Top 5 Pocket-Friendly Restaurants In Toronto

Are you looking for Pocket-Friendly restaurants in Downtown Toronto? Whether you are a native or a tourist, a weekend out in Toronto and you are bound to fall in love with this gorgeous powerhouse of a City. As far as I know, some really great touristy spots are Downtown, Queen West, King Street West, and Liberty Village, Kensington Market, and the Annex.

Not just for sightseeing am I suggesting these places. If you’re out checking out Toronto you can fill your eyes with the sights but then that growl you hear followed by a rumble in your tummy will definitely need to be addressed. And don’t you worry! I know some places that won’t pillage your pockets but will fill your stomach and soul.

Top 5 Pocket-Friendly Restaurants In Toronto 






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First on this list of “Pocket-Friendly Restaurants” is The San Remo Bakery. 

The Etobicoke neighborhood has been graced by the service of the Sam Remo bakery since 1969. For over 40 years the Royal York Road has seen this bakery flourish and prosper, its quality of goods and service was great then and it’s even better now!

Right now the second generation of the Bozzo family is in charge and if you’re in Toronto you definitely need to visit this place to sample their mouth-watering Veal sandwich and Calabrese bread.

The Donuts at $1.42 and the sheer variety of flavors that they come in is sure to boggle your mind! If you want to binge and order a humongous batch or basically anything above $6, you have to order the day before.

From freshly baked bread and pastries, even an espresso bar and so much more, you have every reason to check this place out to your heart’s content and get your sugar rush and caffeine high.

The Bozzo brothers Robert, Edward, and Nick have been running the place for the better part of the quarter of a century and have overseen the second renovation this place has been through in five years. The best thing about this place that you’re definitely going to is that all of their baked goods are made from scratch, by hand!


Next on this list of “Pocket-Friendly Restaurants” is The Salad King. 

This place seats 175 people and it is never NOT packed. This is THE Thai food lover’s wonderland. In my opinion, this place has been serving the best Thai food for the past couple of decades. It’s located at 340 Yonge and on the 2nd floor. Just go through the glass doors on the ground floor and take the elevator.

What makes it tough to find a seat at this place is not just the yummy-lick-your-lips dishes, it’s also the prices. Been around for over 20 years yet somehow this place has managed to keep its prices below $10.

Two of my absolute favorites here are the Pad Thai and the Green Curry, both priced at $9.75 and if you’re from Ryerson and need to get some booze in your system and classroom stress out of it, go for the Beer Tower. $25 and 2.5 Litres of beer, just make sure you grab your buddies along and have a party of at least 3 to be able to order it.

But hey beer or no beer, make sure you try the Thai Milk Shake or the Salad King’s Thai Iced Tea, both priced at $2.75, or go all the way and try both! 


Third on this list of “Pocket-Friendly Restaurants” is The Burrito Boyz. 

If you like Burritos then you know that the best burritos are exploding bundles of yummy goodness stuffed to the brim with beef, turkey, pork, chicken, seafood, or soy, and even rice or beans with cheesy noodles and definitely salsa and guacamole and HOT HOT HOT SAUCE!

It’s part of a larger franchise with many Burrito Boyz shops along Southern Ontario but this one on St Adelaide is a one-stop Mexican feast fest and as long as it’s open there’s a line so long it will make you wonder if it’s the only one.

At lunchtime though, the line is apocalyptic. Bowls, Burritos, Quesadillas, and enough topping options on the menu that you might just want to dive in. Literally.

The budget here hangs around 5 to $10 and if I am to be a judge of burritos, thou shalt not find better elsewhere!


Fourth on this list of “Pocket-Friendly Restaurants” is Frankies Diner. 

This place, just like Sam Remo is another neighborhood institution and has been around for 40 years. Recently renovated this place might seem to newcomers like it was only just built but this place has seen lives and communities grow and change.

On weekends this beautiful place has a little vintage vibe showing through with the owners Frank and Billy Marinis catching up with the regulars, and a live band swooning and crooning. The white-tiled walls and the marble bar with the midnight blue ceiling looking down, it looks just beautiful.

I’m not going to say that the food here is good for your heart, but it’s exactly what your heart wants.

They claim their burgers are the world’s best and indeed their burgers built their reputation because they are just that damned delicious. This place is classy and beautiful and with all its rich vintage vibes its prices are low you will never go wrong with a Specialty Burger full of 8 Oz of Canadian Chuck and a serving of hand-cut fries, and a glass of Labatt 50.


Fifth and last on this on this list of “Pocket-Friendly Restaurants” is Soufis. 

Toronto’s first Syrian restaurant is a family business owned and run by Husam and Shahnaz Al-Soufi and their three children.

This is a beautiful little restaurant that’s more of a cafe really with sixteen seats and its beautifully delicious menu of traditional Syrian street food and home-cooked meals. Newcomers to Toronto, the Al-Soufis, unable to find a taste of their home anywhere here, they decided to bring it to Toronto instead and am I glad that they did!

The ambiance in this place is really relaxing. The kind of place you’d drop in on weekends with your buddies from school or have a meet-cute. It’s a great place for a first date and even succeeding ones with the menu also being pocket-friendly at the same time as insanely tasty.

The Manakeesh here is the most popular and most frequently ordered item and for good reason. It’s a mouth-watering, soul-filling recipe consisting of an oven-baked flatbread topped with cheese and meat or vegetables. The knafeh is also a must-try! It’s a yummy dessert with a gorgeous cheese filling.

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There you go, that was the list of the 5 Best Pocket-Friendly Restaurants In Toronto.

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