How To Use a My Service Canada Account – Complete Guide

My Service Canada Account (MSCA) is available from Service Canada, the federal department charged with delivering a wide variety of government services.

My Service Canada Account provides secure online access to view and update your personal information for the following services – 

  • Employment Insurance (EI)

  • The Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

  • Old Age Security (OAS)

How to get an Access Code 

Access code is required for login and viewing your account details. Without an access code you might not be able to login to your My Service Canada Account. 

Before you actually register for a My Service Canada Account, you need an access code; you will have to request for an EI access code if applying for EI benefits or a Personal Access Code. 

Usually it takes a couple of days to receive this by postal mail depending on where you live it might take even longer to get one.
service canada
In-case you lost or did not receive the mail after quite sometime my personal suggestion is please walk into a Service Canada centre near your place and get it sorted out. Its quick and easy there. Not long queues especially on weekdays.
Calling the customer care can be of a real long wait, instead just walk-in to Service Canada and get it done!
Personal Access Code (PAC) is usually a seven digit access code, again comes through mail and there’s no real alternative here too!  Before you apply for one please read the information on the Request a Personal Access Code page and make sure you follow the exact steps.
If you still want to, print the Privacy Notice Statement for your records which is always helpful to refer back in case.
You will have to provide the following information for generating the Personal Access code and submit your documents :
  • Social Insurance Number

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Date of birth

  • Mother’s maiden name

  • Postal code and address information

Once you get the access code, you can then go ahead and register for a My Service Canada Account online. Thats pretty straight forward, ins’t it 🙂 

Registration and Logging In Info

At the My Service Canada Account (MSCA) website, you can either choose to login with a GCKey using a Government of Canada ID and password or the other option is using credentials you may already have with a Sign In Partner (which I almost end up using all the time to login), such as those you use for online banking credentials.

Signing in through the partner credentials is pretty secure, no personal information is shared between the two institutions, its just to make sure you are the person trying to use and access the government service.

Service Canada will not even know which sign on partner you are using for logging in. For first time users, please follow the registration instructions to complete the sign up process before you can login in.

GCKey Registration process 

First of all, you have to read and accept the terms and conditions on the initial page.
You should be prepared to complete the 3 step process and mentioned below :
  • Create a User ID

  • Create recovery questions, answers, and hints

  • Create and confirm a password

Partner Registration

  • Agree to the terms and conditions

  • Choose a Sign-In Partner with many options around

Employment Insurance (EI) – Usage, Review and Features on My Service Canada Account 

Once you successfully login to your account homepage, you can use the My Service Canada Account tool to view your electronic Records of Employment (ROEs) and information on your previous or current EI claims, which includes your

  • Weekly benefit rate

  • The start and end date of your claim

  • The start and end of your waiting period

  • Your weekly allowable earnings

  • The number of weeks you will be entitled to receive EI benefits

  • The number of weeks of EI benefits you have already received

  • Payment dates

  • Payment deductions if any 

EI Claim and Internet Reporting – Step-by-step process to view your Existing EI Claim and Completing your Internet Reporting online 

So here’ the thing, to get your EI payments on-time every two weeks, you gotta fill the MSCA EI Internet Reports on-time. 

In this section, let’s take a look at the step-by-step process on how to do this, so that your EI payments don’t get delayed. 

1. Login to your MSCA Account –

My Service Canada

2. Once you successfully login, you will see the My Service Canada Welcome screen 

My Service Canada

3. Click on View my EI status and correspondence in the Welcome screen.

Here you can check your Payment Information, Records of Employment, Status and Correspondence and so on

My Service Canada

4. EI – My Payments Section – Here you can check your current EI payments 

My Service Canada

5. In-order to get your EI Payments on-time once every 2 weeks, you have to answer the basic questions (7 or so with yes/no answers). First click on the Complete my EI report online link 

My Service Canada

6. You will getting a pop-up message like below. Click on yes 

My Service Canada

7. You will taken to this page – which is where you will have to complete your online Internet Report every 2 weeks ideally on Friday of the second week 

8. In the Internet Reporting page, the process is pretty straight forward, you just answer basic simple questions to be eligible for payments with yes/no. 

9. Once you complete your EI reports for the previous 2 weeks, you should be expecting payments on Tuesdays of the 3rd week into your bank accounts

my service canada

10. That’s it it’s that easy and straight forward! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below. 

The My Service Canada Account tool also allows you to:

  • View information and access past EI claims

  • Submit an Absence From Canada form

  • Submit a Course or Training form undertaken or if currently enrolled 

  • Print your T4E (Statement of Employment Insurance) tax slip for EI benefits to use when filing your income taxes

  • Start or stop the mailing of your T4E ((Statement of Employment Insurance) tax slips

  • Register to pay EI premiums on your self employment income earnings

  • Change your Personal details such as address or telephone numbers 

  • En-roll for funds direct deposit or change your existing banking information

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) – Usage, Review and Features on My Service Canada Account 

The My Service Canada Account allows you to view and update information about your Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and view and print the CPP Statement of Contributions.
You can also use the tool to:
  • Estimate your CPP (Canada Pension Plan)retirement benefits

  • Print your T4A(P) tax slip for CPP (Canada Pension Plan) benefits; which is pretty useful while filing your income taxes in March. 

  • Control the start or stop of the mailing of your T4A(P) tax slips

  • Change your personal details such as address or telephone information on file 

  • En-roll for bank direct deposit to receive your benefit amount or update your banking direct deposit information

Top Posts 

Old Age Security (OAS) – Usage, Review and Features on My Service Canada Account 

You can view the information on Old Age Security (OAS) in the My Service Canada Account.

The details of your OAS benefits including payment dates, details and monthly benefit amount is also available in the tool.

The MSCA tool also let’s you :

  • Get a printout of your T4A (OAS) tax slip for OAS income; required while filing your income tax return

  • View or update your personal particulars such as change your address or telephone information on file

  • En-roll for bank direct deposit to receive your benefit amount or update your banking direct deposit information

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David Keller

I had no idea I actually needed an access code for this. Someone mentioned this service account to me at work and I could not for the life of me figure out how it works. I need to get more online savvy. Thank you for the information. I am going to follow these instructions right now and get myself signed up!