Pembridge Insurance Review

A subsidiary of Allstate Insurance, Pembridge Insurance is one of the best insurance companies in Canada.

Pembridge is relatively a newcomer to the Canadian insurance market. The company started out in 1999 and has since that time been able to earn the trust of its current customers through its impressive selection of insurance products. The company offers both property and auto insurance and claims to be quite good at what it does.

Pembridge is not only customer-centric, but the company also does its bit in giving back to the Canadian community. It is a sponsor to several charity organizations, such as Operation Red Nose, Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade (WICC), and the Easter Seals. Through these organizations, Pembridge can assist in building communities all over Canada.  

That said, what insurance products can you expect if you decide to use Pembridge Insurance as your insurance broker? This review will cover Pembridge Insurance and its products and how effective it is in delivering its services to its customers. So let’s get to it.

What Is Pembridge Insurance?

Pembridge’s main products are its auto, home, tenant, and condo insurance policies, but is not limited to these alone.

You can also get insurance coverage on products such as ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and boats. These are considered to be specialty products. The company also prides itself on its excellent customer service and claims to give the best of attention to all its policyholders.

In a bid to provide these extensive customer-oriented business models, Pembridge makes claim staff available 24/7 and these extend to contracting service and repair programs. Through them, Pembridge can provide its customers with prompt and supposedly high-quality services.

Pembridge Insurance

Pembridge Insurance Products

Before you go ahead and choose an insurance company as your broker, you have to check if they have products that are suitable for your needs and requirements. It is also important to know if the insurance company is also pocket friendly while still giving you the best of products.

So, what products can you expect from Pembridge Insurance?

Well, Pembridge offers you coverage on your home and your car. They also offer tenant and condo insurance as well as a selection of specialty product insurance coverage.  

Let’s talk more about these products.

Pembridge Property Insurance

Pembridge offers the following kinds of property insurance

  • Homeowners Insurance: this offers you coverage for your home and all your personal possessions. It also offers you coverage for personal liability.

  • Tenants Insurance: this will offer you coverage for your all your personal property in case of unpredictable situations or occurrences. You also get the coverage for legal responsibility to other people visiting your property and if you damage their property or perhaps they suffer an injury while on your rented property.

  • Condominiums: Pembridge’s condominium policies are a combo package. They give protection for not only your personal property but also give protection for unit contingency and comprehensive personal property.

  • Seasonal and Rentals: this is also called a Residential Fire policy. It comes with protection for your rented property as well as your seasonal home. This covers the property’s physical structure and personal belongings that you might have left on the site.

  • Other Insurance policies: You can also get the following insurance policies as part of your property insurance, builder’s risk insurance, home business insurance, vacation trailer insurance, and secondary homeowner’s insurance.

For more information on the property insurance coverage that you can get from Pembridge Insurance, then you can click here.

Property Insurance Discounts

You can also get the following discounts on your insurance quotes

  • Claims free discount – the longer you go without a claim, the more the discount you earn.

  • Occupational Discount

  • Non-smoker Discount

  • Water Damage Prevention Discount

  • Water Sensor Discount

  • Heating Discount

  • Roof Construction Discount

  • Home Security Discount

  • Mortgage Free Discount

  • Multi-Line Advantage Discount

  • Multi-Location Discount

  • New Home Discount

Pembridge Insurance

Pembridge Auto Insurance Features

This insurance will cover you from Liability, Personal Harm as well as Uninsured Drivers.

Liability covers any damage that is done to another person in an accident while also protecting you from any legal consequences as a result of the accident.

Personal harm coverage will pay your hospital bills, any income that you might lose while in the hospital, and any long-term expenses such as transportation costs after an accident.

The uninsured driver’s coverage is for protection in a hit-and-run situation or perhaps in situations where the driver who causes damage to your car while not insured.

There is also a direct compensation coverage. This will help you with any cost that you have to pay for the repair or replacement of your car in the event of an accident. This coverage will only apply if you are found to be not at fault or maybe partially at fault for the accidents.

There are other options that you can try out if you are looking for coverage for accidents that you are at fault for. The Direct Compensation Coverage is only available in regions that it is required by law such as Nova Scotia, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

The Named Peril add-on will cover you from any risk that you specifically request in your vehicle policy. It does not protect you from any risk that you do not mention in the policy. The kinds of risks that you can protect against, using this add-on are theft, fires, and intensive repairs.

