Senior Discounts In Canada

With the prices of drugs and other medical bills, many travel companies, pharmacies, restaurants, and retailers have discount offers for senior citizens of a certain age.

Senior citizens are often paid lower incomes and have high medical bills to pay. Therefore, as a means of supporting them save on their retirements. Many of these stores try to lighten their burden.

Senior discounts are hardly ever advertised.  Therefore, before making payments, ask if they are available.

Eligibility For Senior Discounts

No legislation compels stores to provide these discounts for senior citizens. Therefore, different stores have different ages that meet their discount criteria.

While a majority of the stores who offer this discount start their discounts from aged 62 and above. Some companies begin relatively lower, from age 55. There are also a select few who begin their values from 65 years and above.

Ask questions while shopping to avoid making mistakes due to how unstable these offers are.

Senior Discounts

How to Get The Senior Discounts?

1. Always Ask

Senior discounts are not in stone. In other words, they are not in our faces with adverts and not all stores offer them.

Therefore, always ask in stores whether they have these discounts and what the discounts entail.

2. Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP)

CARP members pay an annual fee of $19.95.

In addition, CARP gives individuals from ages 50 and above access to discounts. These are discounts at restaurants, hotels, financial institutions, retail stores as well as other services.

3. Be prepared

Government-issued IDs are demanded. This identification could be a driver’s license, Old Age Status(OAS) card, passport, or health card.

Also, it could also be any other nationally recognized means of identification.

What Are The Available Senior Discounts?

Age and service determine these discounts. However, Canada has numerous services with these discounts.

These lists are provided based on age, industry, and company to make searching easier and to determine your eligibility, 

Also, note that most of these companies had senior citizen hours in the event of a lockdown like that of 2020. Older people have permission to receive services during these times of the day.

Transportation Discounts for Senior Citizens 50 years and above

1. Hertz

Rental rates are made available at a 20% discount for ages 50 and above. However, only by applying for the Hertz 50 program is the service available for you. Other benefits are also available.

2. Budget

Seniors are given a 25% discount by using code A668600. However, only CARP members can enjoy these discounts. Although, some exclusions apply.

Transportation Discounts for Senior Citizens 60 years and above

1. British Columbia Transportation System

Citizens who are 60 years and above receive discounts on bus passes.

2. Via Rail

Via Rail offers a 10% discount for senior citizens of 60 years and above. Some limitations also apply.

3. Amtrak

Like Via Rail, senior citizens also get a 10% discount. This discount is only off cross-border services. Some limitations also apply.

Transportation Discounts for Senior Citizens 62 Years and Above


An ID card is necessary to access this discount. They offer a 20% discount on unrestricted fares for seniors of 62 years and above. Seniors in wheelchairs are also provided coaches for ease.

Transportation Discounts for Senior Citizens 65 Years and Above

1. Go Transit

With valid proof of age, seniors of 65 years and older also receive a 50% discount.

However, this discount is usually on single-ride adult fares.

2. Halifax Transit

Halifax also offers numerous discounts. Once a week, every 10 AM to 3:30 PM and 6 PM onwards you get a free ride.

Seniors of 65 and above are eligible every day to get fare discounts. However, they require a valid ID.

3. Toronto Transit Commission

TTC offers a discount on all rail fares for seniors of 65 and above. Although it depends on their ability to make payments with cash.

Similarly, they make payments with a PRESTO card. Also, they can make payments with any other TTC monthly pass. Nevertheless, they do need an ID for validation.

4. Calgary Transit

Seniors of 65 and above have a Regular Senior Yearly Pass or the Low Income Seniors Yearly Pass. However, to access this pass a valid ID is required.

5. John’s Metrobus

Citizens of 65 and older are also offered discounts on the 10-ride pass and 30-day pass. A valid ID is required.

6. Winnipeg Transit

Seniors 65 and above, with a valid ID card, get a discount.

7. Ottawa Transit

Every Sunday and Wednesday, 65 years and above seniors get free rides on the O-Train and the OC Transpo buses. They also get other discounts on fares of their residents of Ontario and them to sign up for a PRESTO card.

