How To Redeem Your CIBC Cash Back?

Up until now, you had to wait for the CIBC December credit card statement to notice the automatic redemption of your cashback dollars earned for the year (from January to December). 

Though that was good in a way (cashback dollars earned for the entire year is more substantial than a mere $25+ towards your current balance, also too many options spoil the game), you now have the option to redeem the dollars much sooner. 

But, that’s all changed now. 

With the recent changes to CIBC’s cashback dollar redemption, you can now redeem the amount earned as long it is above the $25 mark. 

Let me further break this down for you.

If you have the CIBC cash back VISA credit cards (any cashback credit card from CIBC), you can now log in to the CIBC App and redeem the dollars any time you want to as long it is above $25 dollars. 

In this article, I’ll tell you how to redeem the cashback dollars and how easy it is to do so using your smartphone. Let’s begin. 

CIBC cash back

How To Redeem Your CIBC Cash Back Dollars? 

First of all, most of you have an iPhone or a smartphone at least. 

  1. First, Open the CIBC Banking App from your smartphone. 

  2. Next, from the home screen, tap/click on the credit card link/menu. 

  3. Inside the credit card menu, you’ll first notice the current balance followed by the cashback balance in $ amount. 

  4. Notice that, below the cashback balance, you’ll find a small red text which says “Redeem $25 or more” which is self-explanatory. Do note that if you click on the link and your balance is less than $25 then the App throws an error. That’s quite normal.

  5. Finally, provided your cashback balance is more than $25, you’ll be able to successfully apply that towards paying off your current balance. Easy peasy!

If you face any troubles in redeeming your cashback and have more than $25 in the cashback earned, please call CIBC’s help desk at 1 800 465-4653.

Final Words 

Thanks to CIBC for making it super easy and convenient to redeem the cashback dollars earned. 

With the new changes in place, we don’t have to wait until December to redeem the cashback. Also, another thing is that you can do most of these things online. 

Nowadays, waiting for the customer care executives to respond to your queries is next to impossible. So doing as much you can online is really time-saving and beneficial to one and all. 

That’s my overall intention of writing these short yet useful “how-to” articles. 

Until next time, stay safe, blessed and happy.

Thanks for reading and let me know your questions/comments below. Take care!

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