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Are you looking for the Reebee App Review? Well, then here it is. With food prices on the rise, Reebee will make your shopping trips more time and cost-efficient. To help you stay on budget and ensure you’ll never miss a good deal,

If grocery shopping is your thing, then you’ll know how important flyers are. They are an essential part of the money-saving hustle, especially if you intend to get the best deals on all purchases. This is particularly true for die-hard couponers that, on every store trip, arrive with as many flyers as possible in hand. 

Additionally, Statistics Canada reports that 3 in 10 Canadians are struggling to meet financial needs or pay for expenses such as groceries, rent, or mortgage payments. In this financially uncertain time, Canadians are even more motivated to browse deals and plan their shopping in an effort to cut costs

With Reebee, you don’t have to stress much. The digital platform operating out of Kitchener, Ontario intends to help Canadians go through flyers from as many retail stores as possible in as little time as possible. What’s more, this is all done with minimum fuss.

So is Reebee app the best in the business? Should you drop everything right now and get on the Reebee App? Well, read on to find out. 

Reebee App

What is the Reebee App?

It was estimated back in 2018 that food prices would go up by almost 3.5% in 2019. The calculation further revealed that each family in Canada would have to add $411 to their spending on groceries or food items. This is pretty scary for families living on a strict budget or with limited sources of income when there aren’t many options for saving money out there. 

Reebee’s creators, Michal Martyniak and Tobiasz Dankiewicz, came up with a solution.

The company thought of putting all available grocery flyers in an area in one place, so users can get the best deals by comparing prices. After distributing flyers by hand in the fifth grade in London Ontario, the two teamed up later in College and came up with the idea to distribute flyers digitally instead.

They came up with the Reebee App.

From May to March, Reebee saw an 11% lift in flyer readership as compared to this time frame in 2019. In addition, organic app downloads increased by 30%. 

The app boasts a very simple and very user-friendly interface that is equipped with the class search and an ability to sync to all your devices. 

My personal experience with Reebee reveals that they boast about their user interface is not all bark. There is definitely some bite, if not a lot in there. There is a category selector at the top of the app to help you switch between several flyer categories as you browse through. These categories range from groceries to fashion to tools and so on.

Reebee app lets you go through as many flyers as you want in your quest to save money. If you have flyers that you frequently use, the app lets you favourite them for later visits. It also lets you specify which items to search for on your shopping list so you can compare and shop as you go. 

It is estimated that using the Reebee app, on average, users end up saving over $3500 annually on their grocery shopping. 

Features of the Reebee App

1. Search Functionality

If you open the Reebee app, the bottom navigation bar is equipped with a search feature. The search feature lets you sort through flyers as quickly as possible and will rarely fail to find what you are looking for. You are also allowed to filter search results by price, store, or relevance. 

Also, when you perform a search, you are presented with a quick list showing which items are trending. You can also press the history button to see a list of items you had previously searched for.

2. Shopping list

This is perhaps the most exciting feature on the Reebee app. You can create a shopping list on the app and then use the search function to find items on the list. You can then connect items to their corresponding flyer ads. 

As your shopping continues, the shopping list feature lets you mark things that you have already gotten from the store. Once at the register, you can easily match items to their prices and identify which flyers have items from other stores. 

Living in Toronto can be expensive. One of the biggest expenses on monthly budgets is groceries. But the good news is there are easy ways to reduce the amount of money you spend on groceries every week. By shopping at discount grocery stores, Torontonians can save at least 10% on groceries.

3. Device Synchronization

Reebee lets you sync your account across all devices – tablets, phones and iPad. You’ll sync them all under one account.

For your convenience, you can choose to make the shopping list on a bigger screen at home and then access it along with your phone while shopping. 

I find this feature particularly nifty and convenient. 


The company boasts of a user size of 5 million Canadian shoppers and with 40% of these being millennials. Reebee app has a 4.7-star rating on both Google play store and the App store (Yes, it available on both platforms) with a 60% user retention rate. 

This is all thanks to being able to access the latest flyers and match prices on Reebee. Honestly, I think these figures speak volumes about the capabilities of the app.

Reebee App

Benefits of Using the Reebee App

1. Localized shopping 

Everything you find on the Reebee app is localized. You will only get to see flyers that belong to stores near you. To achieve this feat, Reebee designed the app to either use your postal code, which you will be prompted to enter or your phone GPS to track your location.

