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The 2023s are shaping up to be one of the most exciting times for online surveyors! And Opinion Champ is no exception. Opinion Champ is an exciting new invention that’s quickly becoming a big-time player in online surveys. With the release of this new and improved Survey junkie competitor, many people are asking questions about it; Is the Opinion Champ legit, safe, or worth considering?

Well, the website looks honest and safe enough. They do pay you for your time and efforts spent completing surveys. Furthermore, their terms and conditions are better than many others.

But is it really safe to use Opinion Champ? Read on to find out more about our reviews on this survey website. Let’s get started

What Is Opinion Champ?

Opinion Champ is a survey platform based in Canada. It is one of the lesser knowns to get paid through survey sites out there. The platform is owned by the Quest Global Research Group, which also owns Panel Champ.

It is an opinion-paying market research site where individuals can participate in polls, feedback forms, focus groups, and product review teams. It is also easy to use, making it easier for more people to participate in its online surveys.

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Who Can Use Opinion Champ?

Only residents of the US or Canada are eligible to participate in the Opinion Champ panel.

The age requirement for opening an Opinion Champ is unconfirmed due to their lack of information. But since PayPal has become its primary payment method, it is reasonable to assume that the starting age is 18 because only users who are at least 18 years old may open accounts on PayPal.

Their website only allows one member per household to register. Typically, most survey sites operate in this manner. But once more, it cannot be verified because there is inadequate information on the Opinion Champ website.

How Does Opinion Champ Work?

Opinion Champ functions primarily the same as every other beer money survey website around nowadays. The idea behind it is very simple: you are able to create an account on the website and sign up for multiple surveys at once. The surveys typically take 10 to 20 and sometimes 30 minutes to complete, and you can earn points through these surveys which can be exchanged for money via PayPal.

Once you register an account on OpinionChamp, you will start getting survey invitations. You can join multiple surveys at once and earn rewards through them. More than 500 different surveys are available on OpinionChamp, consisting of hundreds of brands and companies that provide paid survey opportunities.

For every survey you complete, you receive points that you can exchange for PayPal cash or gift cards. However, to ensure that you receive surveys relevant to your demographics, completing the initial account profile surveys is crucial.

How To Sign up For Opinion Champ?

Opinion Champ registration is quick and requires little effort. However, Opinion Champ is not for everyone. Creating an account and signing up is only available to the United States and Canadian residents.

To sign up for Opinion Champ;

  1. Visit the website, then select “Join Now.”
  2. Fill out your name, address, and password.
  3. Then, agree to comply with the terms and conditions
  4. Verify your email, and your account will be set up. Very Simple.

After signing up, you must finish creating your profile by answering a very brief survey before you can start taking surveys or using any of Opinion Champ’s other earning options.

Answering this brief survey about your demographic data will only take between 10 and 20 minutes. During the period of this survey, you will only be asked to answer questions regarding the following:

  • Your age.
  • Education and Academic level.
  • Individual consumer preferences.
  • Jobs, Education, and background.

How To Earn With Opinion Champ?

You can earn with Opinion Champ through some surveys that are slightly different from those on most other survey websites. You earn by;

Answering Surveys:

This survey panel’s primary source of earning with Opinion Champ will come from responding to paid surveys.

Your Opinion Champ dashboard displays on the screen, a list of the surveys you can take, how many points they are worth, and how long they should take. You can decide whether to participate in one based on this dashboard at your convenience. However, this service will be available to you only when you have successfully completed your profile.

Note: The majority of surveys take around 10 minutes to complete (and award around 2000 points)

You can access the surveys you want to take and complete them on the dashboard. Also, you may be able to earn even more if you have an in-depth knowledge of a certain industry.

You can also utilize the straightforward Respondent Portal to gather points that can be exchanged for cash.

Product Reviews:

In addition to completing surveys, you might be contacted to test brand-new goods. The website provides several products that you can examine and test at home.

Similar to other product review offers, it generally entails receiving a product from an Opinion Champ client, using it or using it to complete certain tasks, and then sharing your opinion.

However, Opinion Champ only offers a little information on how to get these product review offers, how much they pay, or when they open up and become available.

Music Surveys:

Opinion Champ provides some of the best rewards in the business for their music surveys. These survey types allow you to express your expert opinion on different music genres. There are numerous music surveys that ask you to rate short music clips. You can rate the clips according to their sound quality, bass, pitch, and other characteristics.

How much money can you make from Opinion Champ?

You need to get many surveys invites to make a reasonable amount of money on any survey site. As you complete more surveys, you will receive and accumulate more rewards.

But it goes further than that. The overall number of surveys for which you are eligible will be important for determining how much you can earn.

Note: You will not receive the reward for the survey if you are rejected or cut off from a survey.

Additionally, there’s a chance that your compensation for completing a survey will be low compared to that of others.

Opinion Champ Payments

Your Opinion Champ account gains points as you give an answer to surveys on your dashboard. In order to withdraw, you need to have accumulated 12,500 points. Therefore, it has a $12.50 minimum withdrawal requirement because 1 Opinion Champ point is equal to $1.

The points that you receive from Opinion Champ can then be redeemed into cash paid into your PayPal account. Keep in mind that the money you get will be in your country’s money or currency. You can also redeem your points into Gift cards, such as Starbucks, Roots, and The Ultimate Dining Card.

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Is Opinion Champ Legit?

Unlike many others, Opinion Champ is not just another scammer survey page that just decides to close down overnight and run off with the user’s cash out. Instead, it has several verified customer testimonies about on-time payments.

Additionally, Its ownership-Quest Global Research Group is one factor that attests to its legitimacy. Quest Global Research Group is a market research company that is based in Ontario, Canada.

Along with Opinion Champ, the company also lists other survey panel listings like Panel Champ. But, of course, we are all aware that websites with good company backing don’t typically disappear overnight with all their money.

Pros and Cons of Opinion Champ

The Pros:

  • It provides numerous payment options.
  • All devices can access the website (You can respond to surveys using a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.)
  • Low threshold for minimum payments
  • Receive free PayPal money by completing surveys.
  • Offers a good support system.

The Cons:

  • Payments can sometimes take longer to reflect.
  • Doesn’t yield high survey-earning returns
  • Lack of adequate information about surveys.
  • Only made available for US and Canadian residential.
  • It takes longer to reach the minimum payment threshold.

Opinion Champ FAQs

Is Opinion Champ free to use?

Opinion Champ is completely free to join and use.

Is there a mobile app available?

There is no mobile app for Opinion Champ. However, you can access Opinion Champ’s website from your mobile device and complete surveys from there, so it is basically available for mobile devices.

Is your information secure with Opinion Champ?

Without your permission, Opinion Champ does not share your information with third parties or clients. Therefore, your personal information is safe, secure, and secure.

Where is Opinion Champ made available?

Carrying out surveys on the Opinion Champ website is only allowed for people living in the US or Canada.

Final Words

Opinion Champ is a great idea for online surveyors who don’t have time to take countless surveys all the time. They are pretty legit and actually pay their users. The website is friendly and welcoming to new surveyors, which is a refreshing change from other survey companies.

However, there are still some limitations and downsides to their service. But, generally, it is a good site to get paid from. Thanks for reading, please let me know your thoughts and comments below. 

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