TD MyAdvantage Review – Get Up To 25% Discount On Auto Insurance

Today I’ll be talking about my personal experience with the TD MyAdvantage program and how it’s been using the platform for over a year and a half to date.

I’ve personally been with the TD Auto Insurance program for almost two years now.

Let me first give you an overview of what exactly is the TD MyAdvantage Program. Let’s get started.

What Is The TD MyAdvantage Program?

If you have been with TD Auto Insurance or considering switching to, you are always invited to try out their TD MyAdvantage Program. Once you get enrolled in the program which is free for all, you’ll automatically get entitled to a 5% annual discount on the auto insurance premium. Now, that’s all good so far.

All you have to do is download the TD MyAdvantage App on your iOS or Android smartphone and drive regularly as you normally do. The App will record your trips in the background and show you the percentage discount you are eligible for upon renewal.

From what I’ve heard from the TD Auto Insurance reps is that you’ll have to install the app on your phone first and keep it running at all times you are driving. To be eligible for the discount you need to drive for at least 120 days in a calendar year and 1000 km using the TD MyAdvantage App.

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TD MyAdvantage Discount

In this section, let’s briefly look into the TD MyAdvantage App features and benefits. What is the App all about?

Once you download the App on your iPhone, go to the App dashboard and you’ll see three sections at the top of the screen:

1. Recent Badge

2. Average Overall Score

3. Projected Discount

1. Recent Badge

If you click on the “Recent Badge” icon on the TD MyAdvantage app’s dashboard screen, it’ll further drill down and show you three more options – Smooth Operator, The Podium and Sign Spotter and the date you earned them on. Now, what are these?

These are the rewards the app assigns to you (user) once you meet certain driving requirements to kind of achievements for driving safe overtime.

When you click on the Badge Icon in the App, you’ll see three different levels there – Level 1, Level 2 and 3. As you drive your vehicle more with the app running in the background, you’ll eventually attain these levels over a period of time.

I am in Level 3 right now and it’s been just over a year driving with the TD MyAdvantage App on. So it is pretty easy to move up levels and level 3 is the endpoint. If you are a better driver than me, then for sure you can reach the levels even faster. All these matters for the end projected overall discount which is what matters.

2. Average Overall Score

Based on all the overall trips you make using the TD MyAdvantage app in the background, there’s a certain projected discount you’ll see.

All you need to do is click on the “My Trips” Icon and you can see all the trips you’ve completed on that particular date and a couple of days back.

Every trip is awarded a certain score based on your driving habits such as speeding, cornering, acceleration and braking. Based on all these factors you’ll be awarded a score that will reflect in your annual premium projected discount.

3. Projected Discount

Now, this is what matters at the auto-renewal.

TD MyAdvantage app shows you a projected discount at the end of every trip, whether it is your first trip or 100th trip. The more trips you make, the better the app averages at showing your projected discount.

When you click on the “Projected Discount” in the TD MyAdvantage App here’s what it says – First your projected discount percentage and then it says “Based on the information you have recorded so far, this is the estimated TD MyAdvantage discount that could be applied to your portion of the annual TD Insurance auto premium upon renewal”.

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Why Do I Believe That TD MyAdvantage Is A Scam?

I’ll get a bit personal here and share my story with the app so far.

I’ve been using the app since late 2018 when I first came to know about this program. I got the 5% discount on the annual auto insurance premium which made me download and start using the TD MyAdvantage app.

At first, everything seemed good and interesting. Even though I wasn’t very happy about the app draining my iPhone battery. You gotta set the TD MyAdvantage App’s location preference to always allow and it pretty much records every trip you drive be it 1 km or 1000 km.

At the end of every trip, the app shows you a percentage out of 100, like always the better you score the more discounts you are eligible for.

I had completed my 1000 km in the first 6 months of using the app, I called TD’s MyAdvantage Tech team way back in August 2019 and got it confirmed that I’ll be eligible for 22% discount when its time for renewal. All good here!

Did I Get The Discount As Shown In The TD MyAdvantage App?

Absolutely not! Why did they strip me of my reward?

I have no answer for that. Since then I’ve spoken to multiple agents at TD and still do not have a finite answer for this. All they do is put your call on hold. Talk to some web support team (that’s what they say every time you call and ask for this), then come back and say sorry you have just driven some 600+ km and you are not eligible for any discounts this year and better luck next time around.

My auto-renewal is up next month in Feb, and since they said 600 km, I took this as a challenge in calculating my km on the TD MyAdvantage app and have clearly completed 1000 km now. When I did call them now, they are saying that I’ve completed 900 km but still I won’t be eligible for the discount for this year as my insurance renewal is already processed, so better luck for next year. LOL!

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If This Is Not A Scam Then What Is? Please tell me

I’m really frustrated and totally scammed. I’ve called TD MyAdvantage maybe 100 or more times regarding this and no one seems to help. I just don’t know what else to do.

I am also pretty sure that there are 100’s of people like me facing the same issue. (I’ve been reading about this on Reddit and other forums too)

Why do you do this TD? Why do you play with innocent people’s time and heart? If you don’t want to give the discount we deserve better take the program off. Save people’s time and efforts into all these. We have a life too!

Remember – once you get the 5% discount you are given certain days to download the app and start using it, or else you’ll start receiving the reminder emails from TD Auto Insurance to start using the TD MyAdvantage app, if you still don’t download and use the app, you’ll end up losing the 5% discount immediately.

TD MyAdvantage App Not Working 

Initially, even I face this issue of the App frequently crashing and trips not getting recorded. But, the issue got fixed pretty soon. 

All you have to do is, call the TD My Advantage tech support team at 1-866-223-1030. You’ll not be made to wait for long and the reps there will guide you through the fixes. 

In case you’re facing issues with the app’s PIN, please contact the above phone number and resolve it sooner than later. Once you get the ball rolling, everything should be smooth and fine with the App, it’s just the initial hiccups. 

Final Words

If you need the 5% discount if that matters to you go ahead and please download the TD MyAdvantage Program. Give it a try by driving with the app on for 120 days or the first 1000 km. Then make sure you can get that discount.

The better thing probably to do is, install the app and use it for 120 days exactly completing 1000 km, confirm that with TD reps and then uninstall the app to save the phone’s battery. 

If not, just ditch the app, save the battery of your phone, which is so crucial in the modern world and move on.

As I said, this is my personal experience of using the TD MyAdvantage App for over a year. I’m just being honest and genuine in what I’ve expressed here.

That’s all my friends, sorry for ranting, stay happy and let me know your thoughts below.

Thanks and bye now!

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TD MyAdvantage Program


Value For Money







  • Once enrolled, immediately offered the 5% discount on the auto insurance premium
  • App is easy to download and get started
  • Easy to read metrics on the app


  • App crashes all the time, updates and not frequent for bug fixes
  • You can never attain the 100% score even if you are the best driver in the town
  • Never got the discount as promised!