What Is A Void Cheque?

We all have heard of a cheque book, right? But, what exactly is a void cheque? In this article, I will be covering the in-depth topic of void cheques and how it is beneficial to you. 

There are times adequate information of your account details is required in a legal format, or you made a mistake while issuing a cheque. In this case, all you need is a void cheque! But hold on a second, is that everything about void cheques or is there anything else that you’ll need to know. 

Well, stay tuned and I’ll try to do justice for the topic in discussion. 

What Is A Void Cheque?

A void cheque is a regular cheque, just like any other issued or received cheque, with the word VOID written across the cheque face. The “void” writing tells the receiver (and anyone else who handles the cheque) that the cheque has no cash value. 

If the void cheque is voided correctly, it prevents anyone from filling out the cheque and using it to make a payment or any other banking transaction.

Why Do You Need A Void Cheque?

Though a void cheque has no direct use in making payments or other banking transactions, it is still used in financial operations.

Well, it is quite astonishing that a void cheque with no money value still has its benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of a void cheque:

Payroll System:

Voided cheques are used to set up a direct deposit system between employers and employees used in payroll operations.

Since the void cheque provides accurate details of your banking account, an employer might request it to deposit your pay cheque directly instead of issuing you a paper paycheque.

Nullifying Errors:

Many times, mistakes might come up when writing or issuing a cheque; A void cheque is the fastest way to nullify these mistakes to avoid misrepresentations.

If it’s a minor mistake, it could still be corrected, but it’s in your best interest to void the cheque and start again.

Advancing A Prepayment:

You can use void cheques to set up prepayments to avoid writing out cheques for regular payments.

Likewise, utility bills like electricity and water bills, mortgage payments, and routine maintenance bills can be advanced before the due date with a void cheque.

Similarly, with a prepayment through the void cheque, the money will come out of your bank account without the need to write multiple cheques.

All you need is to ensure that your bank account is sufficient to cover these charges to prevent insufficient and incurred bills.

Legal Account Details:

A void cheque is the fastest means to issue out the correct details of your bank account in a legal format. There are times you may need to provide your banking details to someone either for documentation or payment purposes. The fastest and legal means for you is to issue a void cheque at that instant.

Account Security:

A void cheque protects a person’s account from scams or theft. Voiding a cheque that was not used or binned declares the cheque automatically null and void.

A void cheque has no money value so cannot be used for any unauthorized banking transaction, thereby protecting account security.

Proper Disposal Technique:

If a cheque is expired or not in use anymore, the proper way to dispose of it is to void it. It is essential to properly void a cheque before disposal to prevent misrepresentation of account details and financial information.

Now we know the benefits of a void cheque, how do we create one?


How To Void A Cheque?

Voiding a cheque is somewhat the simplest banking operation ever! It is easier than writing or issuing a cheque for someone. All that is required is to write the word “void” boldly across the face of the cheque in its center position.

Though it is very easy to do, it still has some guidelines to ensure it is done correctly and not misrepresented:

  • Write “void” in the center of the cheque legibly and boldly.

  • Write in large letters across the face of the cheque.

  • Avoid multiple writeups on the check to render it readable and understandable by the banking counter or clerk.

  • It does not need to be written in capital-case or lower-case letters. Just ensure it is written boldly and correctly.

  • Make sure you fill up as much space as possible so that someone cannot try to fill it out and use it.

  • Avoid covering the numbers at the bottom. These are the account details and usually, the reason avoids cheque is needed in the first place.

  • Pay attention to the information on the cheque. Do not void a cheque that needs to be processed.

  • And finally, be certain you need the void the check before doing so. What it is voided, it has no monetary value or whatsoever. No financial remittance will be associated with it!

  • All these procedures will ensure adequate processes while voiding a cheque to ensure it is done correctly and effectively.

Void Cheque FAQs

Is a signature required on a void cheque?

The simple answer is “No.” A signature is not required on a void cheque. As long as the word “void” appears across the cheque’s face in big, bold, and clear letters, the cheque will be invalid. Another benefit of avoiding your signature on avoided cheque is to protect the security of your account.

Someone may try to utilize your signature on your cheque to perform fraudulent acts. It’s better not to sign on it at all to be safe.

What if you have signed already before voiding the cheque?

While some may ask that if a cheque has a signature before voiding, what should be done? The answer is nothing. You have already signed on it but still declared it void, so there’s nothing that can be done.

Just ensure it is properly voided, following the procedures, to prevent misrepresentation of your account details. Your bank may be notified of this issue if you are still not convinced of its invalidity.

