RBC Auto Insurance Review

RBC Car Insurance is available all over Canada (Except in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia). Aviva General Insurance serves as the underwriter for all of RBC’s car insurance while RBC Insurance Agency Ltd is responsible for the distribution of these policies.

The Royal Bank of Canada is one of Canada’s biggest business names. The bank was founded in 1864 and has headquarters in Montreal and Toronto. The mega-corporation is not only a bank, but it also offers insurance covers to its customers. RBC offers both home and car insurance coverage through its insurance entities.

Thanks to its parent corporation, RBC car insurance enjoys quite a reputation in the insurance industry. Besides this, the insurance company also has a range of features that give it a good name amongst its customers and an edge when compared to competitors.  

Among these features is the Preferred Vendor Program which is RBC’s signature feature. It promises better quality workmanship alongside stress-free claims. If you pick a preferred vendor, RBC monitors the quality of the work done on your car and will pay the repair center directly.

In a bid to give a full review of RBC’s auto insurance policies, various studies have been carried out into the performance of these policies, the reviews given from customers, and its comparison to the competition in the insurance game. This review will attempt to do the same, so let’s get started.

RBC Car Insurance

RBC Car Insurance

If you are the car owner, RBC will also give you a lifetime guarantee on any repair work that is done on your car. Then there’s also RBC’s online tools that lets you purchase your car policy online.

You will get a quote almost immediately.

The site is also easy-to-use and very well organized. While the site is easy to use, there is no mobile app available for use at the moment.  

RBC Car Insurance Features Include:

  • Financial Strength: the company received an A+ rating from A.M Best, one of the most trusted rating agencies. This gives the impression of a company that is financially capable and can pay the claims of its customers.

  • Stress-free Claim Process: Another feature that endears RBC to its customers is its easy and straightforward claiming process. The company lets customers make claims over the phone. You only need to dial 1-800-769-2526 (this line is open all day and all week long.) and you will be connected to a support agent that will guide you through the entire process of filing a claim.  

  • Reward System: RBC has a reward deductible system for its customers. Each you that you do not make a claim, you will get a $50 reduction in your insurance deductible. Your deductible reduction caps at $250 for any policy that you are on.

  • Valet Service: RBC provides the option for its customers to use a Valet service. If your car gets into an accident and you have selected the valet service, RBC will send a rental car to a chosen location. Once your car is repaired it will be delivered to you and the rental car will be taken off your hands.  

  • Classic RBC Car Insurance Program: If you own a classic car, then RBC gives you an option that lets you protect this investment. The insurance company in partnership with Hagerty gives you the chance to customize your policy to match your needs at affordable rates. These policies also come with features that will assure you of value coverage and better premiums than most other competitors.

  • Anonymous Claims Advice: If you are not sure whether to file a claim or not, RBC lets you make anonymous calls to experts that will give you advice on whether to file a claim or not. If you are making this call, you do not have to drop your name or policy number. You can call on 1-866-953-8285.

RBC Car Insurance Coverage Plans 

RBC offers coverage on all standard auto insurance available in Canada.

This means that you can get coverage on third-party liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, accident insurance coverage, direct compensation property damage (DPCD) coverage, and uninsured motorist coverage.

There is also a selection of optional coverage plans that you can pick from, which include:

  • All Perils Coverage: this combines both collision and comprehensive coverage. It also protects you from losses and/or damage to your car in case it is stolen by someone close to you

  • Specified Perils Coverage: If you are looking to cut down on costs on the All Perils Coverage while still receiving excellent protection on your car, then the Specified Perils Coverage is for you. You are able to pick a specific cause of the damage (theft, fire, or flood) that you want protection from

  • Family Protection Coverage: RBC Car Insurance provides family protection endorsement that will supplement any uninsured motorist coverage that you will receive with your car insurance policy

  • This option also provides protection in case you or anyone in your family is hurt or killed in a car accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. This extends to the limits of your liability coverage

  • Depreciation Waiver Coverage: RBC waives its capability of applying depreciation to a new car with this policy option. To clarify, RBC will issue a cheque for the original value of your car in the event that it gets completely damaged in an accident. The waiver lasts for two years after your purchase

  • Loss of Use Coverage: This covers any transport cost that you might incur while your vehicle is under repair for damage that is insured

  • Accident Forgiveness: Almost all top auto insurance companies in Canada offer this option, RBC included. The option lets you avoid a premium increase after the first at-fault incident you might have in your car

  • Satellite Program Endorsement: if you are the kind that likes taking long road trips, then this coverage is for you. With the Satellite Program Endorsement, RBC uses this option to provide you with a selection of roadside emergency services, including towing, boosting your dead car battery, or replacing a flat on the road

RBC Car Insurance

RBC Car Insurance Discounts

RBC offers its customers several ways to save up on their car insurance costs. These discounts are not available in all provinces and some such as the no-claims discount and the experienced driver discount get automatically added on any insurance quote that RBC gives you.

