How To Get The Canada Recovery Benefit? (CRB)

Are you looking for the Canada Recovery Benefit or CRB information? Well, here it is. 

While the Canadian economy is still unstable with millions of job losses due to the pandemic, CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) is starting to phase out after 28 weeks of consistent payments by the Government of Canada. 

CRB or the Canada Recovery Benefit is available for 26 weeks starting from September 27th, it is slightly less than the $2000 CERB offered.

With CRB, you’ll be looking at getting a maximum of $1600 per month

One key difference to note here is, while CERB was upfront payments made, with CRB it will be the other way around, you’ll only receive the benefit amount at the end of the month as arrears.

By doing so, the Government wants to weed out the fraudulent transactions that happened during CERB and process the payments per need basis, which is good. 

In this article let us take a look at everything CRB offers, eligibility and how to apply for it. Let’s begin. 

What Is The Canada Recovery Benefit? (CRB) 

First of all, CRB stands for that Canada Recovery Benefit. It is replacing CERB from the end of September. 

For those of you who are not eligible for the new EI system and other benefits in place, CRB is the answer with up to $1600 monthly payments you might be eligible for. 

CRB is replacing the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

In case you are not aware, this is the last 4 weeks of payment you’ve received for CERB. 

If you’re still financially affected due to the pandemic and depend on the Government supplement then CRB is pretty much the answer you have. 

There are a few eligibility conditions you need to meet to apply for CRB.

Let us take a look at it in the next section. 

CRB Eligibility 

You may be eligible for the Canada Response Benefit (CRB) if you meet the below conditions:

  • You are not eligible for the EI program

  • You reside in Canada while receiving the CRB amount

  • You are at least 15 years of age and have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN)

  • You have stopped working due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are available and actively looking for work; or

  • You are currently working and have had a reduction in your employment/self-employment income for reasons related to COVID-19 alone

  • You had employment and/or self-employment income of at least $5,000 in 2019 or in 2020

  • You have not quit your job voluntarily

As you can see, most of the eligibility guidelines are that of CERB. 

So, if you were eligible for CERB and continue to meet the above guidelines, you should be eligible for CRB as well. 

Please note that the CRB benefit would be effective from September 27 for one year or 26 active payments. 


How To Apply For CRB? 

Just like CERB, you can apply for CRB by logging into your CRA My Account. 

If you log in today, you’ll find no link to the CRB.

Starting September 27th, from when you can start applying for the CRB benefit amount, you should see an update in the CRA My Account page.  

At this moment, there is not much information available apart from the basic high-level guidelines. 

To Apply for CRB, starting September 27th, please follow the below steps: 

  1. Login to your CRA My Account

  2. Click on the CRB Link (Probably it will be the same as the CERB link now) 

  3. Follow through the questionnaires and you’ll need to self attest for minimum income requirements and eligibility conditions 

  4. Submit your CRB application for review and wait for the CRA response. 

Since the payments are not made upfront this time, the payments will hit your bank account at the end of the month. As this is not EI, I don’t think you’ll have to file the Internet Reporting as well. 

The reason I say so is, while the CERB is phasing out for sure with no more possible extensions in place. There are other simplified EI programs launched as well which does not apply to CRB, 

Coz, CRB is for people not eligible for EI in the first place. 


While the Government of Canada is doing its best to help Canadian families stay afloat during the pandemic, it is the responsibility of all of us to actively acknowledge and support the needy.

While CERB is phasing out this month, people still looking out for work should hopefully find one soon. 

To Summarize, CRB is starting from the 27th of September and is available to help the needy and those affected by the pandemic.

Thanks for reading and do let me know your thoughts and questions if any below. 

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