8. BC Ferries

Mondays to Thursdays, BC Ferries offers its residents of 65 and older free travel fares on selected travel routes.

However, on selected holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, this 100% discount does not apply.

Senior Discounts

Unspecified Discounts

1. CheapOAir

With valid proof of age, CheapOAir Canada also offers discounts to senior citizens on selected flight tickets.

2. Avis

CARP members receive 25% off car rental rates. However, there are some exclusions.

3. Remorquage Edmundston Towing

With a valid ID, Remorquage Edmundston Towing also offers senior citizens 15% service discounts.

4. Air Canada

Air Canada offers a 10% discount to senior citizens. Although this excludes taxes and surcharges.

5. Food and Restaurant Discount

55 years and above

6. Denny’s

Seniors of 55 and above get a 15% discount on orders given between 2 PM and 10 PM. With a valid ID, they also get to enjoy other benefits.

7. KFC
At selected outlets in Canada, seniors of 55 years and above get access to discounts, also with a valid ID card.

8. Applebee’s

There are various discounts available to seniors at Applebee’s. Although, these discounts are hardly available so it’s best to ask about these discounts before placing an order.

9. Humpty’s Restaurant

By becoming a member of the Emerald 55 Club at Humpty’s, seniors gain access to a 10% discount at all their outlets. Every Tuesday, club members also get a whopping 20% discount on all their purchases.

Senior Discounts For 60 years and above

1. Nature’s Fare

Seniors of 60 years and above receive a 5% discount every Wednesday and Thursday. They also get a 10% discount on bulk purchases.

2. M&M Food Market

The seniors of 60 years and above receive a 10% discount on their full-price orders. This offer lasted until June 30, 2020.

Senior Discounts For 65 years and Above

1. Mandarin Restaurant

With a valid ID, senior citizens receive a 20% discount at the restaurant.

2. Bulk Barn

Once a week, customers of 65 and above receive a 10% discount.

Unspecified Age

1. McDonald’s

Although the discount offered is not verified. McDonald’s offers a discount to senior citizens who have a valid ID. Although, it’s best to inquire at the nearest McDonald’s outlet.

2. Murchie’s Tea & Coffee

Located in British Colombia, this coffee shop offers a 15% discount to senior citizens once a month.

3. Arby’s

With a valid ID card, seniors get a 10% discount on all purchases.

4. Bruno’s Fine Foods

Although details are unspecified, on special days, seniors get discounts.

5. Burger King

Seniors get free coffee at many Burger King locations.

Senior Discounts For Retail 

55 years and above

1. Lawtons Drugs

Once a month, seniors of 55 years and above get a 20% discount on Drug purchases. Not all outlets have this offer.

60 years and above

1. Salvation Army Thrift Stores:

With a valid ID, senior citizens of 60 and above receive a 10% discount on their purchases

2. Goodwill Alberta

Once a week, citizens of 60 years and above receive a 15% discount at Goodwill in Alberta.

3. Pet Valu:

Every last Thursday of the month, citizens of 60 years and above receive a 10% discount. Pet Valu Your Reward program sign-up makes them eligible.

4. Giant Tiger:

Seniors of 60 years and above receive a seniors discount. However, location determines the discount available.

65 years and above

1. Goodwill Amity:

Every week, citizens of 65 and above will receive a 10% discount on all purchases. Also accessible with a valid ID.

2. Shoppers Drug Mart:

Seniors of 65 and above receive a 20% discount, on selected Thursdays.

Unspecified Age

1. Value Village:

Once a week, seniors receive a 30% discount at Value Village thrift stores. A valid ID card is also a necessity for eligibility.

2. Home Hardware:

On selected days, seniors receive a 20% discount.

3. Rexall Pharma Plus:

Only CARP members receive 20% discounts.

Entertainment Discounts

60 years and above

1. Canada Wonderland:

Discounts are available for seniors of 60 and above. However, they are for general admission and season passes.

2. Canada Games Centre:

With a valid ID, seniors get a discount on membership fees.

Senior Discounts For 65 years and Above

1. Canadian Museums:

The Canadian Museum of History, Museum of nature, war museum and canoe museum all offer admission fee discounts. For visitors of 65 and above who also have valid ID cards.

