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Chatr Mobile is a Canadian mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) owned by the parent Rogers Communications targeting entry-level cell phone customers. By MVNO, what I mean to say is, Chatr Mobile does not own any of the cell phone towers/or the network overall and directly pulls the data and network from Rogers. In simple words, if Rogers works in your area, then Chatr works as well. 

Rogers is one of the biggest telecom companies in Canada. (One amongst the top 3 along with Bell and Telus). So, getting the Rogers network should never be a problem across the coast to coast. 

Fun fact: A normal person checks his or her mobile phone about 150 times a day on average. In addition, 80% of Internet users own a smartphone now. In fact, some people own more than one phone to communicate.

This shows that mobile phones are getting more important in our daily lives, and getting a good plan that’ll keep us connected to our loved ones and the world at large, irrespective of wherever we are is equally as important.

Is Chatr Mobile Any Good?

Chatr Mobile, initially known as Chatr Wireless is a Canadian virtual network operator (MVNO) owned and operated by Rogers communications Canada; a communications and media company with its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.

Founded in 2010, Chatr has been proven to give other carriers the run for their money by donning out cheap and affordable plans with a good network range for Canadians.

No credit checks. No term contracts. No commitment. – Chatr Mobile

Chatr Mobile currently has over 2,300 stores nationwide. 

Chatr Mobile

Chatr Mobile Network And Coverage

Since it’s inception Chatr offers mobile plans based on the zone concept. However, the idea was scrapped in 2018 and was replaced with regular plans that are not confined by zones along with brand new nationwide plans.

Chatr Mobile has a 3G download speed of 2.2Mb/sec and 0.7Mb/sec upload speed. If you plan to bring your own device, it must work on either 850 MHz or 1900 MHz HDSPA frequencies.

Getting a good network reception nationwide is assured since Chatr basically operates on the Rogers network even though it doesn’t support data transfer on Rogers’ 4G network.

Dialling the code *#555# lets you know if you are in the Chatr zone or not. Furthermore, you can always see network coverage and stores near you by entering a location or postal code here.

Chatr Mobile Coverage

Chatr Mobile Popular Plans And Fees

Chatr Mobile offers inexpensive monthly plans and is one of the cheapest among Canadian cell phone carriers.

All chatr mobile plans include: call display, call forwarding and group calling.

Below is the list of the Chatr monthly mobile plans: 

Chatr Mobile Plan Price: $15 per month

Chatr Mobile Plan Price: $25 per month

  • Unlimited Canada Wide

  • Unlimited International Text

  • 500 MB autoplay bonus

  • Voicemail included

Chatr Mobile Plan Price: $25 per month

  • Unlimited Incoming Canada Wide

  • Unlimited Text

  • 500 MB data

  • 500 MB autoplay bonus

  • $0.4/min voicemail retrieval

Chatr also offers popular unlimited plans that provide coverage for data, text, and calls.

Chatr Mobile Plan Price: $50 per month

  • 8 GB Mobile Data

  • Unlimited Canada & U.S. Calling minutes

  • Unlimited International Messages

  • 500 MB autopay bonus

Chatr Mobile Plan Price: $40 per month

  • 4 GB Mobile Data

  • Unlimited Canada Wide Calling Minutes

  • Unlimited International Messages

  • 500 MB Autopay Bonus

Chatr Mobile Plan Price: $35 per month

  • 1 GB

  • Unlimited Canada Wide

  • Unlimited International Text

  • 500 MB Autopay Bonus

Chatr Data Limit: Once your monthly data allotment has been reached, you can continue to use your data. However, Chatr will throttle down your bandwidth to as low as 64 kilobits per second compared to 3G which is 3 Megabits per second so you’ll want to try to stay within your allotment.

Chatr Mobile Plans

What Is The Chatr Mobile DAY PASS?

Chatr Mobile DAY PASS plan is a flexible daily-payment option that can be activated if you are unable to make your full monthly top-up on your anniversary date.

