Toronto has and will continue to be the most popular city to live in Canada. It offers exciting neighbourhoods for a vast array of people, whether you are raising a family, recently retired or studying, this city has just the place for you to live. Because of my job, people always ask me where is the best place to rent or live in Toronto.

For me, the answer to that question is subjective; one person’s dream neighbourhood could be another’s worst nightmare. In this article I have tried to answer the question objectively as possible, I have my biases like anyone, so I will make apologies in advance if some of the shine through. But I will try to leave them at the door for this piece wherever possible.

So here goes, my best places to rent In Toronto in no particular order.

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1. Leslieville

Or as Torontonians call it Hipsterville East, is one of the trendier places to live in Toronto. Rows of cafes and shops peddling their sustainably sourced products are only broken up by the occasional yoga centre.

Don’t get me wrong I love Leslieville, it has a thriving arts scene and even has a pet shop where I can pick up some organic treats for my little companion. Close to the beaches are still reasonable, making it accessible for the singletons, couples as well as new families.

2. Cabbagetown

Residents of Cabbagetown love its picturesque heritage homes, variety of restaurants and cafes, spas, gyms and yoga studios as well as it’s a vibrant lifestyle. Most residents will also tell you they relish the endless list of activities that are available to both young and old.

This suburb is well known for its nightlife as it is for being family-friendly during the day. Rents are a little higher here, but there is such a variety of accommodation available, most renters will be able to find a great place to live here.

3. Davisville Village

If you need a faster pace of life and access to vibrant nightlife, Davisville Village or nearby Yonge & Eglinton offers attractive housing options for renters.

Small houses to High rise condos, be warned the cost of living in this area is not cheap, but that is sometimes the price you have to pay to be entertained,

4. Dufferin Grove

Often described as more hippie than hipster, this neighbourhood is home to singles and families alike.

Residents love it there because of the abundance of shops, affordable rental properties, schools, safe streets, stunning community gardens, excellent older architecture and the fact that it allows easy access to the city centre.

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5. The Junction

As you drive through the Junction, you could be excused for thinking that this is a lovely family-oriented suburb, with its, community events, parks, heritage homes and antique shops. While it is home to many families.

It is quickly becoming a favourite hangout for the cities hipsters. Organic shops, raw food bars and coffee stations are opening-up every month. They have also started to convert the Junctions lofts into trendy galleries and studios.

Rents are still reasonable, which is another reason it is gaining popularity.

6. Church & Wellesley

The centre of Toronto’s LGBTQ community, this is certainly not for the faint of heart. If you are after trendy stores and restaurants that serve incredible food late into the night. All this while is surrounding yourself by an area that is famous for its community spirit, then Church & Wellesley could well be the place for you.

Renting might be a little hit and miss for some people’s liking, the price is middle of the road. This area deserves to be packed with families because it has great parks and schools. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

7. Deer Park

If you have a family with kids, look no further than Deer Park. This area caters to families like no other suburb. Providing access to high schools also offers the best open green spaces in the city. The 512th street streetcar makes your commute downtown as smooth as could be.

From a renters perspective, the average prices in the area are also lower than in most of the city. Rental properties are also freely available, everything for three-bed townhouses to one-bed apartments in stunning heritage homes. Whatever your heart desires.

8. Kensington Market

Last but certainly not least, Toronto is nothing if not diverse, the epitome of this is Kensington Market. This small area attracts people from all over the world; you will encounter a community so ethnically diverse it will be unlike anything you have ever seen before. This tight-knit community is bursting at the seams with charm. Even though It is a famous weekend shopping district from many Torontonians, it remains one of the most reasonable places to rent property in the city.

Renting in Toronto isn’t cheap by any standards, but the good news is that there is a wide choice of outlying commuter towns to choose from, where prices are much lower albeit with a slightly longer drive into the city itself. Don’t let this put you off as getting around Toronto is pretty straightforward.


To conclude this topic, I’ll reiterate Toronto is one of the most expensive cities in North America. But it is a beautiful and vibrant place to live. No matter what ethnicity you are from, people in Toronto are very welcoming and warm at heart. The rent prices keep soaring northwards every year and you don’t really have an option. With the city’s reputation of attracting thousands of new immigrants with limited places to rent, no wonder the rent prices always on the rise.

Anyways, that was the list of the best 8 neighbourhoods in and around Toronto to call your place home.

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