About Us

Hey All,

First of all thank you for visiting my blog today! It’s been a while since I wanted to introduce myself to the regular and new visitors of the blog. Here it goes – My Name’s Sagar and I am a resident of Toronto, Canada. I live in Mississauga, ON to be precise. 


What Made me start this blog and why ? 

Personally. I have always been fascinated by blogging. I love writing even though I am not a pro content writer (no that’s not my professional).  Finances and Investments have always interested me right from childhood and I keep myself abreast of all the day to day activities in the financial word and look beyond to learn if I don’t know.  I am writing here to the best of the abilities and as I write more I feel I am getting better and helping someone out there. Let me come back to this in just a sec. 

I have crated a few blogs earlier just to learn but this one’s the first I am pretty serious about.  Apart from a couple of ads running on the site, I don’t have any personal monetary gains I am behind (In-fact I haven’t make good money); not blogging full time however giving it a lot of time as I am really satisfied writing, researching, knowing stuff, personal experiences which will help someone there searching for information. 

Your comments and likes is really motivating me to write more and publish more frequently. I am seeing my website traffic go upwards thats what give me satisfaction and to keep myself engaged to help more people. 

Directions for this blog in the future – 

You might have already seen the menu section of this site, still please explore it if you haven’t yet.  It will give you a quick glimpse on the topics and what we try to focus here. 

I really aim to publish at-least 2 posts a week, just to keep new information flowing through. All the articles here are purely personal opinion from myself and my small team. Hope it helps you with information more than you like it or not 🙂 We will get better and better over time. I promise!


Last but not the least please leave me your comments and do share the posts if you think its useful to others or someone might benefit. Again, I am not doing this for monetary benefits, I am doing this to share knowledge and for the will of writing and getting better. As I write, I research more and learn more on different topics! Now that’s my drive to write even more. It motivates me 🙂

Thanks and sorry for lengthly self-obsessed about me and us 🙂 Have yourself a great day! See you soon in one of the articles through my words 🙂