Ultimately, you only see the flyers for stores near you. I find this very impressive.

2. Variety 

Reebee app is not just for grocery shopping. You can see flyers for almost every kind of category of item. Electronics, children, home, tools, you name it, Reebee has a category for it. 

Not only can you streamline your search by category, but Reebee also allows you to search by specific stores. Whether it’s flyers from the local IKEA, or Best Buy, or Canadian Tire, that you are looking for, the app lets you streamline your search based on what you are looking for. 

Although Food Basics is the discount banner of Metro Ontario, they do not price match. If you are looking for major grocery stores that price match, you can find the list here.

3. Reebee App will save you time

While the main aim of the Reebee app is to help you save money, it also ends up helping you save time. Rather than flipping through flyers, the app can help you search much faster while also letting you price match.

It is estimated that by using the Reebee app, you can save 36 minutes every week by avoiding the search for coupons. 

That’s 36 minutes saved off your shopping time.  

It can be difficult remembering all the items you need to buy and it is easy to make impulse purchases while shopping. Making a shopping list will help you focus on what you actually need, saving you both time and money. Use Reebee to browse deals then add items to your in-app shopping list right from their digital flyer!

4. Easy and simple to use

I’ve already mentioned this before, but I will say it again, Reebee app is very user friendly and extremely simple to use or get started with. Browsing through the hundreds of flyers is literally down with the click of a few buttons. If you have a preferred deal that you want on your shopping list, then simply clicking the plus sign on the app, lets you add it. 

The app is organized by stores and each list indicates the expiration of prices. This really makes it simple and straightforward for you to plan your weekly shopping.

Reebee App

5. Reebee App Is Environmentally Friendly

By downloading and using the Reebee app, you won’t have to worry about leaving waste paper around all in the name of browsing through flyers. 

Instead, everything is done digitally. You can browse through flyers, match prices, and create shopping lists all on the app.

With the Reebee app, there is no worry about leaving a mess of papers as you go about your shopping. 

So next time when you visit your local Costco, don’t worry about picking up a flyer at the door. It’s already on your phone and you won’t have to worry about disposing of waste paper.

So with the Reebee app, you get to kick back and relax as you go through flyers from as many stores around you, pick the best deals while comparing shopping all on a Saturday morning.

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Comparing Reebee to the competition

The Reebee App review will not be complete without a comparison between the service and its competitors. So let’s get to it.

Flipp App

Users are flipping over Flipp. If you are usually on a hunt for sales and go through bundles of grocery flyers, then you must have come across Flipp. Placing Reebee side by side with Flipp, and anyone can see that they are quite similar.

The Flipp app is quite easy to use. You only need to enter your postal code and you get an aggregate list of all the flyers in your area just like Reebee. 

It is also very easy to narrow down your searches on Flipp. You just have to favourite the shops you want to see and click the heart-shaped button when you see your desired flyer sales. Once a favourite flyer is accessible, the app will send the sales to your favourites tab. This cuts down on the time spent hunting for flyers you frequently use. 

Flipp’s search functionality is also quite impressive. It lets you search for specific items and gets you all the deals related to that item. This makes stocking up on items a breeze since Flipp gets you all deals. 

Then there’s the clippings tab. Flipp saves any deal you have tapped on, to this tab. This is a fantastic way to compile your shopping list. You can then use this list to compare prices at other stores. 

It should be noted that you will have to manually empty out the clippings list when you are making a new one.

So how does Flipp stack up against Reebee? Let’s talk about this. 

Reebee App

Reebee vs. Flipp

  • A major point at which Reebee beats Flipp hands down is its device sync feature. The app lets you access your account and by extension, your shopping list, across all your devices regardless of platform. Flipp doesn’t let you do this. The app does not allow cross-platform synchronization on your account. 

  • Initially, the Reebee app lost out to the Flipp app concerning its search capability. But with more recent updates, Reebee has improved its app by adding a search function. This has cut down incredibly on search time. Previously, you had to view each page searching for the flyers that met your needs. This is no longer necessary. You can use the search function to find your flyers faster.

  • Reebee also gives better control over which flyers you see. You can use the category function to easily streamline the flyers you want to see.  

