Top 10 Free Apps That Pay You To Walk In Canada And US

In this article, let’s take a look at the top 10 free apps that’ll actually pay you to walk. 

Do you enjoy walking or are you obsessed with it? Be it for fitness or take a good walk around the neighbourhood to buy groceries and stuff or just walking around with your pet dog? We all love walking right? For different purposes. Now, what If I tell you, you can earn money to walk? Doesn’t that sound great! In this article, I will be reviewing the top 10 apps on iOS and Android that’ll actually pay you to walk.

The Canadian society (and all around the world too) continues to grow more accepting of the need to embrace a life of fitness and overall health. People can be regularly seen going for morning runs or hitting the gym every other day. And for everybody, the changes that their body undergoes with constant exercise is the only reward necessary.

But what if you could actually get paid for it? What if there were apps that you could use that pay you to walk? Nothing like financial motivation to get people moving!

These kinds of apps have been popping up for a few years and continue to diversify in the way they reward people for achieving their fitness goals. But most of them will pay you for doing something as simple as walking.

Now, bear in mind, these apps won’t make you rich, that’s not their aim. Think of them more like a cashback system that drops some change into your pocket for taking care of your body.

Sounds good to you? Okay, so here are ten apps that are in our view, the best for getting paid to walk in Canada and the US.

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1. Achievement

First on this list of 10 best apps to walk is “Achievement”

Walking is just one of the things this app rewards you for doing. They also recognize other exercises like hiking, biking, swimming, participating in a sport etc.

Once you download the app, then log in to your fitness-related activities like your sleep schedule, food intake, weight change (whether gains or losses), etc.

You will receive 6 points daily for logging in and up to 80 points daily for logging in your exercise.

Every 10,000 points are equivalent to $10, which means it will take you at least a third of one year to hit that $10 mark. That puts your maximum earnings at $30 for a full calendar year. Even cooler is the fact that you can either cash out this money or decide to pass it on to any of the charities listed in the app.

Moreover, If you’re not satisfied with the $30 annual threshold, you can also earn a little extra by participating in health and fitness-related surveys available on the app.

2. Stepbet

Next on this list of 10 best apps to walk is “Stepbet”

Stepbet is one of the most ingenious apps when it comes to fitness motivation. In fact, Stepbet is a dare of sorts. If you believe you can hit your fitness goals, Stepbet presents you with the opportunity to put some money on it.

When you join Stepbet, you will determine and set your fitness goals with the help of the app. You will then bet some money — typically around $40 — on achieving those goals every week before the end of the six-week game period or forfeit your bet. Should you hit your goals though, you win back your bet and then some.

Stepbet can also sync to other fitness trackers if you use any. The only thing that motivates people to action more than making money is losing it, and Stepbet has leveraged on that knowledge to help you maintain a fitness lifestyle your body will thank you for.

3. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is the next app on this list of the top 10 best apps that pay to walk.

The developers behind Sweatcoin are crazy about two things: fitness and digital currency. The app offers free and paid membership options. As a free member, you can earn rewards for hitting up to 5,000 steps daily. That number goes up to 10,000 steps for premium members.

Moreover, Sweatcoin rewards its users with their own cryptocurrency known as “Sweatcoin.”

Basically, you earn 1 Sweatcoin for every 1000 steps.

You can redeem your Sweatcoins as cash, gift cards or other reward options. Like cash, you can get a one-time payment of $1000 for your first 20,000 Sweatcoins. That’s a mind-boggling 20 million steps but at least you’ll be really fit by the time you hit that goal. To use the Sweatcoin app, just remember to have your phone’s GPS turned on and to do all your walking outdoors.

4. Higi

The fourth app on this list of 10 best apps to walk is “Higi”.

While Higi does reward you for walking or for other exercises, they do not do so in cash; they instead give you discounts on some eligible purchases. Higi has numerous health tracking stations located in pharmacies across Canada and the US. They will conduct health and fitness tests to measure parameters like body fat, blood pressure, pulse, body weight, etc.

You earn points for exercising and for every time you visit any of their tracking stations.

The Higi app connects to a plethora of fitness tracking apps on your phone to measure your progress and to reward you for it. If you like challenges, Higi also creates challenges on the app that you can take on and complete within a given time frame.

