Sonnet Insurance Review: Insurance That’s Straightforward and Fast

Sonnet Insurance is a federally regulated company. It offers insurance policies across a broad range of services. The company’s services cover auto, home, condo, tenant, and landlord insurance policies.

Sonnet promised the best of user experiences when it launched. Its method of achieving this was to make available a customer-centric and customizable digital platform. This would work hand-in-hand with their promised lower quotes.

Economical Insurance which was founded in 1871, launched Sonnet Insurance in 2016. The company has built up a name as an online insurance company. It offers both property and automobile insurance.

But has Sonnet really lived up to its hype? Has the company surpassed the competition or is it just another insurance company? Here’s a review of Sonnet Insurance.

A Brief Overview Of Sonnet Insurance

Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Sonnet Insurance has since inception in 2016, hearkened to the call for businesses to go online. The company has designed, customized, and offered quotes to customers for as long as it has existed. It provides the opportunity for customers to make policy purchases and update said policies all on a computer.

That’s right, with Sonnet Insurance, the long lines and waiting to see a customer care representative is totally cut out. You can buy your policies online from the comfort of your home. The online platform is designed to be easy to use and the policies listed are designed for the average user to easily understand.  

Sonnet Insurance

Sonnet Insurance Policy

Sonnet Insurance policies are mostly personal insurance policies. There are also policies for property owners.

Sonnet Auto Insurance Policy (Sonnet Car Insurance)

Sonnet Auto Insurance is perhaps Sonnet Insurance’s most popular policy. The auto insurance policy offers coverage for liability, collision, accident benefits, and accident forgiveness. These are all standard coverage for any insurance company.

Sonnet takes it a step further by offering other insurance options. With Sonnet’s auto insurance policy you can also get coverage for:

  • Rental Vehicle Coverage

  • Ticket forgiveness

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Hit-n-run deductible waiver

  • Coverage based on the replacement value of your vehicle

Sonnet Home Insurance Policy

Sonnet’s home insurance covers liability, full sewer backup, overland water coverage, actual replacement costs, and hail coverage.

The coverage options include:

  • First claim forgiveness

  • Chance to make claims at replacement costs. This works even if you do not replace the item

  • A deductible waiver for claims of $10, 000 or more. This does not cover earthquake claims.

  • 100% of replacement costs are guaranteed

  • Settlements that include additional funds for the use of environmentally friendly materials and construction materials can also be claimed

Sonnet Condo Insurance Policy

Sonnet’s condo insurance policy is quite similar to the home insurance policy. The only difference lies in the fact that some options are offered specifically for condos.

These options are

  • Condo owners do not have to take out another policy if they rent out the condo during the year.

  • Special coverage on condos that doesn’t depend on unit contingent coverage for your investment to be protected.

Sonnet Tenant Insurance Policy

This insurance policy is the same as the standard coverage for any property insurance. Sonnet insurance offers the following special options for tenants or renters:

  • There are coverage options that allow you to pay for accommodations while repairs are being done on your rental units.

  • There is a coverage option for upgrades that you might want to do in your rental unit.

Sonnet Landlord Insurance Policy

Sonnet provides excellent coverage options for landlords. Especially for landlords that want to protect their properties from unpredictable acts by renters. Asides the regular property insurance for homeowners, Sonnet offers landlords additional options, such as

  • Insurance for rent payments while your property is being remodelled, repaired, or perhaps even replaced.

  • 100 percent replacement cost of your property.

Sonnet Insurance

How do the Sonnet Insurance Policies Work?

Generally, all Sonnet policies are divided into tiers, namely, Essential, Preferred Ultimate. These tiers are all customizable to meet your requirements and desires. With this, you can be sure that you are only paying what you need to pay, for coverage, no more no less.

You can also always make your claims online or call on a 24-hour hotline number; 1-844-766-6834. This process is stress-free and easier than filing claims with other insurance companies.

Sonnet claims to have a team of 600 specialists specifically for handling claims. If you require help with repairs, then you can visit one of the company’s readily available repair centers. Most of these centers are already prescreened if not all.

Quotes are also easy to get. A few minutes of entering the necessary information and you have a quote ready for you. This ability to get quotes in minutes places Sonnet above a lot of its rivals.  

The company also has a strong financial backer in its parent company. It received an A- rating from A.M. Best. You don’t have to worry about Sonnet’s ability to pay insurance claims.  

What Makes Sonnet Insurance Different?

Sonnet is not the first company to offer these policies. In fact, some of these options have existed just as long as the concept of insurance has been around. So what makes Sonnet stand out amongst its peers?

In the insurance industry, competitors frequently try to outdo each other. It’s a common theme for any industry, but it is more prevalent for a service industry like the insurance industry. Sonnet stands out by appealing to customers in a totally different way from most of its customers.

These selling points are what make Sonnet, well, Sonnet Insurance. The company took the insurance industry online. They did this to not only make life easier for their customers and customers to be but also to cut down the process line as much as possible.

These selling points are:

1.Online Capabilities

Sonnet’s major selling points are in its online capabilities. The company employs smart analytics and modern-day technologies to ease customer experience.

