CIBC Investor’s Edge Issues

If you bank with CIBC or use the Investor’s Edge platform to buy/trade stocks/ETFs you might have noticed this as well – The customer care is absolutely crap/dead and the online foreign exchange link doesn’t work for the entire day (yesterday at least he forex link wasn’t working). So, wassup CIBC? 

Let me get straight to the point here. No BS!

I’ve been using the CIBC Investor’ edge platform for a long time now (5+ years). I get that there is a pandemic going on and delays can occur. That’s ok with me. But, what’s not OK here is that, even after trying to contact CIBC for the entire last week, I still can’t speak to a representative or get hold of one to resolve my issues. Pathetic!

And I have a genuine problem here. In fact with the basic functionality not working correctly. 

The prime issue is – I am not able to convert my Canadian Dollars to the US. And this happened the entire day yesterday. 

Investor's Edge

When I log in to my Investor’s Edge account (online- using iPhone or Mac), the message clearly says “We’re sorry but the foreign exchange is not available online”. So what do I do now? What will the rest of us do? Just pray and wait? We’re talking about CIBC, one of the premium banks!

Today alone, I might have probably tried calling CIBC 10 times at least.

I’ve lost some of the good trades I could have entered if not for this issue. Now, who’ll reimburse me for the losses? Think about the scale of this issue, with thousands/millions who use Investor’s Edge platform to trade, every day and who don’t blog to fret. 

Come on CIBC! You can’t do this to us. 

The worst part is I have been trying to reach them over the phone for a few other issues as well, and for the past one week, but absolutely no response. No one answers the phone. This happens at CIBC, with CRA, whatnot. 

Like I said delays are ok, people do understand, but even after hours, no one answers or responds back. 

If this is the case going forward, and paying the fees to trade, I’ll rather move my Investment account to Questrade or Wealthsimple Trade. 

It’s just that I’ve been banking with CIBC for a long time now, so it’s more of an emotional connect. But what is happening is outright ridiculous. 

Remember, unlike Investor’s Edge, Wealthsimple Trade doesn’t charge any fees to trade (buy/sell stocks ETFs) whether it’s $1 or $1 Million. 

Also, Questrade provides this excellent platform, way better than what CIBC does. 

The only advantage where CIBC wins is amongst the banks – per trade it’s $6.95 CAD (buy or sell, $6.95 per trade + Sec fees), whereas with TD and RBC it’s $9.95 per trade in commissions. 

And the reason for me writing this post is quite simple, there are a ton of people out there posting on Reddit and other forums looking for help.

So this post goes straight to them, you’re not alone, even I am going through the same thing. So, let’s wait for things to be resolved soon (hopefully). I’ve sent CIBC an email as well with screenshots. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know your comments below. 

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1 thought on “CIBC Investor’s Edge Issues”

  1. I haven’t been able to trade with my Investor’s Edge account going on 6 weeks now. I’ve spent over 5 hours (spread over 3 days) on hold. I am on the West Coast and have tried first AM, Noon and just before closing. I’ve been to my bank, they can’t help as there is no other phone number besides the main one. I’ve even called Wood Gundy just to see if they knew how to contact anyone or if they had any idea what was going on. I did email a complaint (which took two weeks to respond to) and am dealing with a gentleman from the Client Care Dept who, I’m sure, is dealing with a huge volume of complaints. He had mentioned their platform had gone down but couldn’t elaborate any farther as to why. My next step if I don’t hear from anyone by the end of the week is to contact the CIBC ombudsmen and file another complaint. But it’s not like they will reimburse me for my wasted time or the stocks I can’t purchase right now due to this. So irritated!
    Like you, I’ve had a CIBC account for a long time and felt their trading platform would be reliable. How wrong I was! I am becoming increasingly frustrated that I can’t reach anyone and I can’t even move my investments to another trading platform because I can’t speak with anyone! This is unacceptable of Canada’s largest bank to hold my/our funds hostage due to whatever technical difficulties they are having with their platform.


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