain other spots Rogers network is available. 

To be realistic and honest, how often would you be travelling to one of these remote places even to compare? Most of us have jobs in cities and roam around in city streets or suburbs where you would not have any issues with either Fido or Koodo. 

The only exception is when you choose something like Freedom Mobile, their network is pathetic and horrible. That’s where you want to be sure before getting the connectivity or making the switch over. 

Final Words

Fido and Koodo are two of the best cellular networks, subsidiaries of the bigger brands Rogers and Telus.
With that said, you are free to pick one of the two, as both pretty much offers the same unlimited talk time Canada wide and match the mobile data offered. If you’re not interested in the unlimited plan, they offer the 500-minute plan too. 
I would personally go with Fido any day. It’s fast, reliable, amazing customer care call center support and you end up getting the extra 5 hours of internet surfing every month with the Fido pulse plans.
Please share the article if you did like the content and also comment and let me know your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

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Value For Money







  • Fido and Koodo both are value for money and have excellent network coverage
  • Fido Is from Rogers and Koodo is from Telus
  • Excellent benefits over long term in terms of savings


  • Not the best premium brands as in Rogers and Telus
  • Rogers and Telus customer service is better than its subsidiary brands