Survey Junkie Review

In a bid to make some extra money, you have probably come across one or two ads claiming to pay participants just for replying to some quick survey questions.

There are a lot of survey companies out there, some are scams and not worth your time, but there are some that do pay out cash to their users. One of these trustworthy survey sites is Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie pays you for answering their questions. The site will not exactly make you the richest man in the world, but it will put some extra much-needed cash in your bank. Who’s going to say no to some extra cash?

The site is one of the top recommended sites when it comes to taking surveys for cash, so in this review, we will explore what exactly Survey Junkie is and all the pros and cons of the survey site.

Is Survey Junkie Legit Or A Scam?

Right out the gate, I would like to put your fears to rest, Survey Junkie is legit. You will be paid for the time you take to answer surveys. The website is a legitimate way to make some money on the side.

Think of it as a side hustle. Like I said it won’t make you the richest guy on the block, but you can expect payment for your time.

Not only is the site legit, but you also don’t have to pay to sign or use the site’s services. That’s right, the only thing you’ll have to spend on the site is your time and you get money in return, how good is that?

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s dig into the more technical stuff.

How does Survey Junkie work?

Just like all other survey sites that you might have come across, Survey Junkie lets you make money in exchange for taking surveys. It is all in the name after all. Once you have set up an account (we will talk about how to do this later on.) you can start taking surveys and earning money.

Survey Junkie surveys take at most 20 minutes to complete. Each survey is worth a certain number of points, the least being 10 points and the most being 200 points. The survey points are what will then be converted into cash for you to withdraw.  

The questions on the surveys are also more focused and personalized. They aren’t just general questions about your weight or your take on politics. Rather they afford you the chance to air your opinions about brands and their products.

Not only will these answers allow you to influence product development, but they will also help the brand serve you much better. Think of it as you participating in a focus group session.

There is a certain number of surveys you have to answer and a $10 minimum requirement before you can make a withdrawal. You can withdraw either as cards or as gift cards. Some of these gift cards belong to business giants like Amazon and Starbucks.

Once you have finished answering your surveys, the point you earn will be sent to your Lifetime Points section. This can be located on the left-hand side of your screen. It might take a while for your points to be calculated and reflect, but this is where they will show up once the calculation is done.

Survey Junkie

Points To Cash

I am sure you have been wondering, how much is a point worth? Well, a point is worth a cent. Yeah, you read that right, one point will earn you one cent.

To cash out, you need at least $10. Simple calculations tell us that this means you need about 1000 points to make a withdrawal. Your withdrawal, as I earlier mentioned can be processed and paid into your PayPal account or converted into a gift card.

You should know that points accumulated can expire. This is not much of a big deal though. You only need to keep your account active and you can keep your points.

To keep your account active you only need to take a survey once every twelve months. Twelve months is pretty generous in my opinion, most other survey sites do not give as much time before your points expire. Survey Junkie gives you a year.

Another thing about points on Survey Junkie is that you can earn points for surveys you don’t even qualify for. Other survey sites will have you complete surveys and then inform you that you don’t qualify for it. Once you don’t qualify for such a survey you can’t earn points for it.

Survey Junkie ensures you earn points for any and all points that you complete on their site.  

How To Sign up with Survey Junkie?

Having said all this, it would not matter if you don’t know how to sign up with Survey Junkie. So I will explain how to sign up now.

To sign up with Survey Junkie, then you need to visit their website. You can visit the site here. On the site, you will be required to provide some basic information about yourself, including your name, date of birth, email address, address, gender, and zip code.

Once you have entered all this, you will immediately gain access to your account. Unlike most other sites that require you to verify your email address before giving access, Survey Junkie lets you in almost immediately you finish filling in your details.

 You will eventually have to verify but not immediately.

Once you are done with this, then you will be able to familiarize yourself with your dashboard. Your Lifetime Points are on the left as I earlier mentioned. This shows you how many points you have and how much these points are worth.

A “QuickStart Checklist” is also available to you once you get on your dashboard. Finishing tasks on this list will earn you some points.

For instance, confirming and verifying your email address will earn you 25 points. Learning how things work on the site will earn you five points and once you complete your profile, you are given 50 points.  

