In this article, I’ll review the SPG Amex Credit Card and help you deicide if its right for you.

If you are one of those just researching on the topic, well I’ll help you decide if its up for grabs in the near future at-least. 

Now let’s get started. 

SPG Amex Credit Card – Brief Introduction 

SPG Amex credit card is relaunched by the American Express to Canadian customers earlier in 2018.

This new card has various benefits and options for the customers, merging of Marriot loyalty program. In this review, we briefly discuss the features and specifications of the credit card.

Why SPG Amex Credit Card? 

First of all, you can easily transfer the points of your SPG Amex credit card to many different airlines and rewards are awarded too.

This feature makes this card an awesome travel hacking tool. Remaining points are easily transferable to flights internationally.

SPG Amex has opened many travel hacking advantages for users; it’s easy to travel the world on concession rates. This new Starwood Guest Amex card can give you fables flexibilities and huge reward globally.

BTW – Starwood network is the largest network that includes hotels and many more sub-brands like Delta and Ritz etc. It has more than 7000+ properties.

If you are looking for a new credit card or a possible switch, SPG Amex Canada is one of the best cards for your travel need.

The annual fee is $130, and for this price, you can enjoy a huge list of benefits from this card.

New changes and features are very beneficiary and makes it a unique travel card; it’s a good addition to your wallet.

SPG Amex: Key Features Of This Card

Here’s the complete list of SPG Amex Key Features:

  • Welcome Bonus Offers

  • Refer A Friend

  • Automatic Upgrade Membership

  • Anniversary Night Award

  • Free of Cost Supplementary Card

  • Automatic Status

  • Bonuses

  • Transferable to different Airlines and Rewards

  • Welcome Bonuses

  • Earn Points On Spending

  • Free Hotel Nights on Card Anniversary

spg amex

SPG Amex Add-On Benefits

The credit card also has comes loaded with some fantastic additional benefits available for you such as:

  • World Class Service

  • Shopping Coverages

  • Access To Entertainment

  • Travel insurance up to $49999

  • Purchase Protection for 3 Months

  • Insurance on Rental Cars

  • Scamming protection

  • Rental Car Coverage

  • Flights Delay Protection

  • Extendable Warranty

Welcome Bonus Of Up-to $49999

After spending 1500 USD in the first 90 days, you’ll get a reward.

You can get a stay of up to 5 nights at Marriot hotel with 50000 points. If you want to get 1-night free stay you have to spend 12500 points. 

Transferable Points – Pretty Good

Points are easily transferable and flexible you have to no worry about useless points.  You can use them in many ways and get rewards too. Starwood Amex gives you the best experience in transferring the points to other services.

Free flights free stays at Airbnb with your family, etc. Only Canadians can avail that offer APG Amex cares more for their Canadian Customers.

You can easily transfer SPG points over the 40 different types of airlines according to reward programs. After you transfer 60000 pints, they give you a bonus of 15000 points free. It’s a free 25% bonus that spikes the reward values.

American Express and Starwood both are great service providers and very supportive according to the experience of users. This flexibility of transferring points is a great source of positive reviews from customers.

SPG Amex Extra Perks 

There are many additional perks are available for users that make it a loved card. Its extra perks make it a fantastic and unique card. Customers always look for extra perks and this card is giving them great extra perks.

  • Annually Free Nights: SPG Amex gives you free nights stays on SPG properties each year on the anniversary of your card.

  • Starwood Elite Status: You will get Silver status immediately. This can give you huge benefits like member rates, free Wi-Fi and internet, etc. Plus you’ll get a 10% discount on spent of your money at Marriot or Starwood properties.

Potential Cons – Very Few 

It’s a great card, but some features have potential drawback from some other cards that are available in the market. You have to pay a $120 annual fee, and the exchange rate is 2.5%. Overall it’s not a bad card. This card has many benefits and not big cons.

If you are traveling to the United States, this is a great card. No foreign exchange rates etc.

Customers Satisfaction – Very Positive

Customers are delighted to have this card and travel with this and get great features and flexible benefits from this card. Many customers recommended this card to other Canadians because they are experienced the great and flexible benefits from this card. 

Customer services are great as they can reply to you within seconds and solves your problems. Ratings of SPG Amex are so good and no negative reviews. This flexible card is a need for any Canadian. Customers are satisfied with the features of SPG Amex Canada.

SPG Amex US vs. Canada

Both cards have different benefits. Let’s compare both.

SPG Amex – US 

Annual fee: Free first year, then USD 96.

Welcome Bonuses: You’ll get 75000 points after spending $3000 in the first 90days.

Earning Rates: You’ll get 6: 1USD on Marriott’s and SPG and 2: 1USD at other purchases.

Superior Perks: Foreign transactions are free. You’ll get premium WI-FI and internet access at Marriott and SPG. Anniversary gives you free nights awards at Marriot and SPG. You’ll get automatically silver status after the desired requirements. If you spend 35K a year, they will give you gold Elite status automatically.

You can transfer your remaining points up to 40 airlines easily and flexible. Superior perks of this card are huge and have value for the customer’s money. So if you want to enjoy the superior perks, you have to purchase an SPG Amex card so that can you enjoy this card.

SPG Amex – Canada

Annual fee: Annual fee of this card IS $120.

Welcome Bonuses: if you spend $1500 in the first 30 days you’ll get 50000 points free.

I am earning Rates: 5: 1USD at Marriott and SPG and 2: 1USD at other purchases.

Unusual Perks: This card soon gives you S15 Elite Nights Credit. On the anniversary of your card, you can enjoy free night’s stays award. After requirements reach your card will automatically convert to a Silver Status. After you spend 30k in the year, your card gets the Gold Elite status automatically. Plus you can easily transfer your points to 40 Airlines flexibly. These unusual perks are great to have all in 1 card.

First Year Free

These cards have free first-year fee annually, no charges or foreign exchange welcome bonuses are huge. SPG Amex still the better card overall. This card is improving day by day and offering their customers many benefits and new features. SPG Amex Canada is sufficient and fine card than others. Just buy and enjoy this great card.

Traveler’s Card 

SPG Amex Canada is a great card for travelers. You can experience luxury and inspired destinations in nearly 125 countries. You can enjoy its benefits worldwide without having any payments worries and great rewards also waiting for you. SPD Amex gives you a great experience of distinct brands like S.t Regis, JW Marriott, Sheraton Hotel and more.

You can easily access entertainment and can enjoy shopping coverage. Its world-class services can amaze you, and you’ll be pleased to have this. It will give you many insurances coverage as well as rental car insurance etc. Canadian residents can easily get this card, and they are eligible for this card. Just fill a simple form, and you’ll be in a fantasy world of SPG Amex Canada card.


In the end, SPG Amex Canada is a great card for the buck. The bonus you get that is called welcome bonus is high that makes it so unique and high-value card. On the review of this card, I can say I am now a big fan of SPG Amex Canada.

This card has a value of money. If you are located in Canada and looking for a card, then you must take a look to SPG Amex Canada and can improve your travel benefits and no worries. It gives extra benefits and features. SPG Amex Canada features and flexibility is unbeatable. The conclusion is that this is the best card in this price range and offers huge perks to their users.

Users can easily use points on Marriott and Starwood Properties and also can transfer their points to many Airlines. The points transfer flexibility makes it a unique and flexible card among others. You can track the most outstanding options by its point transferability.

Please let me know your thoughts and comments below. 

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