Chatr Day Pass

You’ll have continued access to talk, text, and browse the Internet for a small daily fee until you are ready to make your full monthly top-up.

Chatr Mobile DAY PASS features:

  • If you have a talk and text plan, you will be charged $2 per day for Unlimited Canada-wide Talk and International Text.

  • If you have a talk, text, and data plan. You will be charged $3 daily for access to Unlimited Canada-wide Talk and International Text with 250MB of data.

To enroll in the DAY PASS is easy.

You’ll get a text from Chatr the day before your anniversary date telling you to reply with ENROLL to subscribe to the plan, and can also text BEGIN to 4962 to get started.

As much as DAY PASS sounds interesting, the plan also has its shortcomings like lack of access to;

  • US and International roaming

  • US and International calling

  • Data Plus

  • Auto-pay bonus

What Is Chatr Data Plus?

Chatr Data Plus is a pretty effective one-time data top-up plan that allows you to stay connected after exhausting your allotted data before it expires.

At a very affordable price, Data Plus can keep you up-to-speed when you need extra data to get you through to your Anniversary Date without changing your plan.

Once you reach 90% of your data allowance, Chatr Data Plus options become available and can be purchased 5 times before the next Anniversary date.

Chatr Mobile Data Plus

What Is the Chatr FAIRCALL Collect Call Service?

Chatr’s FAIRCALL collect call service is a prepaid plan that allows you to put calls through from Canada to North America be it mobile numbers or landlines.

The receiver of the phone call will be charged for all costs incurred and must have accepted to do so. You can get started by dialling *525# from your Chatr device.

When prompted, select preferred language, then input the receiver’s mobile or landline digit, and state your name for the record. Your recorded name will be heard by the person receiving the call.

The call will only be connected if the receiver agrees to incur all charges. If not, you will be informed and the call will be disconnected from service.

The charges for landlines and mobile phones are;

  • $4.99 connection fee and $1.59 for every additional minute from a landline.

  • $10.00 for every ten minutes spent on a mobile phone.

What Is The Chatr Mobile Anniversary Date?

The anniversary date is regarded as the period when your phone service on the chart mobile is activated. Once your account is activated, the scheduled monthly fee gets debited from your Chatr account. 

In the case where auto-pay is activated, the scheduled monthly fee will be charged automatically to your card. However, if you will be managing your account personally, make sure there are enough funds in your account so that payments can be smooth.

Any activation after the 28th of any month will see the activation date reassigned to the 28th of subsequent months.

Chatr Mobile Roaming Fees

Roaming with Chatr Mobile has to be done very carefully because the rates can be extremely high. Chatr charges on pay peruse and also according to the plan you have. They however do not extend Rogers’ Roam Like Home feature to customers.

You can check the full roam rates on the Chatr website here. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of France roam rates if you were travelling to Paris for instance:

  • $2.50 per minute for incoming calls, outgoing calls to Canada, outgoing calls within France, and outgoing international calls.

  • 40¢ for every outgoing message sent. Incoming messages are free.

  • $30.00/MB in data usage

  • 50¢/message + $30.00/MB for outgoing multimedia messages.

Chatr’s International Talk Server Rates

Making International Calls with the Chatr Mobile can be reasonable for people who frequently make calls to destinations all over the world every month.

Chatr offers a $45 monthly limitless plan for customers calling the US regularly. The full rates to your destination of choice can be checked on the Chatr website.

International talk rates of some countries:

  • China – $0.02/min

  • Greece – $0.01/min to landline & $0.03/min to mobile

  • India – $0.03/min

  • Philippines – $0.13/min to landline & $0.17/min to mobile

Chatr Mobile

Chatr Mobile Phones

Chatr Mobile offers a range of basic flip phones and entry-level smartphones that are budget-friendly in addition to having the option of bringing your own device.

