How Manufacturers Can Boost Their Cash Flow

Productivity, efficiency, and cost-savings are often the most significant concerns for manufacturers. Although cash flow may not be on top of your checklist, bottlenecks in it can be a daunting concern.

Typically, such bottlenecks happen due to delays in the cash conversion cycle. They can disrupt operations if you fail to address them sooner than later. When cash stops coming, you may not have enough to buy raw materials, pay salaries, and clear utility bills. These factors can lower production, which affects sales, revenues, and profits.

It is crucial to keep your cash flow on track to ensure smooth and seamless operations. Let us explain how manufacturers can achieve it.

Review Payment Terms

Examining your payment terms is the best place to start because the primary source of cash is right here. Get a list of your clients and check whether restructuring the payment schedule is feasible.

For example, you can ask new clients to pay a larger part upfront. Clients with long-term relationships can pay in installments because you already trust them. You can even offer discounts on early payments to entice clients to release the funds earlier.


Eliminate Inefficiencies

Consider reviewing your cash flow process regularly because it enables you to identify the areas causing any waste of resources. Likewise, you can pinpoint ones tying up working capital unnecessarily. For example, you can look for fluffs in the production process that you can manage without.

Additionally, analyze the expenses you incur from start to end. Eliminate anything that does not directly contribute to better production or revenue generation because these factors indicate inefficiencies.

Make Money Out of Waste

Besides eliminating redundant expenses and processes, you can find creative ways to earn from waste. Start by making money from used machinery by selling it on a reputable online marketplace.

You will probably get good deals and sell easily because many startups are keen to buy equipment on a budget. Selling scraps and waste materials is also a good option because these may be raw materials for another industry.

Look For Better Terms With Suppliers

Another way to uplift your cash flow is by looking for better terms with your suppliers. A cordial supplier relationship can help you negotiate better terms on raw materials.

You can get a longer credit period, which can provide considerable leeway in the business cycle. You can also seek discounts on early payments or request suppliers to lower minimum order volumes.

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Be Proactive with Invoicing

Manufacturers tend to pay more attention to machinery and labor, but going slack with invoicing is equally crucial to ensure efficiency in cash flow management.

Be proactive with invoicing and take active charge of repayments. You can do it by setting up reminders for repayment dates so that you can approach debtors on time. Following up with late payments is crucial.

Also, go the extra mile with credit checks for new customers. It is better to steer clear of those with a poor credit history because there is always a risk of late payment.

Streamlining your cash flow as a manufacturer is crucial because the smallest bottlenecks can pose a risk to your business operations. Following these measures can help you keep it on track.

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