Personal Finance Freedom: Blog Income Report April 2019

Alright then, this is my first time reporting blogging income report and how well we have been doing month over month. First of all, if you are new to my blog a very warm welcome. For returning users thank you so much for all your immense support and love towards my blog

Before we actually get into the monthly stats and income reports, let’s first take a quick look about my blog – Personal Finance Freedom. So here we go. I actually started this blog way back in 2017. However, you may not find a lot of old blog posts as I’ve personally gone ahead and deleted a few of them – it was pretty outdated content and thought its of no use to my users. 

I haven’t deleted all of them, just a few outdated blog posts 🙂 

Looking back, I still remember I wrote a few articles may be 10-15 and then got real busy at work and family, lost a bit of a track and went offline for almost 2 years. I somehow was always interested in returning back and keep posting new blog articles but just did not get that motivation to keep this thing from going. 

Personal Finance Freedom: Journey So Far In 2019

Fast forward 2019 February, I restarted blogging and this time I am not going to give up. I have the right tools, motivation and my family support to keep this thing going. Also I have invested a lot of time learning stuff thats needed to run blog nowadays – Yoast SEO, Plugins, Page Speed, Article word count etc

All the above metrics influence Google SERP rankings. If you are not in the first 10 search results for the given keyword, then you are no good. 

Now, I will not promise to post 20 articles a month, but whatever I do write about I will make sure it will be useful to someone out there looking for quality information on that topic. Whether it’s 5 articles a month, 10 or 20, I will assure on the quality front. 

At the moment, my blog has 52 articles with almost 40+ articles written in the last 2 months March and April of 2019. Like I said it takes a while to generate quality search engine and social traffic to these blog posts and keywords (6 months is the industry standard for peak google traffic).

Also, I have this love for blogging and personal finance space which keeps me going. 

I just love to share information in my own way (individual view and perspective) and reach out to my users. Blogging gives me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment; after posting every single article.

My only request to all you readers is please comment on the individual posts after reading, it helps me get better and ultimately deliver better content by understanding what you want from me. 

With that said, now let’s jump into the actual stats. 

Personal Finance Freedom – February To April Income Report 2019 

Let’s take a look at the Google Analytics report from Feb – April 2019. 

I still remember, I re-started blogging after a gap of close to 2 years from February 2nd week 2019 onwards. 

Here’s a quick Google Analytics Report from Feb – April 2019:

income report

Now, thats the Google Analytics report for the months Feb 1st – April 21st 2019 (almost 80 days of data)

I got a total 16,633 Pageviews with 8,440 New Users during the time. Also, look at the bounce rate, it stands at 76% which is fairly good by industry standards, however I am working on it to get it even lower. 

Quick Note – I did experience a Google Analytics crash for few days last month, not sure what the issue was but it got fixed. During this period, I saw that the actual user count was 0 and happened for a couple of days. 

Like I said earlier I only started posting new articles from 2nd week of February, considering Google takes a while to generate search traffic for new blog posts, no wonder I am doing great and really thrilled looking at these results. (BTW I still depend of Google for majority of my blog traffic since my blog is fairly new and not many returning users at the moment) 

PS – Google takes almost 6 months to generate good to descent traffic to the keywords on new articles. 

Also, have a look at the below screenshot – I just wanted to look at the stats for March and April 2019. Cos thats more important than Feb when I actually started blogging. 

income report

As you can see, the blog traffic is growing over time and that’s a sign of success. I am really happy blogging and its satisfying for the efforts I am happily doing. 

Now lets jump into the blogging income report I made for the months March and April 2019 (I am not considering Feb as I did not make anything then and had just started in the second week)

Blogging Income Report – March & April 2019

You might have already seen on my blog articles, yes I run the Google Adsense ads on my blog. 

I really love working with Google and the Adsense Program overall, I don’t think I’ll be switching to Mediavine anytime soon even after I reach 25,000 sessions per month (which is a cut-off for applying to Mediavine)

Although, every successful blogger out there recommends shifting gears from Adsense to Mediavine, I am still skeptical about them and the earnings I can potential make from them. They run the ads from Google anyways.

At the moment at-least I am not very interested in moving away from Adsense. Let me think about this in the future and once I hit 25k sessions. 

I am really happy with my Google Adsense Earnings so far. Here’s quick snapshot for my earnings so far: 

income report

There you go, look at the Page RPM, its Canadian CA $21.40 for the past 28 days data.

Now isn’t that amazing. Why should I shift my display ads to Mediavine or others out there when my earnings are so good and from the best ads company out there which is Google itself. 

I got a total of 142 ad clicks and my CPC is $0.63 which is excellent!

Page CTR of over 3% is good too. 

With pageviews of 4,200 for the past 28 days, I’ve earned $76 this month so far in 21 days.

Now just imagine as I write more quality content, things can only look better. My personal target is to reach at-least 25,000 pageviews by the end of 2019. Realistic? I think so. I am definetely working hard towards it. 

Other Income Alternatives – Other than Adsense? 

I did try running Amazon associates for a brief while – around 3 days.

I did see some progress but I just thought when my Adsense earnings are this good for the pageviews I have, why should I ruin my site with other ads/affiliate programs and slow down my site and get affected in Google’s search rankings (SERP). 

With that in my head, I took off the amazon associates ads from my blog after running it for a couple of days. 

I don’t think I’ll be going for any new ad networks anytime soon and will be sticking around with Adsense for a while unless I see something wrong. My personal aim is to reach 25,000 pageviews by the end of this year, considering my current income I should be able to make $250 every month easily with that many pageviews and Google ads alone.

Let’s see how it goes. At the moment I am happy the way things are looking. My blog’s traffic is increasing week over week and its really positive once my blog posts reach the 6 months peak traffic time. 

Final Thoughts – March and April Blog Income Report 2019

So there you go, this is my first blog income report. 

Just to recap – I only run Google Adsense ads at the moment (Display ads alone). And I do not wish to market any affiliate programs or products to my users at the moment. I am still not comfortable recommending any info products at the moment. 

The moment I find my blog does justice with good quality content and users are liking it, I will surely recommend one or two products or programs. 

Right now, I am not worrying much about the blog income I make, I know where I want to get this blog to, so I’m working on the articles alone and in-turn concentrating on helping more and more people out there who are looking for quality content and problem solvers. 

Anyways, when quality’s there, income follows thats what I believe in. 

I will be writing more income reports in the coming days and will keep you all posted about the direction, stats and income of this blog

Alright then folks, thank you so much for reading my first blog income article. Do comment below with your valuable comments. Until next time, with a new article take care. Also do check out the popular posts from the blog below. 

Lots of Love, Sagar

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2 thoughts on “Personal Finance Freedom: Blog Income Report April 2019

  • Hey! Nice growth in such a short period of time. What factor do you believe contributed the most to your growth?

  • Hey Greg, thanks for stopping by.

    I believe in posting consistent blog articles week over week has contributed to traffic growth. Still in early stages, but the blog’s showing every possibility of making it big. Also another factor worth mentioning is key word research.

    High volume articles with word count of 1500+ tends to perform better than others.


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