2. Jurassic Forest:

With valid ID, visitors of age 65 and above get a $3 discount on admission fees. They also get $10 off seasonal membership.

3. Science North:

Seniors get a discount on admission fees and exhibit fees.

4. Hockey Hall of Fame:

At the Hockey Hall of Fame, visitors of age 65 and older get a discount on single and group tickets.

5. Ontario Science Centre:

With a valid ID, seniors get a discount on admission fees.

6. Theatre Calgary:

Senior Saturday Matinees are available during selected shows, at Theatre Calgary. However, there are terms and conditions.

7. The Royal Ontario Museum:

People of ages 65 and above get discounts on general admission.

8. Vancouver Art Gallery:

65 years and above seniors get admission fee discounts. Every first Monday of the month, from 10 AM to 1 PM. However, admission is by donation.

9. Toronto Zoo:

Discounted admission fees are available for seniors of 65 and above. As long as they have a valid ID. Prices may vary during different seasons.

Unspecified Age

1.  Lougheed House:

With a valid ID, senior citizens get $2 off their admission fees.

2.  Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village:

Here seniors also get a $2 discount on their admission fees.

3. Bata Shoe Museum:

With a valid ID, seniors also get a discount on admission fees.

Senior Discounts For Banks

57 years and older

Canadian Western Bank:

From 57 years and above, The Gold Leaf Plus package is available.

The package has Apex or Peak Performance chequing fees, a 15% discount on safe deposit box rentals, no monthly fees, and other offers.

59 years and older

ATB Financial:

Clients of 59 years and above get a ‘Freedom Account’.

This account comes with unlimited transactions, a free personalized cheque, no monthly charges, and a $10 discount on the annual deposit of safety boxes.

60 years and above

1. National Bank of Canada:

By opening a modest chewing account, clients of ages 60 and above also receive low monthly fee payments.

2. BMO Bank of Montreal

A free chequing and savings account registration is available for clients of 60 years and above. In addition, if they open a new Premium account, they get an additional $300 bonus.

3. Royal Bank of Canada:

Firstly, by running the RBC Sixty Plus account, clients get a free ATM transaction. They also get free point-of-sale transactions, in-branch debit transactions, and other bonuses.

Secondly, by being a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Retired Persons they get additional benefits.

4. TD Canada Trust:

Clients above 60 get a discount on monthly fees when they run either the TD Every Day Chequing Account, TD All-Inclusive Account, or the TD Unlimited Chequing Account.

65 years and above

1. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce:

For clients of 60 and above, a 5% discount on the annual safety deposit box fee, discount on monthly fees for chequing and savings accounts are offered.

Unlimited transaction services are also offered.

Senior Discounts In Canada

Senior Discounts For Hotel Stays

50 years and above

1. Fairmont Hotels:

At partaking Fairmont Hotels CARP members are entitled to a $25 credit per stay. You also get a free night.

2. Choice Hotels:

As a CARP member, you get a 20% discount on room rates with a valid ID. Although this discount is available at all hotel locations.

55 years and above

1. Best West:

With a valid ID, you get a 15% discount on room rates. Offer is also available at partaking Best Western Hotels.

2. Sandman Hotel Group:

By applying for the 55Plus membership, you get rooms at a 10% discount. You also get a 20% discount on some bars and restaurants, free upgrades, and other benefits.

60 years and above

Wyndham Hotels:

With a valid ID at check-in, above 60 customers can ask for a discount at any Wyndham hotel. It can be done in person. Through a reservation call, it can also be done.

Selected rooms are offered at a 10% discount for 60 and above customers. Valid ID cards should also be available.

62 years and above

1. Marriott Niagara Falls:

With a valid ID, customers get a 15% discount on their bookings. Booking can be done in person. It can also be through a call.

2. Intercontinental Hotel Group:

Room discounts are offered to senior citizens of 62 years and above with a valid ID.

65 and above discounts


Here, free services and discounts are available to senior citizens of 65 and above.

Thanks for reading, please let me know your thoughts and comments below. 

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