PetGentle Canada Review – Does It Really Work?

Are you looking for PetGentle product reviews? Well, here it is. For dog owners, one of the overwhelming challenges often encountered is dog training. With different tips and tricks available on how to manage your dog’s behavior, nothing sometimes seems to work.  

Barking is one of the major issues in dog training. There’s nothing more frustrating than having your dog back needlessly; when the mailman arrives, when car sounds are heard on the street, or when they are trying to get your attention.

On the quest to work around this barking problem, you might have heard about PetGentle products, or maybe not. Anyways, you coming across this article means you definitely want to learn more about or get introduced to the world of PetGentle products.

I know you have a lot of questions concerning PetGentle. The cost, how it works, its specifications, is it harmless? Can it really do the trick? But don’t you worry, all of your questions will be answered in this article.  Or I’ll try to answer most of your questions at least. 

Here’s a quick note from PetGentle’s website: (about the product)

Your dog wants to be good, they just don’t always know-how. Unwanted behaviours can be frustrating and even embarrassing. The best way to stop bad behaviours is to train your dog.

You might say “easier said than done”,  but PetGentle handheld dog trainer makes it easy. It lets you give your dog instant feedback, right when the bad behaviour occurs. This gives you control of the situation so you can train, treat and repeat your way to a better relationship with your four-legged friend.

What Is PetGentle?

As a dog owner, you must have heard about dog whistles. Thinking about the dog whistles as an old-fashioned device wouldn’t be wrong of you. However, products like PetGentle prove you couldn’t be more mistaken.

Simply put, PetGentle is a flashlight and electronic dog whistle. It is a tool used in training dogs on when and when not to bark. This device works on the principle of a dog’s hatred for high-pitched sounds.   

The Infrared light from PetGentle offers an added advantage to your dog. If the sound of it doesn’t seem to have a strong effect, the flashlight can be put on simultaneously to offer more control.

With Petgentle, there won’t be a need for bark collars or any other control device. Petgentle is a gentler and yet equally effective way of training your dog on when and when not to bark.


How Does PetGentle Work?

Now, that you know what PetGentle is, and why you need it, let’s look at how it works. First of all, PetGentle is one of the most civil pet training devices around. This type of remote trainer does not physically harm your dog.

At the push of the bottom, PetGentle’s ultrasonic dog bark controller emits a sound of high frequency. A sound is not audible for most humans but with dogs, because of their remarkable hearing abilities, they can sense and hear the sound. 

This sound, however, due to its high frequency is quite terrible for some dogs. it is often the high pitch noise that makes dogs stop barking excessively or stop whatever demeanor you want to curb or reduce.

A whistle, assuming the sound isn’t painful to your dog, is no different from any other audible cue. A whistle can be effective if you condition it well because it always sounds the same and we can make words sound very different if we are anxious or angry. But you have to condition the dog to the sound and do a very good job of it. On its own, it won’t get your dog’s attention – though the first time it might startle him – and you still have to do the attention training.

There’s also a chance that the dog might be totally shocked by the sudden sound, creating a distraction. This is another excellent way to curb unnecessary barking and other unpleasant behavior.

So the moment your dog exhibits any unpleasant behavior, you press the button to create a distraction, taking the dog’s attention away. It is worth noting that PetGentle nor its products are a punishment device for your dog but rather a distraction to cause your dog to stop barking.


How Does The PetGentle Ultrasonic Bark Control Device Work? 

First of all, PetGentle’s ultrasonic bark control device is a revolutionary step in dog training. It is small, light, and very easy to carry. So when going on a walk with your dog, you can carry it alongside with you to avoid mini barks your dog makes on the walkway.  

The device can work on any dog breeds. Using ultrasonic barking control devices makes the job easier for you. These devices give the chance to speed up your dog’s learning process which in turn leads to irrational barking and other undesirable traits getting solved easily.

Also, the ultrasonic bark control device has proven to be a better alternative to the bark collars for dogs.

The training and discipline you desire for your dog can be achieved using PetGentle. Again, the training is achieved without causing any harm to your dog.

Does PetGentle Really Work?

Here comes the big question, does PetGentle really work? Is it an effective device in training dogs as advertised? Honestly, it is quite unrealistic to believe any training device will do all the work. This only breeds false expectations of the gadget which will ultimately lead to disappointment.

To get the best result from PetGentle or its product, it must be used in combination with a positive reward system. PetGentle only assures you to get your desired result faster. On its own, less can only be done.

Dog walking site Wag explains the reward system in more detail. The blog states that when your dog stops barking in response to PetGentle being activated, he or she should be provided with a treat.

PetGentle is great for training your dog in any place at any time.

Consistency is very important in behavioral modifications. The same procedure must be done repeatedly when your dog barks.

More importantly, the reward system should be repeated every time your dog responds to Petgentle being activated.

With time your dog tends to stop barking when the sound or flashlight is on.


PetGentle’s Product Specification

Below are PetGentle’s product specifications:

  • PetGentle is an ultrasonic plastic handheld device

  • It has a total length of 14.6cm

  • The product comes only in black color

  • The device produces sound frequency greater than 20Khz and pressure of 130dB (sound is above the human hearing)

  • PetGentle produces Infrared light that is 2800MCD in strength

  • The battery capacity of PetGentle is 130mA and power of 9V

How To Use PetGentle For Dog Training?