Completing your profile will require that you answer a set of questions. These questions will be a bit personal but not so much as to be called invasive. You will see questions such as what job do you have and do you have a pet in this list of questions.

Once your profile is completed, then you can start taking surveys. You are given the opportunity to pick what sort of surveys you want to answer. These surveys will range from product testing, phone surveys to online focus groups.

 As you already know, there are points attached to each survey that you answer. So you want to answer as many surveys as much as possible. This is the fastest way to rack up points after all.  

Speeding through surveys is all you have to do to earn some extra points and in turn some extra cash. Survey Junkie provides an estimate for the amount of time that each survey will take, but this is just an estimate. Telling the truth on your surveys is all you need to worry about.  

Other ways to earn money on Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie gives you other options asides from taking surveys. Here are those extra ways of making more money.

  • You can install Survey Junkie’s Pulse browser extension: this will monitor your browsing sessions and activities though. If you do not mind this, then go ahead install this browser extension. Once you have it installed, you earn points just for using the internet.

  • Survey Junkie’s referral program: Survey Junkie lets you earn points for each person you refer to their site. Once you get others to sign up, you earn points that you can eventually convert into cash.

  • You can also try opening an email dedicated to just Survey Junkie’s emails. This will help you avoid missing survey offers and keep your account organized. This is the best way to ensure that you see all Survey Junkie’s offers.  

Survey Junkie also has a mobile app. If you would like to receive surveys on the go then you can go ahead and download the app. This means you don’t have to carry a computer around all the time before you earn money.

How much money can you make on Survey Junkie?

I am pretty sure that this has been on your mind since I mentioned that you can earn cash on Survey Junkie. It’s not only about making money but a matter of how much you can earn.

I guess the real question is how much can you make and is it really worth your time?

I already mentioned that this is not the quickest way to get rich. In fact, you can’t live off the money you earn off of Survey Junkie. It’s just to put something in your pocket.

That said, Survey Junkie is totally worth your time. In about 20 minutes, you can earn more than what watching YouTube videos or Twitter posts will earn you. So rather than scrolling through on your phone and wasting time on social media pages, Survey Junkie will pay you for your time.  

Is It Worth Spending Your Time on Survey Junkie?

Well, Like I said earlier, you can anything from 10 to 200 points on a survey. This is dependent on how long the survey takes. Surveys can take anything from 3 minutes to 23 minutes.

So if you take ten surveys worth 10 points for an hour, spending about 6 minutes on each, then you would have earned a dollar in just one hour. Truth be told, you would end up finishing more than ten surveys in an hour, seeing as they take a lot less than 6 minutes to complete.

Nonetheless, a dollar each hour is not that impressive, at least until you compare it to other survey sites. Regardless of this, the money is still not quite as impressive as we would like.

Not only does the money you earn depend on how much time you spend on surveys, but it also depends on how many surveys you are invited to take as well as how many surveys you actually take.

You might get a lot of surveys when you first join up, but then as time goes on, this number begins to dwindle. So you might not get as many surveys later on.  

It is a fact that Survey Junkie might not pay your bills but nonetheless it is a good idea for you to use their services.

There are some who earn as much as $200 or more each month on Survey Junkie. This is probably because they are in an ideal target demographic, so if you are in a target demographic then you can look forward to earning just as much each month.  

How does Survey Junkie Make Money?

While it might seem too good to be true, Survey Junkie really pays. You can redeem all points that you earn on the site either as gift cards or as cash. But how does the site earn the money it pays you?

Well, Survey Junkie is paid by the companies that contract them to carry out surveys. Your opinions matter a lot to these companies, so they pay Survey Junkie to pay you for these opinions.  

Why does your opinion matter so much? Like I said earlier, it helps them with their product development and this saves them time rather than spending time and money doing a lot of market research.

So Survey Junkie helps you help these brands serve you better. In exchange for this, Survey Junkie pays you for helping them fulfill their contract with these brands.

In a roundabout way, Survey Junkie helps us all get quality products from these brands. I like to think of it as being paid a commission for helping yourself.

How To Get paid on Survey Junkie?

I already mentioned that you can process your withdrawals through PayPal or by receiving gift cards instead.

Thankfully, PayPal is easy to use either when you are sending or receiving money.