Also, while your Higi points can be used to earn discounts on purchasing eligible gear, you can also decide to donate the points to charity.

5. Charity Miles

The next app on this list of 10 best apps to walk “Charity Miles”

Okay, so this one isn’t really about making money because you will not be earning any cash from using this app — not for yourself at least. Charity Miles will afford you the opportunity to raise some money to help out a charity, and all you have to do for it is a walk. So while you rack up the miles to maintain your fitness, a charity somewhere else is receiving donations because of your efforts. Sounds cool, right?

Your own personal Walk-A-Thon and all you need to do is turn on your phone’s GPS and it is motion sensors to track your daily walk progress. You can decide to run and cycle too. Workouts on a treadmill also count. Just remember to physically open the app to log your progress because unlike most other apps, Charity Miles does not function in the background.

6. MapMyFitness

“MapMyFitness” is the next paid-to-walk app on this list.

MapMyFitness app doesn’t really pay you to walk either. In fact, this tech and fitness brand has several app choices you can choose from, depending on your particular exercise. So you can opt for MapMyWalk or MapMyRun and receive your rewards for walking and running respectively.

These apps also have challenges that you can participate in and win some awesome prizes.

MapMyFitness’s rewards are not cash but frequently come in the form of fitness-related items, mostly from the athletic brand Under Armour. It can connect with other fitness tracking apps or simply use your phone sensors and GPS. The choice is yours.

7. Walgreens Balance Rewards

The next app on this list of getting paid apps to walk is “Walgreens Balance Rewards”

Walgreens Balance Rewards works more like a cash-back system than the rest on this list. Walgreens created this app to reward its customers for walking. The points you earn for using the app can be used to get “Redemption Dollars” which can only be spent at a Walgreens shop.

Simply head over to the Walgreens website and sign up for a Balance Reward account and you will be able to sign in to the app. Every mile you walk is worth 20 Balance Reward Points. You won’t be able to make higher than 1000 Rewards Points per month.

8. Runtopia

“Runtopia” is the next app on this list of the top 10 apps that’ll pay to walk.

The Runtopia app performs like most other apps. It rewards you for running, walking, cycling and other forms of exercise. But additionally, you have an audio coach feature while you work out. Runtopia also has an extensive list of training programs that you can use during warm-up, stretching and weight loss exercises.

Although there is a paid membership, most of Runtopia’s features are free.

Runtopia rewards via Sports in-app currency, Sports Coins, which can then be redeemed via PayPal payments, coupons, products, and even membership subscription. You have to make sure to redeem all your Sports Coins before they expire though: all coins expire on March 1st of every year.

9. Fit For Bucks

Ninth on this list of getting paid apps to walk is “Fit For Bucks”.

Fit For Bucks is simple in its structure. It pays you for exercising: hiking, walking, running and more. Basically, as long as you’re moving, you’re earning. It may be like most other pay-to-walk apps, but their rewards are where it gets interesting.

When you hit 30,000 steps, you’re eligible for a free 30-minute massage session. A total of 35,000 steps rewards you with a free cup of coffee. Rack up 50,000 steps and get a 16 oz. Smoothie. The rewards mentioned above are available if you are in Los Angeles. But they are working with many other cities in the country as well.

10. Rover

The last app on this list of getting paid to walk apps is “Rover”.

So we decided to add this one in for those who can’t seem to be motivated about walking for the sake of it. Rover is actually a dog walking app. You sign up for the service and look for dog walking jobs to handle.

Unlike other walking apps on this list, you can make $20 for a brief walk with a four-legged friend. And for most people, walking or running with a dog makes the experience more satisfying and fun.

Plus, there’s also the indirect advantage of getting a workout yourself so it can only be a good thing. It’s a win-win situation for the dog, your body, and your wallet.

If you want to make extra money, you can make sure you are also using as many other walking apps as possible at the same time you’re walking dogs. So you’ll be getting paid to walk while also getting paid to work dogs and it all happens at the same time.

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Final Words

Now, that was the list of the best apps that pay to walk.

As stated earlier, apps that pay you to walk in Canada or the US are not designed to make you rich. They are built to encourage and reward you for taking care of your own body and committing to your fitness goals. If you see it from that perspective, that will probably be all the motivation you need.

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