All Peril will protect you from all types of risks though. You do not have to mention a risk before you are covered against it. It offers perhaps the highest form of protection of all the add-ons

Pembridge Auto Insurance Policies

You can get the following insurance coverage policies with Pembridge Insurance.

  • Private Passenger Auto: If you own a car that falls into the private passenger, station wagon, or sports utility that you use for business or pleasure purposes, then you can get take out this policy on your vehicle.

  • Artisan Vehicle: if you are a contractor, a florist, gardener, or a tradesman, this policy is specially made for you. The usual restriction of the vehicle being immobile during the day has been forgone in this policy.

  • Antique: If you own a car that is at least 30 years old, and you still have the historic plates, then you can get this policy on such a car. Most times, customers, take this policy out on collectors and the policy is usually active during parades, exhibitions, and such other events. If you have such a car and are planning to enter it in a show, then the antique policy is for you.

  • Classic: if you have a rare car or the body design is unique in its own way and comes with special features or conditions that gives is it a higher value than most other cars, but does not fall into the category of antique thanks to its recent manufacture or frequency of use, then this policy is specially designed for you.

Pembridge Auto Insurance Benefits

Pembridge Insurance policies are not any different from the policies that any other insurance company provides but they come with some additional bonus features that make them worthwhile. Adding these features to your policies will make all the difference.

You can add the following features to your auto insurance policies.

  • Collision Coverage: this will cover any cost that you might have to cover in terms of repair or replacement if your car is damaged in a car crash.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: this option supposedly gives the best level of protection that you can get in terms of auto insurance from Pembridge. The protection is against theft and vandalism of your vehicle. You can get two types of comprehensive coverage, Named Peril and All Peril..

  • Loss of Use Coverage: If for some reason you are unable to use your car, then this coverage feature will ensure that you are reimbursed for any fee that you might incur throughout the period in which your car is unavailable to you. It is the best way to cut costs from climbing after an accident.

  • Damage to a Non-Owned Vehicle: if you cause any damage to any car that is not yours, perhaps a rental car or something of the sorts, then this option will help protect you from damage costs. If you are prone to using rental vehicles, then you might want to consider getting this bonus feature to your policy.

  • Waiver of Depreciation: this will ignore the depreciation of your car. It will let you receive full compensation on your car in the event of an accident instead of the payment being calculated in terms of its depreciation value.

Pembridge Insurance

Pembridge Auto Insurance Discount

If you are looking to earn a discount on your auto policy with Pembridge insurance then there are two ways to go about it.

  1. My Bridge App: If you install the My Bridge app on your mobile device, then you’ll earn a discount with Pembridge. The app will monitor your driving habits and evaluate if you are a careful and safe driver. If you qualify for the app’s discount, then you can earn a discount worth about five to ten percent of your insurance premium.

  2. Lump-Sum Payments: If you choose to pay your Pembridge Insurance premium in one big lump sum rather than paying monthly, then you’ll be given a suitable discount (based on how much you pay as premium in one go).

You can also get discounts on your insurance policies if you fulfill some other criteria such as bundling your home and auto policies or perhaps putting winter tires on your car in the winter period. There are also discounts for you as a student or as a college graduate.

For more information on Pembridge Insurance’s auto insurance policies, then you can check here or visit the company website.

The Pembridge Insurance Controversy

In 2011, the province of New Brunswick launched an investigation into Pembridge Insurance regarding the company charging more than average insurance rates for its policies. This was as a result of the legislative reforms that came to the Canadian insurance scene in 2003.  

The investigation did not reach anywhere, with the conclusion that Pembridge’s rates were not excessive and the company had done nothing wrong.

How to make a claim with Pembridge Insurance?

If you want to make a claim with Pembridge, then you can do so over the phone.

You’ll have to dial the number specified for your province.  

Another caveat is, you can also submit the insurance claim online.

Provide the necessary information, including how the damage occurred and the number of injured persons. Pembridge will then contact you within 48 hours and the claims process can be completed.

Phone lines for each province listed below:

Alberta – 1-800-661-1577

Ontario – 1-800-387-0462

Atlantic Provinces – 1-800-561-7222

US Snowbirds – 1-800-387-0462


Pembridge Insurance might be a newcomer in the insurance space, but the company has proven to be good, to begin with. 

The insurance rates are affordable and the customer support service is top-notch.  Definitely give them a try while shopping around for insurance options – be it for home or auto.  

Thank you for reading! Please let me know your thoughts and comments below.  

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