Hacks To Save Money On All Your Streaming Devices

In 2023, there are more streaming devices than ever that offer tons of movies, TV shows, and other forms of content. And considering the creeping inflation, it is not a surprise that the prices of these streaming devices will also ramp up.

But that doesn’t mean you have to hurt your pocket to seek entertainment online. In this blog, we’ve shared money-saving hacks that you can use to save money on most of your streaming devices. Read on.

Cancel Least-watched Subscriptions

 How often do you buy a subscription plan but end up regretting the decision because you couldn’t watch your favorite shows? Happens to everyone. In such cases, you can cancel or pause those subscriptions temporarily as per your schedule. Some streaming devices have the option to pause subscriptions when you don’t use them.

In addition, think about OTT platforms that you rarely use. Other than Netflix, chances are there must be at least one device that you signed up for years ago but rarely watch anything. If that’s the case, cancel the subscriptions without a second thought and save some money.

Buy Basic Subscriptions

Although ad-free subscriptions sound great, it’s not a need if you’re looking for budget-friendly entertainment. Remember the era of television when we used to watch commercial ads patiently just to watch our favorite shows?

Thus, go for lower-cost plans, like Netflix, with ads. Besides, if you use a MacBook, there are several ways you can watch Netflix shows offline, which eliminates the need to even entertain ads. You can read this blog  https://setapp.com/how-to/watch-netflix-offline-legally-on-mac to know about different legal ways how you can watch shows offline. This way, you can save several dollars a month.

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Look for Free Trials

Except for Disney+, most of the streaming platforms offer free trials for at least one month, and that, too, a few times each year. If you sign up for these trials following all the terms and conditions, you can binge-watch your favorite series without having to pay for the subscription.

If you go for this option, just be sure to cancel your trial before the due date of your monthly fee. Otherwise, chances are the platform will automatically charge you for the subscription.

Say No to Live TV

If you’ve canceled your cable TV subscription just to sign up for a live TV subscription, ask yourself how often do you watch live TV?

When you have streamers like Netflix and Disney +, it is rarely possible that you would prefer live TV. Hence, it is advised to cancel your live TV subscription and prefer getting an antenna for your TV for a one-time fee and get access to unlimited entertainment.

Wrapping It All Up

The key to saving money on all your streaming devices is to first analyze your behavior. Consider your schedule for the coming months, and see if you’re busy or will have enough to enjoy your favorite shows.

If you think you will have time, opt for basic subscriptions; otherwise, cancel on all your streaming devices. Once you cancel these subscriptions, you’ll realize that you didn’t even need them and they were just costing you money.

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