I am using Rogers Internet for more than a year now and this is my honest review covering everything about speed reliability, service and customer care support.

First let me talk about the internet plan/package I have, mine is the Rogers ignite 100 mbps unlimited plan which costs me around 73 bucks each month including taxes (Its 64+taxes I think).

Anyways here’s the link to the plan I have for more details : 

You can find the plan 100u in the above link.

So here’s my experience with the Rogers internet plan so far. In one word its good and not great. The speed I am getting varies constantly around 50 Mpbs. Downtime is absolutely nil. I haven’t really experienced any downtime as such till date. Talking about customer support its the best I can say. Rogers presence in Toronto is unmatched.

I have previously used Bell internet for sometime, the speed was good and better than Rogers in-fact, but I found Rogers better because of the price lock for 2 years, reliability, and the customer support. Also, I have my cell phone plan with them so its easier to get a single bill so that makes managing my bill easier.

However, just to add Bell student plan deals are damn good. Just have  a look at it. You need a piece of ID to get it. BTW even Fido offers good internet deals but you need to have a Fido phone line to get  the internet. Thats the only drawback along with the speed. You don’t get 100 mbps in Fido. 

I have also seen other Internet plans before opting for this, but frankly I think Rogers is good for speed and stability.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below if you feel there’s something better out there in Toronto. I know that there are a bunch of other ISP’s out there and I have pretty much seen all those before opting for Rogers. something you know is really great for the price range or less than what I am paying for now, please let me know in the comments below. After all sharing is gaining knowledge.  

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