Should You Get The Hudson’s Bay Credit Card?

Are you ready to elevate your shopping experience and unlock a world of exclusive benefits and rewards? If you’re a savvy shopper or a devoted fan of Hudson’s Bay, Canada’s iconic department store, the Hudson’s Bay Credit Card might just be your ticket to an enhanced retail journey. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the world of this credit card, uncovering all the perks, bonuses, and exclusive offers it brings to the table.

Join us as we explore how the Hudson’s Bay Credit Card can transform your shopping escapades into something truly extraordinary. From earning rewards points on every purchase to gaining access to special savings events and personalized offers, this card has a lot to offer.

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, home decor aficionado, or simply someone who appreciates quality products, this review will provide you with invaluable insights into the power of the Hudson’s Bay Credit Card. Get ready to embark on a shopping adventure like no other, where style meets savings and convenience is key. Let’s dive into the world of retail excellence with Hudson’s Bay!

What Is the Hudson’s Bay Credit Card All About?

Hudson’s Bay is one of the largest and premier department stores in Canada.

It is a chain of over 90 departmental stores operating within the Netherlands and in Canada. It’s been around for a very long time, the origin can be traced back to 1881.

The store offers a wide variety of services and products to its customers. From apparel to home products to beauty products, everything can be found here and the products are premium. 

If you are interested in applying for the Hudson’s Bay credit card, you can apply for one at the Hudson’s Bay or Home Outfitters store.

When you use your Hudson’s Bay Mastercard outside of Hudson’s Bay and thebay.com, you get 2 points for almost every $1 you spend and a 25% bonus twice a year on those points.

The 25% bonus will appear on your credit statement in January and July and is calculated based on the total points you’ve earned for the previous six months.

Capital One Bank is offering the credit card, which is a trademark of Capital One Financial Corporation.

Hudson's Bay Reward Card

More Spend. More Points 

As with every other shopping deal out there, Bay is no different. The more you spend, the more points you make. 

There are three tiers to the Hudson’s Bay Rewards program. The more you spend at Hudson’s Bay Company stores, the higher the tier you’ll reach, and the more Rewards points you’ll earn.

1. Hudson’s Bay Rewards

2. Hudson’s Bay Rewards Plus

3. Hudson’s Bay Rewards VIP

Hudson's Bay Tier System

Top 10 Benefits Of The Hudson’s Bay Credit Card 

Here’s the complete breakdown of the Top 10 Amazing Benefits Offered By The Hudson’s Bay Credit Card: 

1. No Annual Fee 

With the Hudson’s Bay credit card, you’ll be paying an annual interest rate of 29.9 percent.

Now, that’s quite high for a credit card. 

However, there are no yearly charges for the card. This makes it very appealing since the majority of the credit cards have a hefty annual fee.

2. Interest-Free Grace Period 

As a Hudson’s Bay Credit Cardholder, you are offered a grace period of 21 days, which is interest-free on new purchases when you get your card, provided you pay off the full balance before the due date.

However, there is no grace period offered on any transfer of balances or on advance payments of cash.

3. Reward’s Red Card 

Though the standard Hudson’s bay rewards card offers many of the perks and benefits, by applying for the Hudson’s Bay credit card you’ll get a lot more benefits, points and rewards.

All you have to do is use your rewards red card along with the credit card every time you purchase at the store to maximize benefits. 

4. Maximum Points Per dollar at the Bay Stores 

You can earn the maximum points by shopping at one of the three stores – Hudson’s Bay stores, thebay.com, or Home Outfitters

5. Two Reward Points Per Dollar Spent

By using the Hudson’s Bay credit card with your reward card, you’ll be doubling up your reward points. This means that for every one dollar spent, instead of getting two points, you’ll now be getting four points. 

6. Convert Reward Points To Cash

With the Hudson’s Bay credit card, you have the option to convert your points to cash anytime.

So now, you can redeem your reward points in the form of gift cards, which you can then use at theBay.com, Home Outfitters, and Hudson’s Bay stores. 

7. Access to Exclusive Events 

With the Hudson’s Bay credit card, you can get access to exclusive events all year round.

The store offers over twenty such saving events every year.

The benefit is that you can enjoy extra savings at these events with just your credit card. If you are a Hudson’s Bay card member and a holder of the credit card you would be notified of these events beforehand. 

8. 90 Day Return Policy

Every time you use your Hudson’s Bay credit card at any of the Hudson’s Bay Company stores, you will get immediate access to return the product within 90 days.

Along with this, you can even get free shipping on certain items at theBay.com. However, to avail of this offer, you’ll have to comply with the minimum purchase on the website.

9. Interest-Free Credit Card Payments

If you are offered the special payment plan when applying for a Hudson’s Bay credit card, you can get access to very lenient payment programs.

You can get the option to pay through 24 months and make smaller payments every month.

You can also get the advantage of making interest-free payment on some of the items offered. 

10. Credit Card and Mastercard Choices With Slight Differences

With Hudson’s Bay, you have the option to choose between a credit card or a MasterCard. The benefits of the MasterCard is slightly better as you can use it anywhere other than the Bay Store. 

