7 Services You Should Outsource As A Startup

As an entrepreneur, you are a natural go-getter. When you sink your teeth into something, you won’t let go until the job is done. However, this mentality of independence causes you to focus on tedious and time-consuming tasks, leaving you with little or no time to focus on the growth of your enterprise.

Outsourcing helps you lighten the load on your shoulders and helps you get more tasks done in a short period. You are also better off entrusting your business operations to people who are good at what they do. Here is a list of some essential services you should outsource as a startup.

Financial Management

If you are not an expert at accounting or bookkeeping, you might have difficulty ensuring your business is compliant. Since it will take a long time to perfect your skills, you are better off outsourcing financial management tasks to an expert.

While you tend to other core functions, the financial experts will work balancing your books, managing your payroll, handling invoices, and interpreting crucial financial data.

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Closing a deal is easier said than done. You will have to spend long hours on the phone with customers, trying to convince them to buy your product. We understand that not everyone is a natural at sales, even though the sales department is crucial to any business.

Therefore, you are better off seeking the help of sales firms with many years of experience. These professionals will bring more clients to your business, and you won’t have to worry about making a sales call.

Shipping and Logistics

Inventory management is pretty tedious as you would need to stay on top of your stock, forecast demand, and determine when you need to contact your suppliers. You could bypass this step by hiring a drop shipping service and instructing them to deliver the products directly to your clients.

The manufacturing facility could also handle shipping and logistics, leaving you to focus on core tasks. Outsourcing logistics eliminates the need to hold on to inventory and saves money you would have spent hiring a warehouse.

Information Technology

In this modern era, very few businesses can do without technology. As a result, the IT outsourcing industry is growing at an alarming rate.

This rapid growth means you are spoilt for choice, should you opt to outsource IT services. We suggest you outsource to a managed service provider who can help you manage your mobile and wireless devices, guarantee cybersecurity, offer VOIP communication services, and assist with onboarding and offboarding your employees.

If you are unsure what a managed service provider is at its core, you could look up the MSP definition for more clarification.

Administrative Tasks

Mundane tasks such as responding to emails and checking your social media posts could take a long time to complete. Instead of spending all your time on administrative tasks, you could hire a virtual assistant for as little as $10 per hour.

Outsourcing administrative tasks are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to reduce your workload and get more work done within a short timeframe. However, if you need a virtual assistant with a specific specialty, you will need to pay more.


Your in-house team might lack the expertise and experience to put your business out there. You might also be implementing outdated marketing strategies that are not doing your business justice.

We suggest you outsource marketing tasks to a reputable marketing firm that will do the heavy lifting for you by handling content creation, posting on social media, and ad design. These professionals will brainstorm and present you with creative ideas and formulate effective strategies to reel in new customers.

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Customer Service

Without your customers, your business couldn’t manage to stay afloat. Therefore, it would be wise to give them a memorable customer experience if you want to retain your clients. Your employees could get overwhelmed when they constantly need to deal with clients over the phone or online.

Outsourcing customer service to an external chat service could ease the burden on your employees, allowing them to focus on in-house tasks. However, when dealing with call centers, ensure you issue clear instructions on how they respond to clients, as any hiccup will cause you to lose customers.

In Conclusion

Other known benefits of outsourcing include cost reduction, improved efficiency, reduced errors, and the propelled growth of your startup. We hope this article has helped you consider outsourcing the above-mentioned areas so you can focus on more critical tasks.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know your thoughts and comments below. 

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