Buy The Apple Stock Right Now – Here’s Why

There’s a reason why Apple (AAPL) is largest stock in the stock market and the richest company in the world right now. Apple is indeed one of the best stocks to buy right now. 

Here’s my top stakes of this giant product and Service Company –

  1. As you all might know by now, Apple has more than $260+ billion in cash reserves and it pays a dividend of just over 1.5%. Apple has reserved a set amount towards stock buy-backs which should only increase the stock price.

  2. Apple’s most reliable and the iconic iPhone sales will never fade, sales of the iPhone can increase or decrease but the product is here to stay with the rich Apple’s ecosystem and product integration. Apple fans are loyal and love the experience, UI/UX richness.

  3. Apple’s services revenue is up YOY and this trend should only continue as more and more people continue to buy and use Apple’s products – iPhone, iPad, Mac etc. Apple’s services revenue is already in the value of fortune 100 companies and will soon overshadow the iPhone’s income (which is the highest right now). Services revenue comes next.

  4. Apple music, Apple TV and Apple watch – Sales numbers is comparatively less when compared to the iPhone and services revenue but should be up going forward. Expect original content shows in Apple music and watch updates this year.

  5. Apple’s venturing into the AR, new OLED iPhone, new watch expected in WWDC should only get things better.

best stocks to buy right now

Quick stats and important metrics from Apple’s Q2 2017

  • iPhone – 24,846 units sold in the last quarter 3% increase

  • iPad – 4,969 units sold in the last quarter 2% increase

  • Mac – 5,592 units sold in the last quarter 7% increase

  • Services – 7,266 million in revenue last quarter 22% increase

  • Rest of Asia Pacific and Japan product sales up 15% increase and 3% increase except decrease in China

Apple is providing the following guidance for its fiscal 2017 third quarter:

1. revenue between $43.5 billion and $45.5 billion
2. gross margin between 37.5 percent and 38.5 percent
3. operating expenses between $6.6 billion and $6.7 billion
4. other income/(expense) of $450 million
5. tax rate of 25.5 percent

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Concluding Apple’s stock is very sound, extremely stable and one of the best investments out there. Keep buying the stock in dips and your investment should only grow. AAPL stock is a must buy and hold forever in any portfolio! Apple is definitely one of the best stocks to buy right now, the statement hold good today, tomorrow and a year later.

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