The Mastercard is offered by Capital One and you’ll earn points not only at the store but otherwise as well. 

Whereas with the Hudson’s Bay Credit Card, you can only use it at the store or online to earn your reward points. 

However, it’s always good to know that none of the cards have an annual fee associated, so it’s free to try and use. 

Features & Benefits Of The Hudson’s Bay Credit Card

Below are the top four features and benefits of the Hudson’s Bay Credit Card in 2020:

1. The Credit Card Can Only Be Used At Hudson’s Bay

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when applying for a Hudson’s Bay Credit Card is that you can use it only at the Hudson’s Bay stores, thebay.com, or Home Outfitters.

Also, you cannot use this card in any other place or store. This limits the use and benefits of the card, as you would be applying for a credit card only to be used at a single chain of stores.

Therefore, you need to understand this limitation, before you go out and get one.

2. High-Interest Rates

Store credit cards, like the one being offered by Hudson’s Bay, can have very high-interest rates.

As already discussed, this credit card has an annual interest rate of 29.9%.

This is more than twice the interest rate of credit cards being offered by banks in Canada.

However, with the benefits of this credit card; it also has some drawbacks which are worth mentioning.

3. Can Only Be Used for Hudson’s Bay Shopping

The Capital One credit card that Hudson’s Bay is offering to its customers can only be used for shopping purposes at its chain of stores.

You may not use the card at other stores, also you cannot use it for any other purposes at all.

The credit card cannot be used for insurance purposes of any sort too. This limits the use and purpose of the card.

4. Affect’s Your Credit Rating

If you exceed your credit limit on this card, it will affect your overall credit score. Since this information would be shared with other banks as well, it can hurt your total credit score.

You will easily blow your credit limit on these shopping credit cards as the threshold limit is very low.

Therefore, you may not even shop a lot, but easily exceed your limit on the card.

How Can I Earn More Points At Hudson’s Bay and thebay.com?

You can double your points when you use your Hudson’s Bay Mastercard or Credit Card with your Rewards Card at Hudson’s Bay and thebay.com.

That means you can earn up to 4 points per $1 with the Rewards VIP tier.

Click here to learn more about the Rewards tiers.

How Do I Redeem The Credit Card Points?

You can redeem your Hudson’s Bay Rewards points for Hudson’s Bay Gift Cards in stores or for online purchases.

Reward points can be redeemed in stores starting at 2,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points for a $10 Hudson’s Bay Gift Card, or online starting at 5,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points for a $25 Hudson’s Bay Gift Card.

What Counts As A Valid Purchase Visit?

Here are some examples of how a Hudson’s Bay purchase visit is defined:

  • Multiple purchases made in the same store on the same date count as 1 purchase visit.

  • Purchases made in 2 different stores on the same date count as 2 purchase visits.

  • Purchases made in the same store on 2 different dates count as 2 purchase visits.

  • A purchase made in a store and a purchase made online on the same date count as 2 purchase visits.

Hudson's Bay Credit Card Comparison

How Do I Qualify For The Different Rewards Tiers At Hudson’s Bay?

At Hudson’s Bay, to be promoted to a higher tier, you must:

  • Make at least 2 purchase visits to Hudson’s Bay or thebay.com in a calendar year (January 1 to December 31).

  • Use your Hudson’s Bay Rewards Card when making your purchase.

  • Meet each tier’s annual net purchase total (purchases before taxes and net of any returns at Hudson’s Bay and thebay.com). Rewards Plus: $400-$1,199.99; Rewards VIP: $1,200 or more.

What Is The Difference Between The Hudson’s Bay Mastercard and Credit Card?

First of all, Hudson’s Bay Mastercard can be used everywhere Mastercard is accepted – and you can earn 2 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points for almost every dollar spent outside of Hudson’s Bay Company stores.

Plus, with the Mastercard, you’ll get a 25% bonus twice a year on all points earned outside of Hudson’s Bay and thebay.com.

Your reward bonus is awarded in January and July based on the points you’ve earned in the previous six months and will appear on your credit statement.

The only difference is that the credit card is only accepted at Hudson’s Bay and thebay.com.

You can earn double the points at Hudson’s Bay and thebay.com with either credit card. Simply present your Hudson’s Bay Rewards Card at the time of your Hudson’s Bay Credit purchase.

What Is The Annual Fee For The Hudson’s Bay Card?

There’s no annual fee for the Hudson’s Bay Mastercard, the Credit Card or the Hudson’s Bay Rewards program.


Though there are many benefits of owning a Hudson’s Bay credit card there are certain drawbacks as well. It’s up to you to decide whether you should get this credit card or not. 

If you are someone who shops a lot at Hudson’s Bay or thebay.com, then this card might be the right one for you.

However, if you are the type of person who only does basic shopping, then you need to see if the rewards system and benefits are of any use to you at all.

Overall my review is very positive, this credit card is one of the best store credit cards offered in the market, offering customers many benefits.

If you like the content of this article and find it helpful, please share it on social media and help spread the word. Also, let me know your thoughts and comments in the comment box below. That’s all for now. Stay healthy and safe. 

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