Preet Banerjee’s Coronavirus Income Support Calculator For GST/ CCB/ CERB

First of all a huge shout out to Personal Finance Expert from Canada, Preet Banerjee for his amazing work time and again. He has come up with this unique Coronavirus Income Support ESTIMATOR for GST / CCB / CERB.

I am pretty sure that every personal finance enthusiast in Canada and States will agree that Preet is one of the finest personal finance writers and experts out there. He has been in this space for many years now and his expertise speaks volumes for itself.

The calculator or estimator that he has built now is so freakin easy to access and get the estimates on the go. It’ll hardly take a couple of minutes and sliders to get to know the exact amount you’ll be eligible for.

Click The Link Here to Access the calculator/estimator


CERB Calculator

All the fields in the estimator are self-explanatory, and it should be pretty easy for you to complete it and get to know the benefit amount.

When there’s so much confusion out there on who’s eligible and who’s not for the different benefits launched by the Canadian Government, this calculator is extremely useful to one and all and that’s something that people like Preet do all the time – Come up with useful tools like this which is so useful to one and all. (He has written a book as well do check it out on amazon and also he’s an extremely good talk host.

That’s all for this quick update. See you all in my next post. Thanks! Bye now.