Stocktrades Premium Vs Stock Advisor

Becoming an investor in Canada is one thing. But, understanding the right platform to invest through is a different ball game.

In Canada, there not a lot of trading platforms. However, Stocktrades Premium is one of Canada’s fastest-growing platforms.

On the other hand, people often vote for Stock Advisor Canada as the leading investment platform. Although these two platforms look similar from afar. On closer inspection, there are numerous differences between the two platforms.

Stocktrades Premium is a first of its kind. It is the only investment platform that focuses on both Toronto Stock Exchange and Canadian Stock.

Meanwhile, Stock Advisor Canada is similar to most investing platforms. It operates in Canada and the United States.

First Impressions

Whenever you decide to use a new trading platform, its first impression will often determine your interest level.

Most users look for ease of use, stock options, types of stocks, and many more. Meanwhile, it is no surprise that the information you will often find online can vary from platform to platform.

For example, if you visit the Stocktrades premium website. You can just tell that it is different. The site has a modern outlook.

Meanwhile, that of the Stock Advisor Canada comes off as old and outdated. Nevertheless, both platforms have ample information about their services.

However, data on the Stocktrades Premium platform is easier to find. Meanwhile, it takes a bit of time and research to find similar data on Stock Advisor Canada’s platform.

The contrasting views on both platforms are understandable, considering that Premium Stock Advisor Canada older. So, the modern look on Stocktrades is due to their more recent existence.

Stock Advisor

Stocktrades Premium Vs Stock Advisor Canada Similarities

1. Beginner Advantages

Both trading platforms have the beginning advantages for their respective clients. They both offer numerous befitting investment options, especially for beginners.

Stocktrades labels their ten annual picks. They are called ‘Foundational Stocks’. Although Stock Advisor provides a similar service, they do not have a name for it. They both have the same offer.

How Stock Advisor Handles Beginner Advantages

  • Stock Advisor Canada comes under The Motley Fool. They provide two monthly recommendations— one each from Canada and the U.S. Recently, they took some steps to categorize their list. However, It can still come off as confusing to some readers.

  • When this investment platform recommends a stock, their teams hardly update the details on the stocks. As a result, potential buyers tend to have and ask too many questions in their forums. In some instances, some inquire if old information from the previous year is still valid.

  • In some cases, Stock Advisor shows a lack of consistency. Their reports tend to take a blog-like structure despite their quality. Also, the information about each company varies.

  • They tend to make picks in line with their growth. Sometimes, it depends on income pay and value. Although the information available is not entirely clear to beginners.

  • The TSX index for Stock Advisor relies on the individual’s pick’s performance.

How Stocktrades Premium Handles Beginner Advantage

  • On TSX, Stocktrades Premium picks are a bit clearer.  They charge a monthly fee for income stocks. Also, they provide two additional TSX-listed stocks monthly.

  • The firm calls their top ideas’ Bull Lists’‘. Similarly, they break them into Growth and Dividend Bull Lists. The growth bull list addition depends on prospective growth. Meanwhile, the dividend bull list addition is dependent on future income.

2. Information Updates

While both companies provide their customers with updates, they differ in execution. For example;

  • Stocktrades is consistent in their updates. They offer report updates every three months. Similarly, they try to replicate the same pattern for their quarterly reports.

  • Their Bull List stocks are easy to understand. Hence, it is excellent for beginners and experienced investors.

  • They have a laid-down structure for both their Growth list. Likewise, there is a structure for the Dividend lists. One minor problem they have is keeping tabs.  Their bull list picks require more work.

  • Stocktrades Premium keeps its investors informed every month on their activities. Some information might be challenging to find. Nevertheless, they are available after thorough research.

Meanwhile, Stock Advisor Canada also provides updates. However, their updates on companies are on an annual basis.

3. Outperformance Metrics

Both platforms have equivalent outperformance metrics on the TSX index. But, Stocktrades still comes off as a better option.

Motley Fool gives the illusion that a losing stock might have risen. They sometimes do this when the stock remains the same.

Stocktrades appeals to both experienced and beginner investors. Their quarterly reports ensure that there are no confusions. Stocks are entirely understood.

4. Q and A Forums

Having an active Q and A section for a platform is essential. It is sustainable.

Especially when various platforms provide answers to questions on time. It is an excellent way for the people in charge to build credibility. Stock Advisor Canada falls short in some of these areas. They have a considerably active Q and A forum, but their answers are not timely.

A response to a query could take a day or more.

Plus, the persons responding to the query might just be another user. In some cases, or for some questions, that is not enough. Or, you get helpful responses with overboard explanations.

On the other hand, Stocktrades provides adequate information on a timely basis. In so doing, they earn a higher rating than Motley Fool. Responses to questions on Stocktrades premium are usually from the operators of the platform.  

As a result, they are more accurate or precise.

Stock Advisor

Unique Differences between Stocktrade Premium and Stock Advisor Canada

1. Dividend safety screener

 Every week, Stocktrade premium sorts companies and their dividend.

It is on a 0-5 scale. They present the scale in a tabular form. That way, it is easily accessible on mobile and desktop. Meanwhile, Stock Advisor Canada is a lot less up-to-date.

2. Growth Stock Screener

Stocktrade provides emails regularly. They refer to their growth stock screener as the backbone of their platform.

The company ranks the stocks by their value. Also, they consider their growth and safety. Stocktrades publishes its ranking weekly.

3. 9 Model Portfolios

Stocktrades Premium currently lists nine portfolios.

They are according to risk tolerance, age group and other factors.

4. Marketing

Stocktrades ensure that you have no issue with other companies trying to upsell you once you get on their platform. They are entirely transparent.

Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor Canada is different.

The moment you sign up to Stock Advisor Canada, they promise you fantastic investment opportunities. They also offer amazing prices. However, you immediately find much better offers from other platforms. They run what looks like a ‘get rich quick’ style of marketing.

5. Tutoring

Stocktrades premium offers periodic tutorials. They send helpful emails to navigate the platform.

Stock Advisor Canada hardly makes a provision for this.

6. Price

Both the Stocktrades and Motley Fool’s prices are affordable. Their difference lies in transparency.

A few months ago, Stocktrades underwent some price change. They promised that your initial payment would be the exact amount that you would always pay. Thankfully, they kept to their word.

Stock Advisor Canada, however, provides you with a lot of 24-hour price slashes. They are available the moment you sign up. After that, their annual charge is s $299.

The actual charge is $199. They claim they only provide this as a bonus every year.

Other Stock Advisor Options

Seeking Alpha

They offer three subscription plans. The basic plan is free.

The premium plan costs $19.9. The pro plan costs $199.

These subscriptions are charged monthly. They avail you of a plethora of articles and information.

Yahoo! Finance

The premium package provides insight into companies. These insights help improve your portfolio. They provide advanced tools and optimized charts — this provides you with the best visual.

The free trial lasts for 14 days, while the monthly fee is $35 and the yearly fee is $350.

Final Words

With the information given, Stocktrades Premium clearly edges Stock Advisor Canada. Although they have a higher charge of $50. Their platform is easy to understand. They make beginner investments easier than Motley Fool.

Motley Fool may come off as cheaper. There are extra payments made for IPO research. Other dividend picks and model portfolio payments also follow. Their overall charge is higher than that of stocktrades.

Thanks for reading, please let me know your thoughts and comments below. 

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