Checkout 51 Review – 5 Quick Ways to Make $50 (2019)

In this article, let’s look at everything Checkout 51 has to offer, and how it can be good for you in the short to long run. Aright then, let’s get started. 

Checkout 51 is the Canadian cash-back app similar to the Ibotta in the U.S. 

Let’s first start from the basics and then dive deep into the product features, current offers, pros and cons. 

Checkout 51 – Introduction

Checkout 51 is a free Canadian cash-back app to help you save money on the groceries.

By partnering with hundreds of different brands, Checkout 51 is constantly adding new offers to help you save on snacks, personal care products, pet products, household products and much more.

How Does The Checkout 51 Work?

The way this app works is really simple.

If you’ve used any cash back apps before you’re already familiar with the process.

Here’s a quick 5 step process on how to enrol online:

  • Sign up by clicking the link here –

  • Browser through the Checkout 51 offers and chose the ones you like 

  • Add the offers to your account

  • Shop and purchase your products like how you normally will do 

  • Last but not the least, don’t forget to upload your receipt to Checkout 51

  • Hurray! Receive cash back on eligible purchases

List of Countries Checkout 51 Is Available

Checkout 51 App is currently available in Canada, United States, The District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

List of Devices Checkout 51 App Supports

Unlike iBotta and many other cash back apps, you don’t need a smartphone to use Checkout 51! 

It’s one of the reasons why I like this app.

You can use Checkout 51 on your mobile phone – both iOS and Android and on the Checkout 51 website using your PC. 

checkout 51

When Does Checkout 51 Add New Offers?

Checkout 51 App adds new offers every week Thursday at 12 AM (your time zone).

There are a couple of important pointers to know about the offers:

  • Limited Stock Quantities – Once an offer has been redeemed enough times, it will be removed from the app and you won’t be able to redeem it anymore.

  • Offers Limited to Certain Users only – For this reason, your offer list may look different than your friends. I’m not sure sure why they do this. Anyways!

  • You Can Filter the Offers – You’ll be able to filter your personalized offers by category – snacks, pantry, bakery etc or by store – Safeway, Walmart etc

  • Individual Offer Details – Tap or click on an offer in the app to see more in-depth details.

Make sure to read the finite offer details carefully so that you don’t accidentally buy the wrong product.

Remember, You’ll have to buy the exact product listed on the offer to be eligible for cash back.

What Are Checkout 51 Barcode Offers?

Barcode offers are special offers that are only available for the mobile app.

Here’s how it works, when you redeem a barcode offer you will have to upload your purchase receipt (scan the barcode of the product with your mobile phone).

This helps to verify that you indeed purchased the right product.

What Are Checkout 51 Bonus Offers

Bonus offers allows you to earn extra cash back if you redeem a certain number of specific offers.

You can find the bonus offers around the top of the offers page on the app or website.

How To Join Brand Specific Offer Deals? 

Brand programs occasionally show up on Checkout 51 (when the offer’s really available).

If you join one of the brands, you’ll get access to special, brand-specific timely offers.

Pro Tip: To join a brand program, look out for the “Join” link inside an offer.

Can I Use Checkout 51 App at Any Store?

The answer is yes, however, there are some offers that are store specific.

If an offer is store specific, it will say so in the details of the offer.

How Do You Earn Cash Back for Online Purchases?

Yes, items purchased from online retailers are eligible for Cash back.

Unfortunately, order confirmations (eg. email confirmations, receipt PDFs, etc) are not eligible for Cash Back.

The itemized packing slip must include the following details:

  • Date

  • Store name or logo

  • Total

  • Items including the price

Once the item(s) are received, please take photo(s) of the packing slip included with the shipment and upload them through our app or website the same way you would upload a receipt.

Online purchases are subject to the same deadlines as in-store purchases. The offer must be claimed and photos uploaded by Wednesday at 11:59 pm.

Please note, not all retailers provide packing slips with their purchases, and some packing slips may exclude some of the details required.

In order to find out which retailers provide itemized packing slips, use these guides from Checkout 51:

Can You Use Checkout 51 with Coupons?

Yes, most offers can be stacked with coupons. If an offer is not eligible for coupon stacking, it will say so in the offer details.

Can You Use Checkout 51 with Food Stamps?

Yes, you’ll still earn cash back even if you have paid for the purchases with food stamps.

Just upload your receipt as usual.

Is it possible to stack ibotta and Checkout 51?

Yes, you should have no problem using Checkout 51 in combination with iBotta or any other cash back app.

This means you can potentially multiply your cash back earnings.

What Are Checkout 51 Sweepstakes?

In the app, if you head over to the “More Ways to Save” category, you’ll occasionally find a sweepstake offer that gives you the chance to win $500.

To enter the contest all you have to do is submit a grocery receipt that totals over $50.

You can only enter the draw once per week.

Which Canadian online retailers provide itemized packing slips?

Based on the research, the following online retailers do offer itemized packing slips with all the required details:

  • Grocery Gateway



Based on the research, the following online retailers offers do not always include itemized packing slips with all the required details:



Cash Out Options – Checkout 51

In order to withdraw your cash-back from Checkout 51, you’ll need to have at least $20 in your account balance.

To check your balance, just head over to your account page.

Once you have $20, you can cash out by:

  • Receiving a check; or

  • Cashing out to your PayPal account.

How Does Checkout 51 Make Money? 

The App makers make money by partnering with brands who’ll pay them to get their offers in front of your eyes.

It’s another form of advertising. That’s it.

Pros Of Checkout 51

Let’s now look at the Pros of the Checkout 51 App:

1. Easy to use – The app might be a bit confusing to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s simple to understand and the website is easy to navigate as well.

2. Earn Extra Cash – Checkout 51 app makes earning cash backs pretty easy. No coupons required, just select your offers and scan your receipt.

Plus, you’re earning money back on things you would already be buying.

3. Available on all devices – You don’t even need a smartphone to use Checkout 51, you can use the website as well! Thus making it more dynamic to access.

4. Huge varieties of offers – There’s something for everyone on Checkout 51 and they add new offers every week. So everyone gains something out of it!

5. Sweepstakes – The Checkout 51 sweepstakes are awesome because you don’t even need to redeem an offer to enter, you just need any receipt totalling over $60.

Cons Of Checkout 51

There isn’t a lot of cons about Checkout 51, to be honest.

However, It would really be nice if the app makers could expand the presence outside the US & Canada borders, but I don’t know if they plan to anytime soon.

Another thing they could do is add more payout options and not just the snail mail cheque and paypal.


Checkout 51 App has been around since 2012 and has over one million happy users.

I’m very confident in saying that Checkout 51 is indeed legit and pays you real money in cash backs.

If you’re wondering if the app is worth to use, well, that’s up to you.

In my opinion, it’s completely worth it as it not only helps you save money on groceries, but it also helps you plan your shopping trips more efficiently.

I hope you enjoyed this Checkout 51 review and found it helpful! 

Please let me know your thoughts and comments below. 

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