  • Reebee app gives a more realistic appearance to the flyers than Flipp. The flyers look just like the paper flyers and once you have opened a single page of one flyer, then you can view the entire flyer even without internet access. 

  • Flipp does not have any form of offline capabilities or function. You must remain connected to the internet to use the app at all times. Reebee app lets you access flyers offline as long as you have viewed a page of the flyer prior.

  • You have to clear your clipping lists and delete items from the list manually using the Flipp app, whereas, Reebee creates a new list for you automatically every time you want to go shopping or create a new list planning for one.

Overall, I think the Reebee app is the better choice of the two. Not only does it beat the Flipp app in terms of interface and design, but the app makes your account available to you across as many devices as you have.

Stores that price match will reduce their price of a product to match the lower advertised price from a competitor.

When you provide the retail associate with a digital or print copy of the competing offer, they will sell you the product for a lower price. Sometimes, they would even beat the competitor’s price.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 app gives you cash back when you use it for grocery shopping; it is for all intents and purposes a cashback app. Founded in Canada back in 2012, the app crossed the border into the United States and has now become a viable choice for couponers to save money on groceries. 

If you use Checkout 51, you can look forward to making significant savings when you take advantage of their weekly offers. The app seems too good to be true at first glance but it is entirely legitimate. 

You get to earn cashback on all your purchases. What’s more, all you need is a receipt to claim your cashback. 

So how does Checkout 51 work?

All you have to do is go shopping, whether you are in Canada (asides Quebec) or the US. 

Once you are done shopping, take a picture of your receipt and send it in. If the receipt is on the longer side, then you can use the sections option to add sections to your pictures. 

Checkout 51 processes your receipt and send you your earned cashback. It should be noted that you can only request for checks only when you have at least $20 in your account. And that’s it, it’s that simple.

The only notable requirement for using the service is that you either have to be a Canadian resident or a resident of the United States. It should be noted that each member is only allowed one account per device.

Reebee App

Checkout 51 vs. Reebee App

Reebee beats Checkout 51 in the aspect of platform accessibility. Checkout 51 is only available on the iOS platform, so you can only use it on iPhones or iPads. iPod users can also use the app once the device has a camera that can be used to upload pictures.

Android users have to log in on the company website instead.

Checkout 51 also doesn’t let you get cashback on multiple copies of the same item. You can only get a rebate for one item. Say you got 5 pencils, you would only get a rebate on one pencil instead of all five. 

Reebee on the other hand lets you earn discounts on multiple items. 

The Reebee app also wins when it comes to convenience. Checkout 51 updates its offers every Thursday and you have to claim the offers as soon as possible before others claim them. Reebee on the other hand shows you all available flyers for each day and you already save money while shopping. 

Checkout 51 requires that you still send in your receipt after your shopping is done.

You can also access flyers on the Reebee app offline so long as you have viewed just one page of the flyer before. This is thanks to the impressive cache storing capabilities of the app. Checkout 51 is not available offline. 

You have to be online at all points in time to see offers, upload your receipts and claim your cashback.

Frankly, I think using both apps together is also a fantastic idea. You can use the Reebee app to shop and save some money and then use Checkout 51 to save even more money by earning some cashback. 

Reebee App


Is the Reebee app really worth it?

Yes. You can make some fine savings on grocery shopping as well as other shopping activities using the app. It is an excellent choice for not just hard-core couponers but also for anyone else. 

You can also check out the company blog for ideas on what to do with all the saved up money. They offer excellent advice on how to save money, make meal plans, and even what items to add to or take off your shopping lists.

Re-evaluation of the initial list comes into play when I find a good deal. This means in-store, I use my tablet or smartphone to price check other shops. I decide whether to make the purchase knowing that I’ll need to eliminate something afterwards.

I am pretty sure, you’ll end up liking the app and the potential savings it offers. After all, it’s free to join!

Final Words

Reebee App is really worth your time and money. The app is simple and fun to create lists and save money on the go. 

I’ve compared with other coupon apps such as Flipp and Checkout 51 and the results are in front of you. 

Give the app a try, if you don’t like it you can always uninstall anytime, it’s free to try anyway. 

If you have been using the Reebee app, let me know your thoughts and comments. 

Thanks for reading. I’ll catch you all in the next one. 

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