If you want to qualify for more RBC discounts, then you will have to fulfill the required criteria for such a discount.

Discounts that RBC Car Insurance offers to its customers include:

  • Multiple Vehicle Discount: if you own more than one car, RBC lets you insure all your cars at a lower rate than you would have to insure each car individually

  • Bundle Discount: This discount is offered if you get both home and auto insurance from RBC. With this discount, both the policy on your car and that on your home come at discounted prices. This is also possible if you have a tenant’s insurance policy or a condo insurance policy

  • Winter Tire Discount: if you install winter tires for the cold season, then RBC is willing to waive some dollars off your premium. This is extra encouragement to stay safe on the roads during the winter season

  • Retiree Discount: You get a discount on your auto insurance if you are a retiree.

  • Anti-theft Discount: Installing an anti-theft system in your car that is approved by RBC will earn you a discount on your premium payments

  • Employee Discount: RBC gives its employees in Canada a special discount on their quotes. The company will offer a rebate on its car insurance to all Canadian employees. This rebate can be almost 20% off on insurance quotes

  • No-Claims Discount: Just like any other good auto-insurance company, RBC Car Insurance will give you a discount on your premiums based on the number of years you go without filing a claim on your car insurance

  • Online Quote Discount: If you decide to get your quotes online, then RBC will give you a 5% discount on any and all quotes for your car insurance policy

RBC Car Insurance Customer Service

All these policies and discounts sound all good and all, but how does RBC’s Car Insurance really treat its customers? I found that the company’s customer service ratings differ based on who is giving the rating

Take, for instance, the J.D. Power’s 2019 Canada Study that was carried out in Ontario, gave RBC a four-star rating. It also ranked 3rd out of 12 participants. This was an excellent customer service rating and indicates that RBC has little more than they need to improve on in this regard.

The Better Business Bureau, BBB on the other hand gave it only a B- rating. The BBB carries out the task of analyzing customer relations with businesses taking into consideration how said businesses handle customer complaints. This B- rating means that RBC is only average when it comes to dealing with customers and their complaints.

InsurEye gives an entirely negative review but it is most likely subject to some bias as customers mostly leave only when they have complaints.  

I personally would go with the J.D. Power estimate of RBC’s performance but I would advise that you should approach with the idea that you might get average service until proven otherwise.

RBC Auto Insurance

RBC Car Insurance vs. Desjardins Insurance

Desjardins is the 4th largest auto insurance provider in Canada. The company has better records than RBC when it comes to financial strength, earning the AA1 rating from Moody’s and an excellent A+ rating from S&P. Asides this financial strength Desjardins policies are cheaper than those of RBC, in most cities, even if the price gap is usually not that much.

The only area in which Desjardins notably loses out to RBC Car Insurance is in terms of customer service rating. Its ratings can be said to be nothing but saddening. It came 12th out of 12 in J.D. Powers 2019 Canada Study as compared to RBC’s 3rd position.

If Customer service is very important to you, then RBC is obviously the better option.

RBC Car Insurance vs. Aviva Insurance

Aviva is also another auto insurance provider that nearly rivals RBC car insurance. The two companies are almost the same when it comes to financial strength and prices. Aviva prices are slightly cheaper but the difference is really not all that much. 

 Customer Service is where RBC shines again. In the same J.D. Power study where RBC came 3rd, Aviva only managed a two-star rating to come 10th. The two-star rating was all it got even in other areas outside of the Ontario region where it operates.

As with Desjardins, if you value customer service a lot then you should go with RBC auto insurance. If you do need Lyft ride-sharing coverage plans, then you would be better off using Aviva’s services.

RBC Car Insurance vs. Intact Insurance

RBC dominates against Intact when it comes to cheaper prices as well as customer service ratings. In fact, the only areas where Intact is the better choice is in terms of financial strength and ride-sharing policies.

If you are not looking for ride-sharing policies exactly, then RBC Car Insurance is the choice to go with.  


RBC’s auto insurance policies are definitely eye-catching and worth checking out. If you are not too keen on policies based on how you use your car, then it is definitely worth it to use their services. They are also better than most of their competitors when it comes to customer service ratings and also more likely to help you out when you have complaints.

If customer service is a big deal for you and you do not mind the absence of a mobile app, then using RBC’s services is definitely not a bad idea. At the very least, they are worth checking out and you can decide to either stick with them or take your business elsewhere if you remain unconvinced.  

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