Indigo Plum And Plum PLUS Rewards Review

In case you are wondering what Indigo Plum and Plum Plus rewards are, do not fret, for we will break them down to the level you will understand.

Plum and Plum Plus is a rewards program offered by Indigo Books and Music Inc. to engage its customers and make shopping fun, more rewarding and lively.

It is for book enthusiasts and lovers of good and healthier products such as wellness and baby products, home decors, fashion accessories, etc.

Also, it is a great opportunity to earn some rewards. That way, there is some benefit to enjoying your passion.

About Indigo Books & Music Inc.

Indigo Books & Music Inc, or simply Indigo, is not just a Canadian bookstore company. It is the biggest book and music store chain in Canada. 

The company headquarter is situated in Toronto, Ontario and operates under Indigospirit and The Book Company, Coles and Chapters.

They specialize in in-store and online retailing of books, magazines, music and videos. However, you won’t find music as part of their primary retail products.

Nevertheless, their product line includes toys, home decors, stationery, fashion, electronics and gifts for kids and adults.

Indigo Plum Plus

How to benefit from Indigo Plum

To enjoy the benefits that Indigo Books & Music Inc provides for its members. You can pick one of the two options available to you. You have to join by becoming a Plum member or a Plum Plus member. They both run alongside each other.

However, these two tiers were created to accommodate everyone. Therefore, you have to know which one is right for you. There is always space for an upgrade or downgrade.

What is Indigo Plum Rewards

Indigo Plum Rewards is a free membership program. So, you are not required to pay any fee. There are benefits to enjoy as well, but they are limited with no extra savings for you.

Benefits of Plum membership

  • You get free shipping when you purchase products worth over $35.

  • You earn 5 points on almost every dollar spent online at or in-store.

  • You are entitled to get early access to promotions and events.

  • You will receive a bonus offer of 1000 Plum points on your next purchase as a member.

  • Also, you will likely have access to free Wi-Fi at Indigo locations.

How to become a Plum member

When you join Plum membership, you instantly get a reward of 250 points. You even have to enjoy bonus rewards on your birthday. Similarly, you can register online or in-store.

To join; 

  • Log onto their website.

  • Click on Plum Plus and Plum at the top right of the website.

  • Scroll down to see Join free.

  • Enter your email address.

  • Set up a strong password and continue.

  • You can add a username since it is optional.

  • Enter the basic information, such as name and date of birth.

  • Your Plum membership is created with a unique ID.

How to upgrade from Plum to Plum Plus?

Suppose you would like to enjoy free shipping, VIP access to exclusive events and promotions. Also, should you want to save more while you shop and other unlimited benefits? Then, it would be best if you get an upgrade.

Upgrading from Plum to Plum Plus is easier than you might initially think. All you simply need to do is to;

  • Accept the Plum Plus term and conditions of the membership

  • Order for a non-refundable yearly fee of $39.

  • Pay by clicking on “proceed to checkout”.

If you have redeemed enough bonuses or have promo codes, you can enter them in the field available at checkout. Alternatively, pay with PayPal.

Also, you do not have to worry about the points you earn on Plum when upgrading. They will automatically be carried over.

Indigo Plum Plus

What Is Plum Plus Rewards

Unlike Plum rewards, Plum Plus Rewards is a loyalty program that includes a fee-based plan. It is a plan that offers a more flexible and better membership tier for customers.

More importantly, this plan entitles you to enjoy unlimited benefits and save an extra 10% on almost everything.

Benefits of Plum Plus membership

With a Plum Plus plan, you are eligible for the below benefits once you make a one-time payment of $39 per year.

  • Save 10% extra on eligible purchases made online or in-store.

  • Get free shipping on products. No minimum purchase required.

  • Earn 5 points on almost every dollar spent.

  • Get easy access to VIP exclusive events and promotions.

  • Receive bonus points of 8500 on your next purchase.

  • Free access to Wi-Fi if you are at any Indigo location.

How to become a Plum Plus member

You can become a Plum Plus member by asking one of the store’s employees to sign you up. Or, you can simply do so using the online platform via the app.

  • Log onto their website.

  • Click on Plum Plus and Plum at the top right of the website.

  • Click on join Plum Plus but make sure you accept the terms and conditions

  • Enter your email address.

  • Set up a strong password and continue.

  • Enter the basic information provided.

  • Your Plum membership will be created with a unique ID.

  • Proceed to checkout and pay a yearly fee of $39.

However, if you are already a Plum member, you can simply upgrade to Plum Plus, as previously mentioned.

How to renew my Plum Plus plan

You can renew this plan in two ways; online and in-store purchase.

For online renewals, 

To make sure your membership stays active, you should renew it before the expiry date. It will not shorten the expiry date, so do not worry about that.

For in-store renewals;

  • You can simply visit any of the store locations for renewals.

  • To make it easier, use a store locator.

Can I downgrade to Plum from Plum Plus

Yes, you can. If there is a reason for a downgrade, you can easily do so. However, you have to wait till your subscription expires since the payment is non-refundable.

When you do not renew at the end of the yearly term, you will be downgraded automatically to the free Plum tier. Thankfully, it comes with no loss of your previous Plum Plus points.

How to earn points on Plum and Plum Plus Rewards

Now that you already a member, the next thing on your mind will likely be how to start earning points. If that is the case, then know you can earn points in two ways with Plum.

You make points when you purchase in any Indigo, Coles or Chapters retail stores. Likewise, you can earn through the online store using the Indigo app.

If you are making purchases online, there is a great need to enter your unique ID. If not, you may not be able to collect the allocated points.

More so, not all products are eligible for bonuses. Some of them are eBooks, electronics and related accessories.

How to check your Plum or Plum Plus points and redeem them

To collect your points through the Indigo mobile app (online)

For in-store

If you have the designated stores near you, you may want to make your purchases from there rather than online.

  • In this case, you will be issued a Plum or Plum Plus card if you indicate an interest to join any of the memberships. 

  • Scan your cards at the store any time you make a purchase to earn points.

  • You get your points when your order is shipped.

In in-store purchases, you are likely to encounter fewer bonus points promotions.

How to know about bonus points offers

Irrespective of which membership it is, there are three ways to know about any available offers regarding bonus points.

  • Email: If you have a valid email address, you will receive current information on bonuses and rewards. 

  • Indigo mobile app: The app provides quicker and easier access to bonuses and offers available. 

  • Rewards centre: Log into your Reward Centre Account to view your bonuses or make transfers.

How to keep track of your points

To track your points, you will have to;

  • Shop in stores with your membership card to get a receipt.

  • Indigo mobile app

  • Rewards centre

Are Plum and Plum Plus Points Transferable?

Yes. It is. You can transfer your Plum points to another Plum reward member using a Rewards Centre Account. It is an easily accessible feature you can use for point transfers. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Indigo Plum and Plum Plus rewards are great ways to shop. Also, there is the benefit of doing what you like and earning some bonus points.

Plum Plus may be an added value for frequent shoppers as you are likely to gain more rewards than you may have spent.

However, one of its limitations is that only Canadian residents not less than 16years of age with a valid email address are eligible for this offer.

Thanks for reading, please let me know your thoughts and comments below. 

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