The simple user interface makes it easy for just about anyone to open and manage their accounts. You can easily sign up for a policy with a few clicks of the mouse.

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The online feature of sonnet also allows you to tailor policies to suit you. With Sonnet, there is no generic policy, each policy is crafted to match each customer. For instance, your auto policy might not be the same policy as that of your neighbour.  

2.Ease of Access

Learning about policies and making claims are quite straightforward when it comes to Sonnet. The company’s website answers most questions that you might have and beyond that, they provide a degree of customer support.

3.Low Costs

Sonnet’s premium rates are advertised to be the lowest costs you can get anywhere. The company boasts of quotes that are affordable to almost anyone. What’s more, you can pay for everything online.

The company also promises that there are no hidden fees or small print that you have to watch out for. This alone makes it stand out amongst its peers. You are also allowed to update your account or policy at any point in time.

Sonnet Pricing

Why Sonnet Insurance?

Sonnet is specialized in quick account management and claims processing. Sonnet has some features that make it stand out quite a bit from its competitors. The company’s activities are truly made simpler thanks to some of these features.

If you become a customer with Sonnet, these features will become available to you as soon as possible. The company’s online features allow for advantages such as

1. Carrying out specific Premium Calculations

The company collates data from its customers. These data allow the company to perform high-speed calculations of insurance premiums that are due to each customer.  

For instance, data such as the customer neighbourhood, crime levels in such neighbourhoods, number of claims, recent claim amounts, and so on, are collected. This information is then used to calculate the premium that is most comfortable for both the customer and the company.  

2. Easy To use on a Smartphone

The use of smartphones to access the internet is on the rise. Sonnet has adapted to this increased usage by building a site that is fully functional on a mobile device.

This adaptation, not only makes your account readily available while you are on the go, but it also lets you keep updated on any changes with Sonnet Insurance and your account with them. The site’s mobile version is easy to use and you can access all parts of your account that are available online on it.

The site design keeps the customer in mind just as well as the computer version. It is easy to use and features the same user interactive design as the main website.  

3. Customer-centric service

Customers that use Sonnet Insurance’s services can look forward to real-time access to their specific information. The company allows users to review their accounts at any point in time.

If there are significant changes in your lifestyle Sonnet will let you change your premium payments to match the new lifestyle. For example, a change in your driving habits will lead to a change in your corresponding premium payments.

The company claims to look out for its customers at all points in time. Sonnet aims to make insurance easier.

How To File a Claim With Sonnet Insurance?

Filing a claim is pretty straightforward. The process of filing a claim with Sonnet all begins with a phone call.

Once you have a claim, you are expected to call in. Sonnet handles most of its claims over the phone. If you have a more complex clam, then you will be redirected to a dedicated customer care professional.

If you are calling in with a claim, it is important that you have the following things on hand, to make the process as smooth as possible.

  • Your Sonnet Policy Number

  • Information on your claim such as time, date, details about the incident, property or vehicle involved and so on.

  • You should also have the documents that you can refer to ready. This includes, receipts, vehicle information, police statement or report and any other information that might be involved with the incident.

Once you have provided the following and you have been verified to be qualified to make a claim, Sonnet Insurance will then guide you through the next steps.

The Insurance Company will help you with any repairs that might be required. It does not matter if it is a burst pipe or a vehicle fender. Sonnet has a team of qualified and experienced repair shops that will help you carry out necessary repairs.

If you do desire to use the services of your own repair shop, it is also allowed.

Once the cost of repair is determined, a cheque that is based on your policy or coverage and the type of your claim, will be mailed to you or the selected repair shop. If you are making claims for damages to your home, Sonnet will pay for the repair or replacement of your home right up to the limit you picked (less the deductible of course).

For auto claims, the level of damage matters. Sonnet will either pay for your repairs or just mail you a cheque for the value of your coverage. This is also less the deductible.

Sonnet Insurance

Comparing Sonnet’s rates with its competitor’s rates

Sonnet claims that its prices are personalized and affordable. This is mainly thanks to it being majorly an online company. We can’t just take the company’s word for it now can we?

So let’s do a price comparison. For this comparison, the main focus will be their auto policy as it is their most popular policy.

Using a Honda Civic (2018 model) that averages about 15,000 km each year in Calgary, driven by a 40-year-old driver, we found that Sonnet’s premium charges account for around $230 each month. This price might not seem particularly high until you realize that this value is about 16% more than its nearest competitor, Intact at about $190 (

This price difference reveals a major fault in Sonnet’s claims. In most cities, Sonnet’s premium charges are substantially more expensive than those of competitors in the same cities.

Sonnet’s “low price” claims are not as low as they claim to be.

How Does Sonnet Stack up against its rivals?

Using the auto policy again, thanks to its popularity, it is easy to carry out a comparative analysis of Sonnet and its closest rivals.

Sonnet Insurance Vs. Economical

This is a classic case of parent versus child. Economical focuses its auto policy on high-risk drivers and antique car owners. Sonnet chose to offer a customizable auto insurance plan to all its customers.