Not only is this method easy to use, but Survey Junkie will also not make you pay a fee for making a withdrawal in the form of cash payment. Other survey sites would.  

So your 1000 points will always be worth $10 regardless of if it is in gift card form or in cash form.

There are things you should know though.

So if you are transferring $25 then you would lose about 75 cents. If you want to avoid losing any amount of money at all, then you can choose to spend directly from your PayPal account. This is how most people avoid this transfer fee.

  • PayPal withdrawals also empty your points account: If you choose to withdraw your funds through PayPal, there is no way to remove only a certain amount of points. It is either all or nothing. So if you are looking to withdraw only a particular amount of points, it is best that you go with the gift card option.

This normally is not a huge deal, but there have been cases of customer confusion in the past. So for clarity, there is no way to divide your points when making cash withdrawals.  

Survey Junkie

Pros and Cons of Survey Junkie

This is all good and dandy, but a review would not be a review without a pros and cons list, so how about I go ahead and make one for us

Pros of Survey Junkie 

There are many positives to Survey Junkie. They are all part of what makes it better than a lot of other survey sites. These positives include:

  • It is free to sign up and use the sites

  • You get bonus points the moment you sign up just for completing a few simple tasks.

  • There is more than one way to redeem your points and withdraw cash. (Gift cards or cash payments.)

  • You earn points for surveys you would normally not qualify for. That means you do not waste any time on the site, all your time is paid for.

  • There is a long expiration limit on points (12 months/ 1 year). This is not a common feature of survey sites.

  • You are able to influence product designs thanks to your answers. This means you help a lot of people access better products and services, just by answering a few questions online.

  • Your answers are anonymous and your identity is protected.

  • Survey Junkie has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This means that they are a trustworthy site.

Now that we know enough about the good sides of the site, let us talk about some things that they need to work on and improve on.

Cons of Survey Junkie

  • There are too few surveys available to users.

  • The payout is relatively low. You cannot make impressive amounts on the site in a short while.

  • There are no other ways to make money asides from taking surveys. Other sites let you earn for watching videos or taking part in product testing. Survey Junkie sticks only to surveys.

  • The reach is generally too small. Only residents of the United States, Canada, and Australia can use Survey Junkie.

All these said it would seem that the benefits outnumber the disadvantages. So it might not be a bad idea to try them out as long as you are meet the residential requirements.

What Are The Alternatives To Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is well-rated especially among those who talk about making passive incomes. The site is simple and easy to use and the process is straightforward. It is this that makes it a favorite for many people.

There are alternatives to Survey Junkie though. These alternatives give almost the same amount in payout but also require that you spend more time on them to earn. That you use Survey Junkie does not stop you in any way from using these alternatives.  

Other contending survey sites include

  • MyPoints: This site has been around for quite some time. I am talking about over 20 years in operation. Not only do you gather points from surveys, but you also have the chance to earn from watching videos or taking polls, options that are not available on Survey Junkie.

  • Swagbucks: This site gives you what both MyPoint and Survey Junkie gives you, but it goes a step further by letting you earn more by paying for visiting certain online sites and online shopping too.

  • Survey Club: This comes with the option to add clinical trials, focus groups, and product testing to your sources of income. It requires more of your attention and time, but it also lets you earn some more cash than Survey Junkie would.

  • Sample Junky: this could be considered a twin to Survey Junkie. The sites are almost the same and the only difference is that Sample Junky lets you take part in product testing.

  • Pinecone Research: Just like Sample Junky, you get to take part in product testing. There is a chance for you to keep some of the products that you test too.  

  • Vindale Research: these guys pay cash for all your opinions. They might even send you a check if you decide that PayPal payments are not your thing.

After all, these have been said, it is important that you know that each survey site comes with its own pros and cons and proper research is encouraged before you decide to use their services

Final Words

If you are looking to make some cash on the side, in the form of a side hustle or a passive income then Survey Junkie is your guy. The pay might not be as huge as we would like but the extra cash is extra cash. And this is quite easy to do.

If you need further encouragement think of all the savings you would do when you don’t have to worry about spending your money on snacks and that beer you like to have sometimes.

In my opinion, Survey Junkie is totally worth it and you should at least give it a try.

Let me know your thoughts and comments below. Thanks for reading! 

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