WestJet Rewards Review – Everything You Need To Know

Looking for a WestJet Rewards program review. I’ve got you covered. WestJet is currently the second-largest Canadian air carrier, behind Air Canada. It began as a low-cost alternative to the country’s competing major airlines. What people are quickly realizing is that Canada’s second largest airline.

WestJet has one of the best rewards programs of any airline.

In this WestJet Rewards review, I’ll break down everything you need to know about the program and it right for you and maximizing your benefits from the program. 

WestJet Rewards program is a cash-back program. Let’s get that straight. Cash back programs is something I always love, you don’t end up with stupid points and converting them while redeeming to cash value. 

westjet rewards

You have to note this point though as a WestJet members you’ll get rewarded in WestJet dollars which can be then spent on various WestJet services with no blackout dates.

Meaning, there will be no seat restrictions, and no advance bookings required.

Redemptions start at just $15 WestJet dollars. Isn’ that great! 

How to earn WestJet dollars – WestJet Rewards Review 

As a WestJet traveller you spend money on the WestJet flights, WestJet vacation packages, or cars and hotels booked on westjet.com.

The amount you spend will earn between .5% – 5% cash-back in WestJet dollars depending on the tier. This may sound complicated, but it’s pretty straightforward since everything is tied to tiers.

Tiers are structured around how much you spend in a 12-month qualifying period. The more you spend, the higher your tier status becomes. The higher your status is, the better your rewards are.

  • Teal status earns you 1% in WestJet dollars up to $2,999 in spend

  • Silver status earns you 3% in WestJet dollars from $3,000 – $4,999 in spend

  • Gold status earns you 5% in WestJet dollars from $5,000 – $7,999 in spend

  • Platinum status earns you 8% in WestJet dollars and kicks in one you spend $8,000

One of the major improvements to the WestJet Rewards program is that you now maintain your status for the following year.

You do need to maintain the qualifying flight spend in each successive year, but you no longer reset to teal like before.

Recently in the month of December 2018, Platinum tier status was added to the WestJet rewards program.

One other thing to note here is that the spend threshold to reach Gold was reduced; which is good for people who spend a lot on WestJet flights.

WestJet Rewards Tier Information and Flight Benefits screenshots below –

More Information can be found here – https://www.westjet.com/en-ca/rewards/tiers/index

westjet rewards

Add-On benefits with WestJet Rewards

With the expansion of WestJet Rewards reciprocal frequent flyer agreements, you can now book flights from Air France, Delta Airways, KLM and Qantas Airlines and earn reward dollars as cash-back. 

Each of the above mentioned Airlines have different levels of reward cash-back. So please check the above link to learn more and the one which is best for your travel and preference of stay. 


westjet rewards


Click here to check the current offers and promotions for WestJet rewards program. 

Don’t worry if you’re short on WestJet dollars, you can purchase as few as 25 and up to a maximum of 3,000.

The cost to purchasing WestJet dollars starts at $29 for 25 but prices decrease if you need more.

You can expect to see more airline partners joining the rewards programs this year. 

It’s also quite natural that the Silver and Gold tier members get the first right to any seat upgrades.

Silver tier Benefits

  • Two checked bags free

  • 4 airport lounge vouchers

  • 4 advance seat selection vouchers

  • Priority check-in and bag drop

  • Zone 2 boarding

  • Canada-wide companion voucher (when $4,000 spend is reached)

Gold tier Benefits

  • Two checked bags free

  • Unlimited airport lounge vouchers, plus immediate family, 2 guests vouchers

  • 6 advance seat selection vouchers

  • Priority check-in and bag drop at select airports

  • Priority security screening at select airports

  • Early access to purchase upgrades to premium seating

  • Priority/Zone 1 boarding

  • Higher priority for complimentary upgrades to premium seats with the purchase of EconoFlex fares

  • No fee for same-day flight changes at check-in

Platinum tier Benefits

  • Three free checked bags

  • Unlimited advanced seat selection

  • Unlimited airport lounge vouchers, plus immediate family, 2 guests vouchers

  • Priority/Zone 1 boarding

  • Priority check-in and bag drop at select airports

  • Priority security screening at select airports

  • A dedicated support number

  • Highest priority for complimentary upgrades to premium seats with the purchase of EconoFlex fares

  • No fee for same-day flight changes at check-in

Earn even more WestJet Reward cash-back with the RBC World Elite MasterCard

You can increase your reward cash-back by up-to 2% by applying for the WestJet RBC World Elite MasterCard.

Cardholders earn up to 1.5% on everyday purchases and up to 2% on WestJet flight and vacation purchases.

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That means you could earn up to 8% in cash-back in WestJet dollars as a Gold tier member.

The additional benefits and features of the WestJet RBC World Elite MasterCard are as follows

  • $250 WestJet reward dollars as welcome bonus

  • Get an annual round-trip companion voucher 

  • First checked bag free for the primary cardholder and up to 8 additional guests

  • Premium travel insurance package

  • Save 3 cents/L on fuel and always earn 20% more Petro-Points at Petro-Canada stations when you link your WestJet RBC World Elite MasterCard 

  • Membership access to over 800 airport lounges worldwide with Mastercard Airport Experiences by LoungeKey (fees apply for lounge access)

  • Annual fee of $119 as of 2019

The WestJet MasterCard World Elite does come with an annual fee of $119. But in the first year alone you’re getting the $250 WestJet dollar welcome bonus, which more than covers your annual fee, plus you’re getting the companion voucher which can easily be worth over $300, that’s a lot of savings

westjet rewards


It should be quite obvious that my WestJet Rewards review is very positive.

While most airlines use a points based system that can be difficult to convert to actual cash value, WestJet Rewards has a simple cash-back system. Also no blackout dates/no worries of short/long haul flight deals to get better conversion rate on points. 

If you are a frequent flyer or with WestJet; you should definitely give this program a try since you only need a minimum of $15 WestJet dollars to make a redemption.

You’ll get a $250 WestJet dollar welcome bonus, an annual companion ticket worth hundreds of dollars every year, excellent rewards earnings and flexibility, free checked bags, this card is perfect for those looking to fly free and soon – especially families and couples.

Please let us know your thoughts and comments below. 

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