Sonnet has clearly surpassed its parent company, Economical in the technology game. The parent company employs mostly brokers to do its work and sometimes falls back on its website, but Sonnet took its business completely online to deliver fast and reliable service to its customers.

So if you own a car and want a policy you can buy into and manage on-the-go, Sonnet is the insurance company for you.

Sonnet Insurance Vs. Intact

As the price comparison already shows, Intact’s rates are cheaper than Sonnet’s. They might be cheaper but they are also just not as easily affordable. So there is no clear better option in this regard.

While Sonnet does not personally show up on J.D. Power’s Canada study or on BBB’s website ratings, going by the performance ratings of Economical, you can at least expect passable customer ratings. This might not be a direct reflection, but it’s what we have to go by.

Intact shows up on both ratings. J.D Power’s study gave it 3 out of 5 stars and BBB rated its customer service to be B+ at most. This shows that both companies have at least average performance when it comes to customer services.

Intact is superior in terms of financial strength. A.M. Best gave Intact an A+ rating, the second-highest rating while Sonnet only managed to earn an A- rating.

Intact is also superior when it comes to car-sharing and ride-sharing insurance. It not only offers Uber coverage but lets customers make use of Turo, an online rental service. If you are looking to use your vehicle for Uber services or Turo services, then Intact would be the better option.

If fast and reliable online services are more your speed, then Sonnet would be the right way to go.

Sonnet Insurance Vs. Aviva

Aviva’s rates are more affordable than Sonnet Insurance rates. It might not be the cheapest rates in the market, but they are definitely cheaper than Sonnet’s pricing.

That said, Aviva’s customer service record is quite spotty. In J.D. Power’ 2019 Overall Satisfaction Study, it came dead-last. Sonnet, on the other hand, thanks to its parent company, Economical, has a good record of customer service, earning a 4-star rating from a J.D. Power study ( and the A rating from BBB (

Despite the poor customer service rating, Aviva clearly surpasses Sonnet in terms of financial strength. It has an A rating from A.M. best whereas Sonnet could only manage an A- rating.

If poor customer service is a deal-breaker for you, then Sonnet clearly stands above Aviva.

Pros Of Sonnet Insurance

  • Quick Quotes: Sonnet keeps its promise of getting you quick quotes that are just for you. Once you fill in your details and answer a few questions, you should expect a quote within five minutes of submission.

  • Cost flexibility: Sonnet polices all come in three tiers; Essential, Preferred, and Ultimate. This three-tier system allows you to pick the policy you are most comfortable paying for.

  • Reliable customer service: thanks to the company being an online one, you find that you can always reach out to the company at any point in time. You do not have to worry about queues before you submit a claim or make an inquiry.

  • Reputable Company: Sonnet Insurance has a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Thanks to this, you can rest assured that you are buying policies from a company of repute.

Cons Of Sonnet Insurance

  • Online Presence: the company’s biggest strength also ends up being its greatest weakness. Thanks to it being an online business, you can’t put a name or a place to the company. This is not a desirable situation for some would-be customers who prefer face-to-face meetings.

  • Slow Customer Service: While you do not have to worry about queues, you might end up worrying about slow response time. Sonnet Insurance does not have a large dedicated customer service team. You might end up having your queries joining a backlog of unanswered queries.

  • No Mobile App: Sonnet may be accessible on a mobile phone but the company is not accessible through an app. Mobile apps make things much simpler and easier to use, without one, Sonnet loses out on a major selling point.

  • Competitors are more likely to give discounts: Thanks to Sonnet already giving you what it deems the lowest quotes, they do not offer much in the way of discounts. The discounts from its rivals like Intact, end up being more than what Sonnet has to offer.

  • Generally more expensive: Sonnet’s prices are said to be the lowest prices you can get. Further examination reveals this to be false. Rival insurance companies have proven to be cheaper than Sonnet when it comes to quotes and premium payments.

Sonnet Insurance Contact Details

If you want to get in touch with the Sonnet Insurance Folks for you have three options: 

1. For the car, home or any of the insurance claims please Sonnet Insurance at 1-844-766-6384

2. In case the phone lines are busy, you have the option to reach to Sonnet’s Customer Care team via chat Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time. 

3. For any other general questions or queries regarding any of Sonnet’s insurance policies or to get a quick quote, you can send them a note online and expect replies within one business day. 


Sonnet Insurance is truly exceptional when it comes to online delivery of Insurance services. It could be said that the company is at the top of the board in this regard. If online insurance is more your speed and you don’t mind the rates, then Sonnet is the right choice for you.

If you are more into face-to-face meetings, then you might want to look for another option. Sonnet is not exactly the best in terms of customer service and complaint resolution. You might want to look at other companies such as Economical and Intact as alternative options to your insurance requirements.  

Which Auto Or Home Insurance Do You Have? How’s the experience so far with them? 

Did you like this review of Sonnet Insurance? What are you looking for in an Auto or Home Insurance? Let me know in the comments below. 

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