First, when your dog starts barking uncontrollably, you should stand at a distance from your pet, point the device towards it, and then slowly trigger the ultrasonic sound.

If that isn’t very effective, the infrared light should be turned on simultaneously with the sound.

If your pet continues to howl, continue the procedure for a number of times.

Try giving your dog some treats after he or she becomes silent; a reward for its conduct.

Steps to use PetGentle efficiently: 

1. As soon as your dog starts barking, calmly stand up and walk to the door. Never yell at your dog for barking, it will increase his energy level and make the problem worse.

2. Next, step in front of the dog, and position your body between him and the door.

3. Then, point Petgentle towards your dog and then press and hold the Ultrasonic button.

4. Take a step towards your dog, essentially using your body to push him back from the door.

5. For extra stubborn dogs you can activate the strobe light feature in addition to the ultrasonic sound.

6. Once the dog has backed away from the door, let go of the sound & light buttons. Allow him to calm down for a moment and then open the door.

7. Remember to reinforce your dog’s good behavior, as soon as they do what you want. Give him a small treat/verbal praise/pet them to let them know you’re happy with the good behavior. Keep your PetGentle close by so that when training opportunities come, you’ll be ready.

8. Last but not least, you can modify these steps as needed to work for your training situation. Train, Treat & Repeat!


Advantages Of Using PetGentle (Pros)

Here are some of the advantages or pros of using the PetGentle device:

  • PetGentle makes use of high-frequency sounds which can only be heard by dogs. So noise pollution won’t be a major concern. 

  • Second, PetGentle’s products can be used to train any kind of dog (I mean on any breed of dogs)

  • PetGentle not only helps with the barking problem of your dog but also stimulates both visual and hearing senses of your pet.

  • PetGentle is totally harmless to your pet. 

  • Talking about the price into consideration, PetGentle is relatively cheaper when compared to similar products in the market. When the product’s cost is compared to that incurred from vets and pet trainers, it’s completely worth it. 

Disadvantages Of Using PetGentle (Cons)

The only con of using the PetGentle device is that It’s easier to lose the product around due to its small size.

That’s the only one I can really think of, there are not many cons. 

What Makes PetGentle Better Than Other Brands?

With so many varieties of dog whistles, anti-bark controllers, and ultrasonic units in the market, the philosophy behind the production of PetGentle gives it an edge over all other controllers.

The company behind PetGentle understands the nature of pets and knows that using this device alone is not the perfect solution to barking problems. 

The device was created as an asset to the fasten behavioral correction of our pets.

PetGentle’s product configuration guarantees the well-being of your pet by not frightening it to its wits. It gently soothes your dog down without causing any harm or agitation.

PetGentle is the best shot you have for a gentle and yet effective way of correcting unnecessary barking of your dog.

The two dog barking controls of PetGentle (Infrared light and the noise) gives it an edge over other anti-bark devices which mostly have only one control available.

Another advantage you get with PetGentle is, Even though it is not stated explicitly, PetGentle can be used as a dog repellent. In a case where you encounter street dogs, PetGentle can be used to chase them off.


PetGentle Pricing and Return policy

PetGentle offers five different prices based on the number of devices you need.

  • One device costs $39.95

  • Two devices cost $69.95

  • Three devices cost $94.95

  • Four devices cost $114.95

  • Five devices cost $199.95

Depending on the number of devices purchased, the shipping fees are usually in the range of $2.95 to $6.95.

Another important thing to note here is that PetGentle offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. This implies that you can send your PetGentle products back within 90 days of purchase to get a full refund. However, you have to pay the shipping fees to send it back.

For the return policy, you can contact PetGentle’s email address at [email protected] or their customer service line at 833-501-3407.

PetGentle Product Review On Amazon

If you are looking to buy PetGentle on Amazon, then the reviews should certainly matter or influence your purchase. 

As with every product in the market, PetGentle’s products have received a number of customer feedback and reviews as well. Not everything here is positive. 

When I looked into the Amazon website, this is what I found: 

695 customer ratings with 43% 5 stars, 20% 1 star, 15%  4 stars, 13% 2 stars, and 9% 3 stars. You can check out the PetGentle reviews on Amazon here.

Final Words

In order to stop your dog from barking unnecessarily,  you must be ready to put in the work. Your dog’s training and solving the knows issues surrounding your dog is no child’s play.

So going all in is the only way to get your dog the proper training it needs to be corrected. Please note that the foundation of all pieces of training is positive reinforcement.

Training your dog shouldn’t be that overwhelming anyways. Get the PetGentle product to make the training fun and result-oriented. 

BTW, this post is not sponsored or does not contain any affiliate links (not even to Amazon). So clicking on any of the links will not generate any revenue for the blog or me. 

If you like the content of this article and find it helpful, please do me a favor and share this post on social media and help spread the word. Also, let me know your thoughts and comments in the comment box below. Thanks for reading. 

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