Can a Voided Cheque be Printed Out Online?

  • Yes, online banking operations now have the advantage of printing out a void cheque through your banking app or via other online means. There are simple procedures to follow to get this done:

  • Log into your banking portal on your mobile phone or other devices you have.

  • Look for print void cheque options. 

  • A dropdown menu appears inquiring if you want to print a void cheque or not. Click ok.

  • Then print out the void cheque or save it automatically as a PDF on your mobile device.

  • Send it automatically to your respective banking agencies involved. Your void cheque is created.

  • Many Canadian and Western banks have this option to get a void cheque through online means.

Can You Get a Void Cheque Without a Cheque Book?

Yes, it is possible. If one does not have a cheque book at hand but still wants to get a void cheque.

Well, the fastest and easiest means is to print one off from the online option provided by your bank. However, not all banks have the online void cheque option thou you may still need the void cheque.

Here are some other options to consider:

  • Request a counter cheque directly from your bank. A counter cheque is a cheque book, like any other personal cheque book printed on demand when you visit your bank directly.

  • With this, your void cheque can be issued. On subsequent needs of a cheque book, your bank will advise you to get your cheque book to ease operation.

  • Use of a Deposit or Withdrawal Slip

  • This is another option to consider. The deposit and withdrawal slip are pre-printed and made available by all banks to make cash deposits and withdrawals, respectively.

  • It provides all the details you may need from a cheque book, so it can still serve the purpose of a void cheque. The main issue with this option and the previous one is the inconvenience of going to your bank directly.

  • Use of a Bank Statement or Bank Letter

A bank statement or letter provided by a bank can still substitute the need for a cheque book. They provide a comprehensive record and account details of your bank.

A simple request from your bank will provide you with these documents. Just confirm with whom you are providing the details whether it can replace the function of a void cheque.

Through Online Means

Depending on your need and purpose for a bank cheque, you can just easily provide your bank details for the person who needs them.

A simple SMS text or message through your mobile phone will help you convey the information. Be sure of what the receiver needs: If it is for an official task like salary payroll or revenue purpose, you might want to get that cheque book to issue that void cheque!

Does A Void Cheque have No Monetary Value?

The simple answer is “yes.” A void cheque has no monetary value or whatsoever. The “void” writing automatically tells the receiver (and anyone else who handles the cheque) that the cheque has no cash value, and this will never change.

Under no circumstances will a void cheque be misrepresented to mean a normal cheque issued or a monetary bank transaction.

Is a Void Cheque Considered Legal?

Yes, it is considered legal. It is indeed the simplest banking option one could ever perform. It is permissible in banking transactions to declare a cheque null and void or provide a customer’s banking details.

So yes, it is indeed a legal banking technique!

Can a Void Cheque Expire?

This is quite contextual because a void cheque has various uses. It, however, depends on what you void a cheque for that determines its expiration. If a cheque book is voided for disposal or to render it null, its expiration is meaningless and of no value.

But if a cheque book is voided for an official task (i.e., to provide bank account details), be sure to check the expiry date of the cheque book before issuing the void cheque.

In some cases, it may seem unimportant because your bank details are constant and would reflect the same in the new cheque book. However, you must check the expiry date of the cheque book for official purposes.

Is a Void Cheque Reusable?

Yes, a void cheque is reusable as long as the cheque book has not expired. If a void cheque is issued for official use or a transaction that cannot be overturned, you might want to write another one on subsequent occasions.

But if the void cheque is issued for the routine provision of bank account details, the void cheque can still be used for similar operations provided the cheque book is still current and has not expired.

Now, let’s consider what to do after writing a void cheque?

void cheque

After Writing a Void Cheque, What’s Next?

After a void cheque is written, provide it to the person or authority that made its request. Usually, a void cheque is needed for official purposes. You should send it to the company that requested it for official use.

The purpose of a void cheque is solely to provide accurate details of one’s bank account. Therefore it can be reused as it is not a legal transaction or document.

But as earlier discussed, if the void cheque is sent to an official agency or company that may not return it, you may have to write another one for subsequent use.

If you get the void cheque through electronic means from your online banking option, you can save the original and send another copy to the person or company involved. This way, you can save one for yourself anytime the need arises for reuse.

The void cheque, although not an actual monetary transaction, should still be kept track of.

You can keep track of the void cheque in your cheque register (or your cheque book)- this will render it easier to keep tabs on the purpose for which the void cheque is issued. Lastly, make sure your void cheque is properly disposed of appropriately. They are invalid bank transactions, but they still have your banking address on them.

Please let me know your thoughts and comments below. Thanks for reading!

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