7 Best Selling Indica Strains At Dispensaries Across Canada

These days, there are so many Indica strains to choose from. While having a lot of options is great, it can be overwhelming for beginners.

But don’t worry, in this article we’re going to learn about some of the best and popular Indica strains. These strains should be great for beginners and veterans alike. And you should have no problem finding them in Canada at any top online dispensary.

Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake is one of the best-rated Indica strains today. It has 21% THC and should give you relaxed, happy, and euphoric feelings.

Ice Cream Cake is an Indica strain made by crossing Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. It has pretty strong sedating effects that will help you relaxed completely. This is why Ice Cream Cake is one of the best Indica strains to be used at night.

It has nice aromas too, like some vanilla and sugary dough here and there. Many marijuana patients also love Ice Cream Cake to relieve chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia. When you have nothing to do at night but chilling or watching movies or TV, Ice Cream Cake can be the best choice for you.


Hindu Kush

If you’re looking for a pure Indica strain, Hindu Kush should be on top of your priority list. It’s pretty much difficult to find pure strain these days, so if you can get your hands on the Hindu Kush, you better seize that chance.

The Hindu Kush is compact buds with a vibrant white shine to them. It is believed to be one of the first strains to be used for hash. Hindu Kush terpenes have a nice aroma, like a sweet and piney aroma. And the smoke is very pleasant as well.

The Hindu Kush gives you a calm and relaxing high, perfect to end your day with. This Indica strain is really one of the best and recommended for anyone who is looking for a euphoric and calming experience.

Grandaddy Purple

Grandaddy Purple is among the first names to be a powerhouse. It changed the classic weed aesthetics forever since 2003. Every budtender knows that “purp” always refers to Grandaddy Purple.

One of its iconic characteristics is the famous dep purple buds that give off grapey, earthy, and sweet terpenes. It is a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud and gives you relaxed, euphoric, and sleepy feelings.

Purple Punch

Not too far away from Grandaddy Purple, we have Purple Punch. It is a cross between Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. And from the appearance alone, it looks very similar to Granddaddy Purple.

Purple Punch is sweet and sedating and has a grape candy and blueberry muffins smell. The best thing about this strain is the two effects in one smoke. First, you’re going to feel it between the eyes, and then it goes down into your limbs.

Purple Punch is great and goes well after dinner and when you’re ready to chill and settle down at night. It also helps with relieving stress, minor body aches, and insomnia.

9 LB Hammer

LB hammer is a heavy hitter, even compared to other heavy Indica strains. It is a cross between Gooseberry and OG Kush and has dense flowers with dark green colors and white trichomes. The aroma is somewhat chummy and earthy.

Prepare to feel the full effect of 9 LB Hammer in your head. People have reported that they felt a heavy head high that slowly moved into the body. Some people even said that 9 LB Hammer turned them into starfish for a couple of hours. Although that is common with Indica strains, this particular strain is stronger than usual.

It’s recommended to smoke 9 LB Hammer at night when you have nothing to do. Because this weed will make you not want to move ever again. Make yourself comfortable, close the door, and enjoy the weed.


Another popular Indica strain that you should get is Zkittlez. It is also known as Skittles, Skittlz, and Island Skittles and a cross between Grape Ape and Grapefruit. It is very colorful with deep blue and orangish buds.

Zkittlez has a flavor of candy and a sweet and tropical aroma. It has a calming effect, and will also help you to be more focused, alert, and happy. Kind of similar to some Sativa strains. Therefore, unlike other Indica strains you know, Zkittlez can be smoked any time of the day.



G-13 probably has the craziest story compared to other strains. The rumor is that G-13 or Government Indica Strain 13, was an experiment by the US Government where the CIA and FBI collected the best and most potent Indica strains from all over the world. They then cross-bred them all together to create the best Indica strain in the world.

And there’s more, it is also said the only reason why we can buy G-13 right now is that some agent decided to cut the plant and leak it to the public. You may or not believe the story, but the fact of the matter is, G-13 is awesome.

G-13 has a very strong effect that will knock you out. It doesn’t matter how you’re planning to consume it, G-13’s oil and flower will make you hungry, relaxed, and very sleepy. In other words, you’ll be high as a kite. You might not be fully asleep, but you’ll most likely stare at your wall for a few hours.


All these Indica strains are recommended for every Canadian weed smoker. It’s best to smoke them at night when you’re trying to relax and have nothing to do but stare at the screen. These Indica strains are also iconic and will go well with relaxing and chilling, even movies and music. Some would also make you sleepy and get better sleep.

Try to go from the mild ones to the strong ones. Whichever strain you want to get, there are many choices available for you at the best online dispensaries. So why don’t you head there and get your weed right now?

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