How To e-Transfer Money To Your Own Bank Accounts?

First of all, why do you want to e-Transfer to your own bank account? There a couple of reasons which I can immediately think of:

1. Let’s say you have two Canadian bank accounts – TD and CIBC

Now, CIBC is your primary bank account where you’re active, have enabled the auto-deposit option, do the daily banking activities such as purchases, bill payments, e-Transfers, auto-debits, your bi-weekly salary gets credited etc. You know what I am saying right – CIBC is the main bank you deal with on a daily basis.

2. You also hold another bank account and that’s TD for example here.

The question we are trying to answer here is – how can you auto-deposit money to your TD account if you’ve already enabled the auto-deposit to your primary bank account that is CIBC in this case? What are the options available? 

What is e-Transfer auto-deposit through the email option?

Let me explain this quickly when your family/friends or anyone who wants to send you money, it’s convenient for them to do so through the Interac e-Transfer. Let’s say you split bill the afternoon lunch with your friend. You can e-Transfer him/her the money within seconds. 

Here’s how you can e-Transfer the money:

1. Add the recipient’s email ID, phone number and authorize for recurring payments if required/one time.

2. Enter the amount you need to send and hit the send button. That’s it!

Then the recipient get’s the email, saying so and so have sent you the money, there’s really nothing much you need to do here.

The money will automatically be deposited to your bank account, provided you have enabled the auto-deposit option in the banking app.

After getting the e-Transfer email, just log in to your bank account and make sure the money is in your chequing account. That’s it. (Make sure you are using the right email id if you have multiple emails).

But, that’s not the point here, what if you want to e-Transfer the money to your own account. In our example to the TD bank.

How To e-Transfer Money To Self Accounts?

Let’s look at the options on how you can e-Transfer to yourself:

1. Add yourself in the banking app and Instead of putting the email ID, just put the phone number so that you can transfer the money manually through text and avoid the auto-deposit from happening.

2. Next, You will have to turn the auto-deposit off to be able to successfully e-Transfer yourself. (just an option)

3. You can always associate different emails between different bank accounts just to avoid any confusion.

4. Just use the phone number instead of emails for auto-deposit.


I’m pretty sure we all use e-Transfers on a regular basis. This was just a how-to article on how to transfer money and auto-deposit to different Canadian bank accounts.

Let me know your thoughts and comments below. Thanks for reading.

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