Apple and Tesla Stock Split Updates

Tomorrow is technically the last day to buy the Apple and Tesla stocks before the stock split. 

Even though the official split record dates are far from beyond, you can still purchase the stocks of Apple and Tesla and be eligible to get the SPLIT shares. 

Apple is splitting its stock 4-for-1 starting Monday, August 31st. Based on today’s closing market price Apple should be trading at 1/4th its price at around $125 USD per share on a split basis. 

Similarly for TESLA, starting Monday, August 31st, Tesla will be trading at 1/5th its stock price. The current market price of one Tesla share is around the $2250 mark. So, on Monday Tesla should be trading at around $450 per share. 

Remember, there is one more day of trading left, that is tomorrow. So the prices will fluctuate more. 

Another important thing to note – For both Apple and Tesla shares, starting tomorrow until the Monday morning there won’t be any After Market or Pre Market trades allowed. This is because of the splits they are undergoing. 

This leaves you with one last opportunity tomorrow to buy the stocks pre-split and get the additional shares. So do think and decide whether you want to purchase the stocks pre-split or on Monday’s trading day at a lower price. Either way, it makes no real difference unless the stocks shoot up because of the lower prices. 

If you already own the Apple or Tesla stocks, do look out for the stock settlement date in your Brokerage Transaction History details. You should be getting the additional split shares by September 3rd. 

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Quick Recap on both these stock performances: 

Apple stock performance for the past 5 years: 

Apple stock

Tesla stock’s performance for the past 1 year:  

Tesla Stock

Whatever is the choice you make, whether you want to invest pre-split or post-split, please hold these stocks for a longer period to see the real gains.

Finally, both these technology companies have huge upside potential to double or triple your money over the next 5 years at least. 

That’s it for this article. Thanks for reading! 

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