Major brands such as Nokia, LG, ZTE, Motorola, and Alcatel are made available by Chatr. However, customers bringing their own phones must fulfill Chatr requirements.

All you simply need is to purchase a Chatr mobile SIM card for $10 from any Chatr retail store or on their website. And your plan can be activated on the Chatr website.

In order to use Chatr data on your own phone, your APN settings have to be updated.

Some available phones and their prices:

  • Nokia 2.1 – $129

  • moto e⁶ – $150

  • ZTE Z557 – $89

  • Alcatel Go Flip – $70

Even if you’re not satisfied with any of the phones you purchase from Chatr you can decide to return it and receive a full refund.

All you need to do is go back to the retail location where you purchased the phone within 15 days from the date of purchase.

Proof of purchase or original receipt must be presented upon return.

Chatr Mobile Pros

  • Using any of Chatr Mobile plans doesn’t require entering any contractual agreement.

  • No credit check is necessary to get any of the Chatr services.

  • Limitless messaging available for most plans

  • Canada-wide calling is available for most plans

  • Good network coverage for the most part of Canada due to Rogers’ already established network covering over 90% of the Canadian population.

  • You can continue to use data even after exhausting your monthly plan limit without worrying about additional cost, providing you don’t leave your selected zone.

  • Mobile app availability. And can be downloaded on Android and Apple devices via Google play store and iTunes store respectively.

Chatr Mobile Cons

  • Chatr Mobile Internet services have a limit of 3G which isn’t great for streaming or anything that requires intensive download or upload speed.

  • Offers to finance buying of devices are not made available by Chatr.

  • Identifying zones for certain plans when trying to get coverage outside of the zones can be confusing.

  • Roaming is very expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chatr Mobile

Is Chatr Mobile reliable?

Yes. Chatr is pretty reliable and there are no contracts or fees needed to get started.

Does Chatr have retail stores?

Yes, there’s the availability of retail stores all over Canada. You can even find the ones closest to you on the company’s website by entering your location.

Does my unlimited text and call cover everywhere?

No. Your unlimited text and call only cover the zone your plan supports. However, the moment you leave that zone, per minute and per-message rates will apply.

Is buying a mobile phone from Chatr necessary?

No. You can bring your own device, buying from Chatr is not a requirement for using their service.

What happens when I leave a zone?

Chatr has a wide range of coverage so there are no roaming handoffs or dropped calls when you travel outside of a zone.

How do I cancel my DAY PASS?

Your DAY PASS automatically gets cancelled once you make a full monthly top-up payment. It can also be done by Texting BREAK to 4962

Can my autopay bonus be carried from one month to the other?

No. Autopay bonuses are only available for a month.

How do I manage my Chatr account?

Things like checking your balance and managing your accounts can be done via the Chatr Mobile App or signing into your Chatr online account.

You can also dial *225# then press the CALL/SEND button from your Chatr mobile phone for an on-screen notification

Managing your account via the Chatr Website or Mobile app is absolutely free.  However, putting a call through to customer care attracts some charges.

Does Chatr Mobile charge any hidden fees?

No. There are no hidden charges with Chatr mobile.

Is message relay service available?

Customers with hearing or speech disabilities can make and take calls without worry. The message relay service can be accessed by dial #711 from your Chatr mobile phone.

How does deactivation works?

Failure to pay the monthly fees for three successive months will see your chatr account deactivated with all remaining balance forfeited.


Owned by Rogers, Chatr Mobile offers low-cost plans which are among some of the cheapest in Canada even though they come with limitations to calling areas.

Should you also need a phone, the company offers a range of reasonably priced devices.

Even though Chatr doesn’t seem to provide anything exceptional from what’s already in the market plus the downside of having to manage 3G data speed.

They have decent international calling rates, no contracts or credit check, and 500 MB autopay bonus which is good overall.

You want to talk, text, and use data for less. That’s what Chatr Mobile plans are all about.

Thanks for reading. Please let me know your thoughts and comments below. 

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